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Ghermandi wins Ciampi L'Altrarte Prize Print
Friday, 26 October 2007

From our friends at Coconino comes news once again of an honor going to Francesca Ghermandi. Enjoy this horribly mangled Babelfish translation:

"Francesca Ghermandi has gained the Ciampi Prize Altrarte 2007. One will be kept its extension to the Blue Gallery Camel of Livorno, with inauguration 27 October 2007 to the 21:00. The extension will expose a part of the 250 designs in.bianco and black of small and formed mean it realizes to you to biro for 'a summer to Tombstone', mostra/libro between the last plans capacities to fulfillment from the Ghermandi."

The Ciampi "L'Altrarte" Prize is apparently named in honor of 1960s Italian songwriter Piero Ciampi. If I'm translating the translation correctly, an exhibit of Ghermandi's drawings from the forthcoming book "A Summer in Tombstone" opens Saturday at 9:00 PM local time at the Galleria Blu Cammello (Blue Camel Gallery) in Livorno, Italy.

And here is the official announcement (in Italian).

Last Updated ( Friday, 02 November 2007 )