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Chris Ware

"It's uncanny that someone so young would have such an apparent recollection of the history of comics, and the talent to expand upon it." – Art Spiegelman

"Stupendous." – Matt Groening

"Ware’s work is among the very best graphic, comic, illustrative, and fine artwork being produced in the world right now." – Mother Jones

"With a meticulous intricacy, [Ware's] work draws the viewer into a world of sadness, whimsy, nostalgia for a past that might never have been and, sometimes, redemption. The experience of reading panel to panel has rarely been so emotional." – Los Angeles Times

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Acme Novelty Library #11 [Sold Out]

Chris Ware The Jimmy Corrigan epic continues. This issue centers around 1890s Chicago and the bleak circumstances surrounding the death of Jimmy Sr.'s grandmother. The most haunting and bizarre issue yet in the critically-acclaimed series.  Product Details...

Acme Novelty Library #12 [Sold Out]

Chris Ware Loyal readers will be delighted that this chapter of the Jimmy Corrigan saga returns to the mind-numbingly claustrophobic eventlessness of earlier issues, making My Dinner with Andre look like The Road WarriorProduct Details...

Acme Novelty Library #14 [Sold Out]

Chris Ware The end of Jimmy Corrigan's quest is revealed: he meets his half-sister, Ware's most sensitively delineated character yet, and a terrible tragedy tears apart his newly discovered family. A stunning climax to an amazing work.  Product Details...

Acme Novelty Library #16 [Sold Out]

Chris Ware Strictly limited to 20,000 copies, never to be reprinted! Featuring the debut installments of "Rusty Brown" and "Building Stories," two new graphic novels in progress from the acclaimed and bestselling creator of Jimmy Corrigan!  Product Details...

Acme Novelty Library #3 [Sold Out]

Chris Ware This issue reprints selected examples of Ware's college-era "daily" strips starring Ware's early "potato-man" character (as seen in RAW), as well as a longer story and other surprises, printed in an adorably tiny format.  Product Details...

Quimby the Mouse [Softcover - Sold Out]

Chris Ware Cleverly appropriated, old-fashioned animation imagery and advertising styles are put into the service of vignettes of modern existentialism, with consistently amazing graphics and insanely perfectionist production values.  Product Details...

The Best American Comics Criticism

Ben Schwartz, ed. This essential compilation separates the signal from the noise by assembling the greatest lineup of comics critics the world has yet seen to testify on behalf of this increasingly vital medium.  Product Details...

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