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Ivan Brunetti

Ivan Brunetti specializes in an idiom that appears to be merely obsessed with scatology and self-deprecation, but which reveals, in a backhanded way, the artist's great sensitivity and intellect. Brunetti works in an eclectic and organic style, switching from Hello Kitty-like graphics to extreme realism.

"Ivan Brunetti is the most talented cartoonist whose name you’ve never heard. Or, perhaps, he’s the most important graphic novelist never to complete a graphic novel. Or the most prolific comics artist who no longer claims to be a practicing cartoonist. Or the most depraved mind in comics, period. Or among the most visible ambassadors and theorists of the medium. Or, according to him, he’s not worth your attention at all, 'like one of those microbes that symbiotically lives inside a crab’s anus.'" – Los Angeles Review of Books

"After reading your comic book, I had the overall impression that maybe I wasn’t such a bad guy overall." – Chris Ware

"I enjoyed watching you suffer — keep on whining!" – Art Spiegelman

"A sense of humor as black as ink... darkly funny, intensely personal, uncompromisingly nihilistic..." – The Chicago Reader

"Brunetti’s self-loathing and seething disgust is so unrelenting that it begs a simple question: What the hell is wrong with this guy?" – SPIN

"Lighten up, dude." – R. Crumb