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Craig Yoe

Craig Yoe is an author, editor, graphic designer, cartoonist, and comics historian. For a time, he was the creative director and general manager of the Muppets, and later he was a creative director at Nickelodeon and Disney. He has produced over a hundred books on comics and cartoon history through his Yoe! Books imprint of IDW and other publishers, such as The Great Anti-War Cartoons with Fantagraphics Books. Currently, he is an Adjunct Professor of Art at Syracuse University.

black & white with color, Softcover, 9" x 12", 1-56097-728-0
Various Artists A big, bold, beautiful poke to the eyeballs featuring short, punchy, hilarious, all-around comics 'n stories. With Tony Millionaire, Johnny Ryan, Mack White, Craig Yoe, Carol Swain, Ivan Brunetti, R. Sikoryak and many more.
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