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Rick Altergott

A longtime cult favorite amongst such cultural luminaries as a Dan ClowesR. CrumbTerry ZwigoffSimpsonsexecutive producer George Meyer and others, Rick Altergott is a master craftsman with a compulsion for the strange; his most famous character, Doofus — a panty-huffing hillbilly with a Dutchboy hairdo and cornfed sensibility — is the star of this show. Imagine Harmony Korine's film Gummo as a graphic novel drawn in pen and ink (but not written) by Norman Rockwell and starring the Three Stooges. Altergott lives in Pawtucket, Rhode Island with his wife, cartoonist Ariel Bordeaux. Together, they create the ongoing Raisin Pie series, an all-new, ongoing comic book series featuring all-new work by the happy cartooning couple.

"Foster, Raymond, Caniff, Altergott. The cartoonists' cartoonist." – Jaime Hernandez

"Rick Altergott is the unsung genius of American comedy." – Dan Clowes

"Just when you think the inspired madman has deserted our culture for good, along came the king of them all to us how it’s done." – Gilbert Hernandez

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