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Dave Cooper

David Charles Cooper's critically acclaimed comics with Fantagraphics have garnered multiple Harvey, Eisner and Ignatz Awards, and Cooper himself has won an award from New York’s Society of Illustrators. These days Cooper spends most of his time making huge oil paintings for private collectors, and gallery shows in (primarily) Los Angeles and New York. He also creates kid's books under a pseudonym. He lives in Canada with his wife and two children.

"Whenever Dave Cooper publishes a new book, I would be surprised if 90 percent of the other artists working in the comics field aren't embarrassed and intimidated by his imagination, originality, and drawing ability." — Geoff Darrow

"Dave Cooper is a talented, expressive, focused artist who has more brain synapses running than most. His technique and mastery of the medium is without question." — The Journal of the Lincoln Heights Literary Society Authors and Editors

"Dave Cooper has finally staked his claim as one of the very best cartoonists working today." — Peter Bagge

Pages: 80, full color, Hardcover, 10.25" x 9", 978-1-60699-378-1, Year: 2010,
Dave Cooper A bizarre procession of milky, twitching, agitated women wriggles through an undulating, overripe world in this collection of 5 years worth of paintings, drawings & photos from the celebrated artist. Introduction by Guillermo del Toro.
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Pages: 136, two-color, Hardcover, 9.5" 10.5", 978-1-68396-026-3, Year: 2017,
Originally published in 2004, Dave Cooper’s breakthrough book is one of the great graphic novels of the 21st century (“Easily the best new book of the...
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Pages: 72, full color, Hardcover, 10" x 6", 978-1-68396-087-4, Year: 2018
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