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The EC Comics Slipcase Vol. 1
The EC Comics Slipcase Vol. 1
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Walt Disney's Donald Duck: Trail of the Unicorn (The Complete Carl Barks Disney Library Vol. 8) [U.S./CANADA ONLY]
Walt Disney's Donald Duck: Trail of the Unicorn (The Complete Carl Barks Disney Library Vol. 8) [U.S./CANADA ONLY]
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Batter Up, Charlie Brown!
Batter Up, Charlie Brown!
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Popeye Vol. 1: "I Yam What I Yam"

E.C. Segar This series collects the complete run of Segar's comic strip (dailies and color Sundays) featuring Popeye. This striking volume, covering 1928-1930, follows his first adventures. These strips are masterpieces of comic invention.  Product Details...

Popeye Vol. 2: "Well Blow Me Down!"

E.C. Segar Our second volume collecting the entirety of Segar's original Popeye (Thimble Theatre) covers 1930-1932 and introduces Segar's second greatest character: Wimpy, the most likeable lowdown cad ever to grace the comics page.  Product Details...

Popeye Vol. 3: "Let's You and Him Fight!"

E.C. Segar Our third volume collecting the entirety of Segar's original Popeye (Thimble Theatre) covers 1932-1934 and includes the never-republished extra-large strips set at the Chicago World's Fair and an insightful scholarly essay.  Product Details...

Popeye Vol. 4: "Plunder Island"

E.C. Segar Popeye’s most legendary — and epic — adventure highlights this volume of our acclaimed series, pitting the intrepid sailorman against the malevolent Sea Hag and her terrifying, grotesque sidekick the Goon, aided (or hindered) by Wimpy.  Product Details...

Popeye Vol. 5: "Wha's a Jeep?"

E.C. Segar This volume of the acclaimed series concludes the "Popeye's Ark" epic and introduces two unforgettable characters: the mysterious, magical Eugene the Jeep and Popeye's poppa Poopdeck Pappy! Plus full-color Sundays & Sappo!  Product Details...

Popeye Vol. 6: "Me Li'l Swee'Pea"

E.C. Segar The final volume, alas. The Sea Hag, Olive Oyl, Wimpy, Poop-deck Pappy, the Jeep, the newly tamed Goon, and Toar return for more adventure and fisticuffs, and Swee'Pea is crowned King! With color Sundays, Sappo and historical material.  Product Details...

Portajohnny [Sold Out]

Johnny Ryan The best of Ryan's self-published first series of Angry Youth Comix, plus rare works from a variety of anthologies. Definitely not for kids, these strips are lowbrow, dirty, uncomfortable but always hilarious!  Product Details...

Premillennial Maakies [Sold Out]

Tony Millionaire This newly designed edition of the first Maakies collection features the first five years of the strip, reformatted in a beautiful, deluxe, landscape format that complements the strip's elegant, classical style.  Product Details...
You Save: 20.00%

Prince Valiant Vol. 10: 1955-1956

Hal Foster Istanbul? No, Constantinople! In the East, Aleta comes under threat of abduction by the Khan's barbarians; back home, Thule comes under threat of hunger and raiders; and a return to Camelot brings a threat of new treachery in Cornwall.  Product Details...

Prince Valiant Vol. 1: 1937-1938

Hal Foster The most stunningly gorgeous adventure comic strip of all time finally returns in its definitive edition, the first to boast superb restored artwork that captures every delicate line and chromatic nuance of Foster’s original masterpiece.  Product Details...

Prince Valiant Vol. 21: Prisoner of the Khan (1954-1955)

Hal Foster Val, Gawain, Pierre and the rescued Sir Basil face the wrath of Ben Al Rasch's vengeful mob on the road to Bethlehem. Then a jealous suitor of Queen Aleta sends two hitmen after Val! Soon after, Val begins an epic trek to Thule.  Product Details...

Prince Valiant Vol. 2: 1939-1940

Hal Foster In the second volume of the definitive edition of Foster’s masterpiece, Valiant helps his father reclaim his throne in the kingdom of Thule, fights alongside King Arthur, and is made a knight of the Round Table — just for starters.  Product Details...

Prince Valiant Vol. 30: Arn, Son of Valiant (1962-1963)

Hal Foster Arn journeys on his first solo adventure, is later kidnapped by an unscrupulous knight, and, eventually, plays an instrumental role in the defeat of Cidwic, the king of North Wales.  Product Details...

Prince Valiant Vol. 3: 1941-1942

Hal Foster Valiant's globetrotting adventures, fueled by his obsessive search for his bride-to-be Aleta, take him to North Africa and the Middle East and back home to Camelot (via Athens and Gaul). This is Foster at the peak of his prowess.  Product Details...

Prince Valiant Vol. 49: Road to Sorrow's End (1979-1980)

Hal Foster and John Cullen Murphy 1979-80. Arn, Son of Valiant, is heir to the throne of Thule. As king-to-be he must be careful in his choice of a bride, but his heart belongs to Lydia, the daughter of a savage Viking chieftain.  Product Details...

Prince Valiant Vol. 4: 1943-1944 [Sold Out]

Hal Foster Valiant journeys home to Thule and reunites with his father. After a series of shorter adventures, he sets out on an epic, life-changing quest to find his long-lost love, Aleta. Plus the charming "The Mediæval Castle" strip debuts.  Product Details...

Prince Valiant Vol. 5: 1945-1946

Hal Foster Valiant's obsessive, globe-spanning search for his bride-to-be Aleta finally concludes — in matrimony! But marriage does not signal an end to adventure by far! Aleta dons a disguise and tags along as Val takes a dangerous mission…  Product Details...

Prince Valiant Vol. 6: 1947-1948

Hal Foster Journey with Val and Aleta to "The New World," where adventure awaits — and their son Arn is born! And back at Camelot, Val confronts "The Mad King." All this supplemented with a scholarly essay by Brian M. Kane and rare Foster art.  Product Details...

Prince Valiant Vol. 7: 1949-1950

Hal Foster Val's adventures take him to Castle Illwynde in Wales, to Scotland to battle Picts, home to wintry Thule for family time with Arn and Aleta, and to Rome in a quest for missionaries, with an eventful return through the Alps.  Product Details...

Prince Valiant Vol. 8: 1951-1952

Hal Foster The second half of the Roman epic "The Missionaries," visits to Camelot and Thule & with Val's pirate and Indian princess pals, the beginning of "Valhalla," and the birth of twin daughters for Val & Aleta! Another sumptuous volume.  Product Details...

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