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The Umpteen Millionaire Club: Discussion Questions for Castle Waiting Vol. 2 Print
Friday, 28 January 2011

Castle Waiting Vol. 2 by Linda Medley

[The Comics Journal interns Laura Pieroni and Chi-Wen Lee put together a series of discussion questions about Linda Medley's Castle Waiting Vol. 2 for use in book clubs. As these questions are intended for those who have read the book, please be warned that they may contain mild spoilers. – Ed.]


Linda Medley's fairy-tale misfits are back in the second volume of Castle Waiting. While some of Castle Waiting's residents reminisce, a Hammerling pair ventures to the castle for assistance in putting together a woman's wardrobe. In return for Lady Jain's help with the clothes, the Hammerlings assist in the unearthing of a secret passageway. Castle inhabitants' pasts are revealed through flashbacks: Dr. Fell's dark history with the plague, Lady Jain's childhood experiences with her betrothed and evil half-sisters, and the story of Simon's father are brought to light.

Discussion Questions:

Genre and History

What are some of the ways that Linda Medley stays faithful to the "fantasy" genre, and in what ways does she break from it?

The second volume reveals Dr. Fell's past as a doctor during the Black Plague; what effect does incorporating historical events/facts into the story have?

What part does Christianity play in the series?

How does Sister Peace interpret the role of the nun? How is she the same or different from a traditional nun?


What is the relationship between Leeds and Sister Peace?

How has Pindar affected those living in the castle?

What can the reader infer from Jain's relationships with Tylo and Pindar's father?

What is the relationship between the Hammerlings and humans?

What is the relationship between Jain and her (half?) sisters?


At one point in the story, Flora is trapped in the armory pen to keep her from chewing out of the wooden one; how does this reflect Jain's situation in the castle?

Sister Peace, Simon and Mr. Rackham exhibit traits that are atypical of traditional gender roles. What are these characteristics, and how does this affect their interactions with the other members in the castle?

What does this say about the author's view on traditional roles?

Last Updated ( Friday, 28 January 2011 )
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