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Burn Bitchy Burn

Roberta Gregory "Witchy Bitch" is a 12th Century medicine woman and dead ringer for Bitchy Bitch. Accused of being a witch and sentenced to burning at the stake, Witchy feels no less oppressed than her future counterpart, to say the least.  Product Details...


Chris Lanier A striking visual parable on War, drawn in an expressionistic woodcut style. Combustion will intrigue and enlighten with its stark, chiaroscuro visuals and compelling story of a soldier lost in a ravaged country.  Product Details...

Dream Big Dreams

Andrew Zaben A complex narrative about a bar owner grappling with whether to sell out to a big chain. His idealistic neighbors resist the move and decide to take measures into their own hands. A compelling work from an exciting new artist.  Product Details...

Love and Rockets Book 04: Tears from Heaven [Softcover]

Los Bros. Hernandez Essential Bros., starting with Gilbert's epic "Errata Stigmata" title story, plus "Penny Century: On the Road Ag'in," the whole "Rocky" saga, "The Reticent Heart," and a bonus story by Gilbert done just for this volume  Product Details...

Love and Rockets Book 06: Duck Feet [Softcover]

Los Bros. Hernandez Scary and sweet! A spooky bruja (witch) unsettles Palomar in the title story, Heraclio courts Carmen, and more of Gilbert's tales. Jaime presents Maggie and Hopey, Rena Titañon and Rocky and her pet robot Fumble.  Product Details...

Love and Rockets Book 08: Blood of Palomar [Softcover]

Gilbert Hernandez A serial killer stalks the streets of Palomar. Gruesome and senseless as his depredations are, they are dwarfed by the resulting social and psychological collapse suffered by the inhabitants of the Central American town.  Product Details...

Love and Rockets Book 15: Hernandez Satyricon [Softcover]

Los Bros. Hernandez The final Vol. 1 collection, with the "unclassifiable" stuff from the previous three years, including the stories where Jaime and Gilbert drew each other's characters. Easily the wildest and most outlandish volume!  Product Details...


Jules Feiffer Leo Quog is a respectable businessman and family man who, in the throes of a mid-life crisis tantrum, petulantly regresses to the age of two. A classic, elegantly reductive tale of suburban disenchantment and disaffection.  Product Details...

The Comics Go to Hell

Fredrik Strömberg The Devil is such a potent image that comics have used him often and in all sorts of ways, in all different genres. This survey of Satanic cartoons features concise illustrated essays.  Product Details...

The Theatre of Cruelty

Marc Tessier & Alexandre Lafleur Four striking stories, based on the Tarot, that filter autobiographical fragments through the dream world, plumbing the depths of the psyche, mining the mythology of our collective unconscious.  Product Details...

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