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2010 Releases

This is the complete list of books and comics released by Fantagraphics in 2010. See our New Releases page for the 20 most recent arrivals, and our Upcoming Arrivals page for future releases which are available for pre-order. Keep up to date with all our new releases by subscribing to the Fantagraphics New Releases RSS Feed!

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Prince Valiant Vol. 2: 1939-1940

Hal Foster In the second volume of the definitive edition of Foster’s masterpiece, Valiant helps his father reclaim his throne in the kingdom of Thule, fights alongside King Arthur, and is made a knight of the Round Table — just for starters.  Product Details...

Prison Pit: Book 2 [New Printing Pre-Order]

Johnny Ryan The balls-to-the-wall series returns with more action and mayhem. Our anti-hero tries to get revenge against the evil behemoth that took his arm, and then winds up playing an unwilling role in an escape attempt from the Pit.  Product Details...

Rip M.D.

Mitch Schauer, Mike Vosburg et al. A creepy, fun-filled all-ages adventure introducing Ripley Plimpt, an 11-year-old boy whose life turns upside-down when he inadvertently saves the "un-life" of a vampire and sets up stakes as a monster doctor!  Product Details...

Sammy the Mouse #3 [with Bonus Signed Print]

Zak Sally All the anger, frustration, cursing and free-floating dread you've come to love from this gorgeous, surreal, FUNNY-animal series. Where the heck is Puppy Boy? What's that shovel for? Will Sammy ever find peace for more than 3 pages?  Product Details...

Sand & Fury: A Scream Queen Adventure

Ho Che Anderson At once an homage to classic horror and a contemporary romantic thriller, drawn in a stark, chiseled, expressionistic line that evokes modern attitudes and classic terror at the unknown and unknowable.  Product Details...

Special Exits [with FREE Signed Bookplate]

Joyce Farmer A graphic memoir chronicling the decline of the author’s elderly parents’ health, their relationship with one another and with their their daughter, and how they cope with the day-to-day fragility of the most taxing time of their lives  Product Details...

Tales Designed to Thrizzle #6

Michael Kupperman Jungle Princess battling rhino traders, Broadway theatrics in “All About Drainage,” America’s favorite duo Twain & Einstein, slightly cursed merchandise, Cockney grave robbers, and Cowboy Oscar Wilde, all in full color!  Product Details...


Cathy Malkasian Do ideas of war and enemies hold a people together? Is a culture of conflict too seductive not to be irresistible? A galvanizing work of empathy and violence by one of today’s most thoughtful and accomplished cartoonists.  Product Details...

The Artist Himself: A Rand Holmes Retrospective

Patrick Rosenkranz The whole truth about the life and work of Canada's most revolutionary Underground Comix artist. This unique collection of art documents a lifetime of work by one of the most talented artists of his generation.  Product Details...

The Best American Comics Criticism

Ben Schwartz, ed. This essential compilation separates the signal from the noise by assembling the greatest lineup of comics critics the world has yet seen to testify on behalf of this increasingly vital medium.  Product Details...

The Book of Mr. Natural [Hardcover Ed.]

Robert Crumb Over 120 pages of vintage Crumb comics starring the white-bearded, diminutive sage-cum-charlatan, from the charming, free-wheeling '70s stories to the disturbing, controversial '90s stories (as seen in the Crumb movie).  Product Details...

The Complete Peanuts 1975-1976 (Vol. 13)

Charles Schulz The historic series reaches the halfway point! This volume introduces Snoopy's siblings Spike and Belle. Plus Peppermint Patty, the talking school building, Joe Shlabotnik, more tennis... Introduction by Robert Smigel (SNL).  Product Details...

The Complete Peanuts 1975-1978 Gift Box Set (Vols. 13-14)

Charles Schulz Collecting the thirteenth and fourteenth volumes of The Complete Peanuts (1975-1976 and 1977-1978) in one handsome collector's slipcase designed by the cartoonist Seth, this is the perfect gift book item.  Product Details...

The Complete Peanuts 1977-1978 (Vol. 14)

Charles Schulz Another two years of the greatest comic strip of all time, full of laughs and surprises. Charlie Brown on the lam, tennis rivalries, romantic rivalries, Sally at camp, the talking schoolhouse and more! Introduction by Alec Baldwin.  Product Details...

The Culture Corner

Basil Wolverton If life's conundrums perplex and mystify you, the remedy is at hand in this indispensable guide to life’s most worrisome and disconcerting social quandaries. These Golden Age strips are miniature masterpieces of visual humor.  Product Details...

The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec Vol. 1: Pterror Over Paris and The Eiffel Tower Demon

Jacques Tardi Both a rip-roaring adventure series set in pre-World War I Paris and a parody of same. Murder, mystery, and the supernatural combine in these beloved tales, newly translated and presented in full color.  Product Details...

The Littlest Pirate King

David B. A crew of undead pirates roams the seven seas, seeking release from their cursed existence. After one murderous conquest, they find a little pink baby who they adopt as their "King." A classic tale newly adapted by a French master.  Product Details...

The Littlest Pirate King + Toys in the Basement

David B./Stéphane Blanquet Two creepy all-ages tales by two of France's greatest cartoonists, featuring an underground society of abused toys come to life and a doomed band of undead pirates, together for a great discounted price!  Product Details...
You Save: 20.01%

The Sanctuary

Nate Neal A darkly comic journey through a prehistoric re-imagining of art and comics. An outcast Paleolithic cave painter and a mysterious nomad girl join together to bring truth to their corrupt tribe via a new medium: drawings that tell a story.  Product Details...

The Search for Smilin' Ed!

Kim Deitch An "investigation" into the wacky world of children’s TV shows. Ranging across the entire 20th century, replete with flashbacks, stories within stories, and other surprises — a wild & woolly Deitch narrative whirligig!  Product Details...

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