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2007 Eisner Award Winners & Nominees

Fantagraphics congratulates all of the winners and nominees for the 2007 Eisner Awards. Fantagraphics' artists and writers received an industry-leading 24 nominations in 2007, a testament to the incredible talents with whom we have the privilege of working. Winners were announced Friday, July 27, 2007 at the San Diego Comic-Con, and Fantagraphics' artists came home with three awards. Below are the year's winning and nominated books from Fantagraphics for your perusing and purchasing pleasure.

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Billy Hazelnuts

Tony Millionaire Millionaire fuses the darker spirit of older fairy tales with an utterly transporting absurdist adventure that transmutes nursery rhymes and the golem myth, all in his dementedly charming, meticulous drawing style.  Product Details...

Billy Hazelnuts + Billy Hazelnuts and the Crazy Bird

Tony Millionaire The Eisner-winning graphic novel and its long-awaited sequel! A cantankerous little golem's adventures are a crazy potion of all-ages fun, humor, thrills and chills in the inimitable Millionaire style.  Product Details...
You Save: 20.00%

Castle Waiting Vol. 1

Linda Medley A fable for modern times, Castle Waiting is a fairy tale that's not about rescuing the princess, saving the kingdom, or fighting the ultimate war between Good and Evil — but about being a hero in your own home.  Product Details...

Hotwire Comics Vol. 1 (Hotwire Comix and Capers)

Various Artists A big, bold, beautiful poke to the eyeballs featuring short, punchy, hilarious, all-around comics 'n stories. With Tony Millionaire, Johnny Ryan, Mack White, Craig Yoe, Carol Swain, Ivan Brunetti, R. Sikoryak and many more.  Product Details...

Hwy. 115

Matthias Lehmann Two detectives track a serial killer across France. Dreams and flashbacks converge with the ongoing narrative, done in a hypnotically intense woodcut style to form a dark and disquieting vision of humanity.  Product Details...

I Love Led Zeppelin

Ellen Forney The long-awaited collection of strips, characterized by bold, sensual brushstrokes and striking images of powerful, butt-kicking women. Forney's collaborators range from her Grandma Florence to comedian Margaret Cho.  Product Details...

New Tales of Old Palomar #1

Gilbert Hernandez Return to the early "Heartbreak Soup" days. Mysterious little speed demons are stealing food; Sheriff Chelo tries to solve this mystery, but only Pipo has the speed to catch them, revealing a surprising character origin!  Product Details...

Popeye Vol. 1: "I Yam What I Yam"

E.C. Segar This series collects the complete run of Segar's comic strip (dailies and color Sundays) featuring Popeye. This striking volume, covering 1928-1930, follows his first adventures. These strips are masterpieces of comic invention.  Product Details...

Schizo #4

Ivan Brunetti America's most beloved depressed cartoonist is off the couch and back to making us laugh at his misery! Brunetti taps into his academic side with strips on biographical and historical subjects, plus his usual kvetching.  Product Details...


Joe Daly Daly's cartoons, offbeat, hallucinatory, and often hilarious, range from representational Jim Jarmusch-like scenarios to wild visual excursions, albeit linear ones, presenting a unique mix of deadpan absurdity and surreal imagery.  Product Details...

Tales Designed to Thrizzle #3

Michael Kupperman Pagus! Snake'n'Bacon! The Mysterious Avenger! Porno coloring books! Romance photocomics! Dick Crazy! And etc.! Sold out, but available digitally from comiXologyProduct Details...

The Complete Peanuts 1959-1960 (Vol. 5)

Charles Schulz Snoopy atop his doghouse, Lucy's five-cent psychiatric booth, the Great Pumpkin, Miss Othmar, and Sally all debut. All this, and "Happiness is a warm puppy." Nearly 200 rare or unseen strips! Introduction by Whoopi Goldberg.  Product Details...

The Complete Peanuts 1961-1962 (Vol. 6) [New Printing]

Charles Schulz Schulz introduces Frieda, she of naturally curly hair. Sally starts kindergarten; Linus gets glasses; Snoopy makes some unlikely friends. Plus baseball blowouts, Beethoven birthdays and dubious psychiatric help for a nickel.  Product Details...

The Grave Robber's Daughter

Richard Sala Girl detective Judy Drood is stranded in Obadiah's Glen, where it's only a matter of time before the clowns come and get you. Sold out, but available digitally from comiXologyProduct Details...

The Left Bank Gang

Jason Set in 1920s Paris, this is a deliciously inventive re-imagining of the great literary figures of the period (Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Pound, and Joyce) as graphic novelists... and perpetrators of a thrilling, double-crossing heist!  Product Details...

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