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2008 Eisner Award Nominees

Fantagraphics congratulates all of the nominees for the 2008 Eisner Awards. Fantagraphics' artists and writers received a total of 11 nominations in a variety of categories, and took home 4 awards at the ceremony held on Friday, July 25, 2008 at Comic-Con International in San Diego.

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Barry Windsor-Smith: Opus Vol. 2

Barry Windsor-Smith A combination autobiography, New Age meditation and art book. In "Time Rise," the artist continues his exploration of expanded consciousness and transcendence, in a tale told with great candor and charm.  Product Details...

I Killed Adolf Hitler

Jason A hitman is hired to travel back in time to kill Hitler in 1939... but things go very wrong. Hitler escapes to the present, leaving the killer stranded in the past. This surprising thriller unfolds with Jason's wickedly dry humor.  Product Details...

I Shall Destroy All the Civilized Planets

Welcome to the bizarre world of Fletcher Hanks, the mysterious cartoonist who created a hailstorm of tales of brutal retribution from 1939-1941... and then mysteriously vanished. His obscure and hard to find stories are finally collected here.  Product Details...

Meanwhile... A Biography of Milton Caniff

R.C. Harvey The comprehensive biography of one of the 20th century's most influential cartoonists, this book analyzes his storytelling techniques, examines his artistic innovations and work routines, and serves as a history of the medium.  Product Details...

Mome Vol. 6 - Winter 2007

Various Artists Lewis Trondheim's "At Loose Ends" premieres, plus Jonathan Bennett, R. Kikuo Johnson, Tim Hensley, Jeffrey Brown, David Heatley, Paul Hornschemeier, Anders Nilsen, Sophie Crumb, Martin Cendreda and Gabrielle Bell.  Product Details...

Mome Vol. 7 - Spring 2007

Various Artists Highlights include: Lewis Trondheim's "At Loose Ends"; Al Columbia, Eleanor Davis, and Tom Kaczynski debut; and David Heatley, Paul Hornschemeier, Anders Nilsen, Sophie Crumb, Kurt Wolfgang and Gabrielle Bell all return.  Product Details...

Mome Vol. 8 - Summer 2007

Various Artists Introducing Ray Fenwick and Joe Kimball. Please welcome back Tom Kaczynski, Eleanor Davis (also interviewed), Al Columbia, Émile Bravo, Lewis Trondheim, and regulars Johnathan Bennett, Sophie Crumb and Paul Hornschemeier.  Product Details...

Mome Vol. 9 - Fall 2007

Various Artists Hornschemeier, Crumb, Bell, Arp, and Wolfgang return, along with Davis, Kaczynski, Kimball and Fenwick. Plus Al Columbia, Zak Sally, Built to Spill artist Mike Scheer, and the first part of a Jim Woodring "Frank" story.  Product Details...

Percy Gloom

Cathy Malkasian A unique gem of a story, humorous and bewitching at the same time. Its diminutive hero is as complex and unique as the fantastical world he inhabits. An absurd but hopeful fable for these strange times we live in.  Product Details...

Popeye Vol. 2: "Well Blow Me Down!"

E.C. Segar Our second volume collecting the entirety of Segar's original Popeye (Thimble Theatre) covers 1930-1932 and introduces Segar's second greatest character: Wimpy, the most likeable lowdown cad ever to grace the comics page.  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #280

Hey kids, sex and violence! Gary Groth interviews barbarian-babe artist Frank Thorne. Our comics section features "All True Crime Stories" from Comics Code inspiration Crime Does Not Pay. Plus, an interview with Carla Speed McNeil.  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #281

Our Year in Review issue includes feature interviews with gekiga pioneer Yoshihiro Tatsumi and Lost Girls artist Melinda Gebbie, a passel of short interviews, 50 pages of comic strips by George Swanson, and much more!  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #282

Alison Bechdel (Fun Home) delves into life, death, her work and the banning of her book. Also: an interview with Golden Age cartoonist Fred Guardineer. Our color comics section features Get Lost, The Comic Designed to Send YouProduct Details...

The Comics Journal #283

Lewis Trondheim talks about Donjon, his autobio comics, McConey and his "retirement." Dan Nadel queries art-comics creator David Sandlin. Our color comics section turns up a 1950 comics adaptation of The Thirty-Nine StepsProduct Details...

The Comics Journal #286

British cartoonist Posy Simmonds discusses her children's books and her literary adaptations. Gail Simone talks about leaving Birds of Prey to tackle Wonder Woman. Plus a comics section featuring Otto Soglow's The AmbassadorProduct Details...

The Freebooters [Hardcover]

Barry Windsor-Smith A lively, character-driven graphic narrative set in a fantastic, ancient milieu; a riotous, unexpected and postmodern take on the "barbarian" genre. With lots of previously unseen material. A ripping good yarn!  Product Details...

Young GODS and Friends

Barry Windsor-Smith Superficially resembling the 1960s The Mighty Thor, Young Gods is sexy, ribald, politically incorrect and funny, as three errant gods with mismatched goals and personalities seek fun across the universe.  Product Details...

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