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Love and Rockets Library (Palomar & Luba Book 1): Heartbreak Soup [New Printing]

Gilbert Hernandez This beautiful, affordable volume collects the first half of Gilbert's modern-day classic, featuring the acclaimed magical-realist tales of Palomar, the Central American hamlet, and its memorable inhabitants.  Product Details...

Love and Rockets Library (Palomar & Luba Book 2): Human Diastrophism

Gilbert Hernandez In the second half of the Palomar saga, the town's idyll is broken by a serial killer, the modern world's intrusions, and a shocking death. The seeds sown, the "Palomar diaspora" ends this dense, enthralling book.  Product Details...

Love and Rockets Library (Palomar & Luba Book 3): Beyond Palomar

Gilbert Hernandez Collects two groundbreaking works: "Poison River" traces the backstory of Luba, from child to teenage mob bride to her escape to Palomar; "Love and Rockets X" is a wide-ranging, Altman-esque story set in early-1990s L.A.  Product Details...

Love and Rockets Library (Palomar & Luba Book 4): Luba and Her Family

Gilbert Hernandez After an earthquake levels Palomar, Luba and her clan move to America, where their lives become more and more intertwined with those of Luba's sisters (body-builder Petra and therapist/film star Fritz) and their families.  Product Details...

Love and Rockets Library (Palomar & Luba Book 5): Ofelia

Gilbert Hernandez Ofelia and her family are settled into California after leaving Palomar, but the shenanigans continue in their new home!  Product Details...

Love and Rockets Library (Short Stories): Amor Y Cohetes

Los Bros. Hernandez All of the non-"Locas," non-"Palomar" stories from Love and Rockets Vol. 1, collected in one convenient package. Beto's "BEM," "Frida" and "My Love Book"; Jaime's "Rocky and Fumble"; and much more.  Product Details...

Love and Rockets Library: The Complete Vol. 1

Los Bros. Hernandez Every story from Love and Rockets Vol. 1 ("Palomar," "Locas" and more), collected in a series of 7 handsome and compact softcovers, offered here at a special package price! A perfect gift item.  Product Details...

Love and Rockets Library: The Palomar & Luba Collection

Gilbert Hernandez The entire collected "Palomar" and the first half of the "Luba" saga starring Luba, Carmen, Heraclio, Fritz, their friends, families, rivals and lovers in 4 handsome, compact softcovers, offered at a special package price!  Product Details...

Love and Rockets Sketchbook 2 [Hardcover]

Los Bros. Hernandez A generous collection of funny, sexy and breathtakingly executed drawings from two cartoonists who revolutionized the medium. This fabulous volume includes sketches by Gilbert and Jaime from all stages of their careers.  Product Details...

Love and Rockets: The Covers

Gilbert, Jaime & Mario Hernandez A beautiful, oversized art book featuring over 120 iconic comic covers (front & back) from Volume 1 of Love and Rockets, collected for the first time in full color. The perfect gift for L&R fans.  Product Details...

Low Moon

Jason Five yarns from the Norwegian master: the titular New York Times serial collected for the first time and four all-new stories featuring murder, cavemen, sex, and alien abduction. Funny, poignant, and wry, this is Jason at his best.  Product Details...


Gilbert Hernandez The imposing Luba (along with her ever-expanding family) takes center stage in this omnibus hardcover collection — over 100 stories chronicling Luba's life as an immigrant in turn-of-the-millennium Southern California.  Product Details...

Lust: Kinky Online Personal Ads from Seattle's The Stranger

Ellen Forney Cartoons celebrating the sometimes stunningly crude, sometimes surprisingly sweet world of personal classifieds. Forney illustrates the most interesting, outrageous, or idiosyncratic ad in each week's The StrangerProduct Details...

Maakies with the Wrinkled Knees

Tony Millionaire Drinky Crow and Uncle Gabby return in over 2 years of strips. The suicide jokes may be less frequent than before, but the comedy and superb drawing style are at their peak, as is the volume of XXX cartoon booze consumed.  Product Details...

Mad Night

Richard Sala Ace detective Judy Drood and her reluctant companion Kasper Keene try to unravel a string of mysteries and heinous murders on a usually tranquil college campus. Elegant, shadowy draftsmanship and wittily spooky storytelling.  Product Details...

Man of Rock: A Biography of Joe Kubert

Bill Schelly This full-bodied biography provides a unique, behind-the-scenes look at the career of one of the most distinctive, dynamic artists in the history of comics.  Product Details...


Ray Fenwick A collection of impressionistic stories driven by lettering and language in the form of bright, full color paintings on found book covers which combine to create a wildly absurd — yet vaguely familiar — parallel world.  Product Details...


Steven Weissman Weissman's early, self-published, unpublished, and otherwise rare "Yikes" comics. Enjoy your favorite characters' awkward stumbles from their early, crude glory into their mature sadistic and masochistic selves.  Product Details...

Meanwhile... A Biography of Milton Caniff

R.C. Harvey The comprehensive biography of one of the 20th century's most influential cartoonists, this book analyzes his storytelling techniques, examines his artistic innovations and work routines, and serves as a history of the medium.  Product Details...

Meat Cake [with FREE Bonus Comic]

Dame Darcy Collecting the best stories from the first decade of the neo-Victorian horror/humor/romance comic Meat Cake, alternating between one-off (often cruelly tragic) fairy tales & ongoing romps starring her eclectic cast of characters.  Product Details...

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