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Details for this: Book
Author: Dave Cooper
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 80
Dimensions: 10.25" x 9"
Colors: full color
Year: 2010
Publisher: Fantagraphics
ISBN-10: n/a
ISBN-13: 978-1-60699-378-1
Additional Details: Introduction by Guillermo del Toro

Price: $22.99


Named a Favourite Book of 2010 by Drawn's John Martz

Fine artist Dave Cooper offers us a window into the wobbly dollhouse that is his mind’s eye. The work in Bent gathers a diverse mix of imagery that is also strangely focussed in its single-mindedness. This work has found a devoted and passionate following with visitors to Cooper’s solo gallery shows in Los Angeles and New York in recent years.

Cooper continues to obsess and fixate over his bizarre procession of milky figures as they crawl and wriggle into hidden meadows, jungles and cities. Everything in this world seems to be undulating and overripe — the multi-coloured Jell-O vegetation, the billowing clouds, and the twitching, agitated women, whether thin like sinewy rubber, or fat and bursting with doughy flesh.

The characters in Cooper’s work have been likened to a dog chasing its tail. Or maybe it’s as though they’re like someone on drugs who can stare at their own hand for 20 minutes; either way, these girls are hypnotized by wriggling around on the ground, twisting in on themselves, walking on their hands, squeezing and chewing one another. It may sound hellish, but to the demons, hell must seem like heaven. So maybe Cooper’s landscapes are more like a weird kind of utopia where all those insane facial expressions and physical contortions are more an experession of elation or giddiness.

This monograph collects Cooper’s finest, most revealing paintings, ink drawings, pencil sketches, and photographs from the past five years, many of which enjoy homes in the collections of influential collectors and some of Hollywood’s elite. Among this esteemed crowd is the great auteur, Oscar-nominated Guillermo del Toro (Pan’s Labyrinth, the upcoming Hobbit movies [maybe]), who provides an enthusiastic introduction for Bent.

Download an EXCLUSIVE 8-page PDF excerpt (2.1 MB).

Video & Photo Slideshow Preview (view in new window):

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Praise for Cooper's previous work:

"These girl/women with their eyes that look up to you, daring you to consider them three-dimensional. Eyes that dance, and tease, and admonish. They see you. They know who you are and what you're thinking. They will let you come only as close as your own morals allow you to." – David Cross

"Cooper continues to build on his uncompromising body of work, an oeuvre of fantastic surrealism that takes on sexual taboos with unabashed frankness and daring ambiguity." – Locus

"Dave Cooper's universe is congested with pulsating organic machinery, adorable mutants, dreamt television, archaic alien languages, erotic tomfoolery, and revelatory musing. At its center lies a cartoony soul as rich and deep and alive and beautiful as anything you'll find on earth." – Eric White, painter

"Now that [Cooper has] decided to focus on painting, renowned painters are shitting in their drawers." – Vice

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