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Acme Novelty Library #16 [Sold Out]

Details for this: Book
Author: Chris Ware
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 64
Dimensions: 9" x 7"
Colors: full-color
Year: 2005
Publisher: Fantagraphics
ISBN-10: 1-56097-513-X
ISBN-13: n/a
Additional Details: n/a

Price: $15.95

After four years of almost exclusively repackaging his sophomoric early work for the book trade, the children's entertainer and award-winning calligrapher F. C. Ware returns to his groundbreaking 1990s cartoon series The Acme Novelty Library, a nearly decade-long publishing experiment which more or less singlehandedly demonstrated the redemptive power a fancy paper stock or a little gold foil might exert over an otherwise dull, dry visual narrative. Ware rejoins the proud, vital esthetic forum of the American comic book with his ongoing serial "Rusty Brown," a love story concerning the ambitions and mistakes of seven consciousnesses at a private school in Omaha, Nebraska, all revolving around a universally reviled child — and absolutely certain to be a favorite with readers of all tastes and biases. As told through the eyes of someone absentmindedly watching a television sitcom circa 1975, this first installment begins one January morning of that same year and describes everything of importance right up to and including the ring of the first period bell before eventually spiraling off into 1955, 2004, and toward the planet Mars, amongst other interesting and exotic time periods and locales. Though originally released by alternative comics vanguard Fantagraphics Books, this new sixteenth issue is the first to be entirely produced, printed and published by Mr. Ware alone; limited to a single press run, once it is sold out, pulped, and/or burned, neither of these narratives will be available again until "Rusty Brown" and "Building Stories" are eventually edited, collected and remaindered as hardcover books.

2006 Harvey Award winner, Best Cartoonist

2006 Eisner Award winner, Best Coloring

2006 Eisner Award winner, Best Coloring

"It's uncanny that someone so young would have such an apparent recollection of the history of comics, and the talent to expand upon it." – Art Spiegelman

"Ware is the most versatile and innovative artist the medium has known." – Dave Eggers, The New York Times Book Review

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