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2013 Releases

This is the in-progress list of books and comics released, or scheduled to be released. by Fantagraphics in 2013. See our New Releases page for the 20 most recent arrivals, and our Upcoming Arrivals page for future releases which are available for pre-order. Keep up to date with all our new releases by subscribing to the Fantagraphics New Releases RSS Feed!

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50 Girls 50 and Other Stories (The EC Comics Library)

Al Williamson, Al Feldstein et al. Williamson's complete Weird Science & Weird Fantasy science fiction tales, with 3 written by Ray Bradbury, plus work by Frazetta, Krenkel, Torres, and more, backed up by expert EC essayists.  Product Details...

7 Miles a Second

David Wojnarowicz, James Romberger & Marguerite Van Cook The definitive edition of the acclaimed cult-classic memoir by the legendary artist and AIDS activist. A primal scream of a graphic novel blending stark reality with psychedelic delirium.  Product Details...

Amazing Mysteries + Heroic Tales: The Bill Everett Archives Vol. 1-2 Gift Set

Bill Everett Over 400 pages of never-before-reprinted, beautifully restored, full-color stories by one of comics’ greatest visionaries and most accomplished artists. Two hardcover volumes together at a discounted price!  Product Details...

Artists Authors Thinkers Directors

Paul Hornschemeier A self-portrait through one hundred portraits. Stylistically varied sketchbook renderings of those who shaped Hornschemeier's (and many others') artistic views, from Werner Heisenberg to Frank Oz.  Product Details...

Barnaby Vol. 1

Crockett Johnson The beloved comic strip is finally given the Fantagraphics treatment. Barnaby’s deft balance of fantasy, political commentary, sophisticated wit, and elegantly spare images expanded our sense of what comic strips can do.  Product Details...

Barracuda in the Attic

Kipp Friedman The youngest son of celebrated writer and satirist Bruce Jay Friedman looks back fondly on the amusing and sometimes confusing events of his early life. A moving tribute to growing up among a family of creative artists.  Product Details...

Beta Testing the Apocalypse

Tom Kaczynski A heady conflation of philosophy, fiction and comics that riffs on dystopian modernity, bleak man-made landscapes and the psychological effects of technological, social or environmental developments.  Product Details...

Bread & Wine

Samuel R. Delany & Mia Wolff A new edition of the groundbreaking memoir of award winning science fiction author Delany and his burgeoning relationship with an intelligent man living on the streets, with expressionistic and playful art by Wolff.  Product Details...

Captain Easy, Soldier of Fortune: The Complete Sunday Newspaper Strips Vol. 4 (1941-1943)

Roy Crane Our boisterous heroes get stranded in Guatemala, stumble onto a lost city in in the jungle, extricate themselves from deadly peril, escape on a ship full of tigers, get stranded on a desert island with the Wolf Girl… Last volume!  Product Details...

Captain Easy, Soldier of Fortune: The Complete Sunday Newspaper Strips Vols. 1-4 Gift Set

Roy Crane The complete Roy Crane Captain Easy in 4 oversized volumes! Join Easy & Tubbs as they travel to beautiful, exotic, dangerous locales; encounter beautiful, exotic, dangerous wildlife; and meet beautiful, exotic, dangerous women!  Product Details...
You Save: 20.00%

Castle Waiting Vol. 1 [Softcover Ed.]

Linda Medley A fable for modern times, Castle Waiting is a fairy tale that's not about rescuing the princess, saving the kingdom, or fighting the ultimate war between Good and Evil — but about being a hero in your own home.  Product Details...

Castle Waiting Vol. 2: Definitive Edition

Linda Medley The long-awaited second volume of this witty and sublimely drawn fantasy deepens the story with flashbacks while introducing many delightful new elements, including unexpected visitors, the discovery of a secret passageway and more.  Product Details...

Castle Waiting Vols. 1 + 2 Definitive Gift Set

Linda Medley Both hardcover collections of the critically-acclaimed, award-winning, fan-favorite series, together for a great discounted price. The everyday lives of fantastic characters told with humor, intelligence, and insight into human nature.  Product Details...
You Save: 20.00%

Celebrated Summer

Charles Forsman Two disaffected teens take a spontaneous summer road trip after dropping acid. But instead of escapism, the LSD exacerbates their ennui, fear, and doubts about the world. A funny and moving story of escalating humor and tension.  Product Details...

Child of Tomorrow and Other Stories (The EC Comics Library)

Al Feldstein Sixteen solo Feldstein sci-fi classics from Weird Science & Weird Fantasy (plus a few collaborations). Things from outer space, flying saucers, robots and the end of the world! Plus a new interview with Feldstein.  Product Details...

Child of Tomorrow! + Fall Guy for Murder (The EC Comics Library) Gift Set

Al Feldstein, Johnny Craig Solo Feldstein sci-fi classics from Weird Science & Weird Fantasy; Craig's superb crime & horror comics from Crime SuspenStories & The Vault of Horror: two volumes at a great discounted price!  Product Details...
You Save: 20.00%

Couch Tag

Jesse Reklaw A tragicomic graphic memoir, the first long-form work by the acclaimed veteran cartoonist, of childhood, family, pre-pubescent sexual deviance, stalking, card games, mental illness, and cats.  Product Details...

Everybody Is Stupid Except for Me and Other Astute Observations [Expanded Hardcover Ed.]

Peter Bagge A decade of informed, provocative, cantankerous & hilarious cartoon opinion pieces from our favorite libertarian curmudgeon, on topics ranging from Stupid War to Stupid Sex and, of course, Stupid Politicians. Now with 20 added pages!  Product Details...

Eye of the Majestic Creature Vol. 1 + 2 Gift Set

Leslie Stein Semi-autobiographical comics starring a young woman named Larrybear and her best friend, a talking acoustic guitar named Marshmallow. Two books together for a great discounted price.  Product Details...

Eye of the Majestic Creature Vol. 2

Leslie Stein Follow our hero Larrybear relocating to the big city, back in time to the odd experiences of her '80s childhood, and on a strange trip with her new friend Poppin the Flower. Plus adventures with her anthropomorphic instruments.  Product Details...

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