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Comic Books - Publications in the "floppy," "pamphlet" comic book format.

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Love and Rockets Vol. II #5

Los Bros. Hernandez 20th-anniversary issue! Seven-year-old Penny Century meets H.R. Costigan. Gilbert reveals some surprises about Julio's parents and flashes back to Fritz's punk days. Plus more of the thriller "Me for the Unknown"!  Product Details...

Love and Rockets Vol. II #6

Los Bros. Hernandez Julio's dad lays it down, plus stories starring Dr. Fausto, Dirk Passer and one of Gilbert's wackiest characters: Roy! More of "Me For the Unknown," and from Jaime, Maggie, Hopey, and Ray star in three new stories!  Product Details...

Love and Rockets Vol. II #7

Los Bros. Hernandez Gilbert's "Julio's Day" continues, and Fritz and Mark Herrera get married! In Jaime's story, Maggie and Viv return to Hoppers to retrieve a stolen item from Izzy...and find more than they bargained for in the process!  Product Details...

Love and Rockets Vol. II #8 [Sold Out]

Los Bros. Hernandez What the hell is going on in Izzy's house? Maggie, Hopey, Doyle, and other characters share reminiscences. Over in Beto-land, deranged sex might not save Fritz's marriage! Plus "Julio's Day" and "Me for the Unknown."  Product Details...

Love and Rockets Vol. II #9

Los Bros. Hernandez Meet the Chascarrillos: our beloved Maggie, her wacky siblings Esther, Manuel, Angel and Ruben, and their classy mom Quina. Gilbert continues "Julio's Day," and Fritz rebounds and marries her dream guy: Scott the Hog!  Product Details...

Mabel Normand and Her Funny Friends

These gorgeous classic comics bring back to life the farcical comedy of screen legend Mabel Normand. With strips featuring her frequent costars Fatty Arbuckle and Ford Sterling. It's like having your own festival of comedy shorts in one place!  Product Details...

Maggie and Hopey Color Fun #1

Jaime Hernandez This full-color comic alternates stories featuring the aging punk twosome with such flights of fancy as "Cocktail Hour with Mini Rivero" and "I Am Cheetah Torpeda." Plus one of Jaime's deservedly popular little-kids tales.  Product Details...

Martini Baton #1 [Sold Out]

Peter Bagge Don't buy this book, a collaboration between Bagge and David Carrino, if you're offended by, say, the Pope depicted as a Long Island-born, showtune-singing "sensitive faggot." A hilarious all-out assault on P.C. sensibilities!  Product Details...

Meat Cake #12

Dame Darcy Elegant society reveals its true nature with tales of deflowering demons, tea with a couple of Playboy Bunny virgins, a running commentary on Romanians, delinquent dolls, and what happened when Fashion Week met the apocalypse.  Product Details...

Meat Cake #13

Dame Darcy The first new issue in over a year of Darcy's gothic comedy-romance-thriller extravaganza, icluding the return of several old friends, and two stories done in her striking new white-on-black style. Why, it's downright luxurious!  Product Details...

Meat Cake #14

Dame Darcy The histories of rock star witches Clara Bow and Cleopatra, tips on how to "exercise" one's demons, a fairy tale in which accessories revolt and a magic-doll story, all rendered in Darcy's absinthe-soaked Victorian art style.  Product Details...

Meat Cake #16

Dame Darcy Don't miss the true tale of a magical ball and a kitten left by faeries in a box of nails, illustrated 16th century ballads about the uselessness of everything, Rudolph Valentino, the secret language of flowers, magic!  Product Details...

Meat Cake #17

Dame Darcy God is revealed to the Faeiry Sisters — so of course they get into a fight over it. Also, Trixxie Roxx stars in the punk romance "The Horrors of Fame," plus more kee-razy neo-Goth fairy-tale madness from one of comics' true originals!  Product Details...

Meat Cake #3

Dame Darcy The comic for folks with their heads in the 1800s and their crotches in the 2000s. Sound neat-o? Wild? Spastic-manic-trance inducing? Then hop your butts on board, you silly goof-balls; there's Meat Cake in them thar hills!  Product Details...

Meat Cake [Digital Comics]

Dame Darcy Delve into a unique neo-Victorian world in stories ranging from horrifying to hilarious and even romantic. Issues available digitally from comiXology.   Product Details...

Miles from Home

Ho Che Anderson Learn more and purchase this DIGITAL-ONLY release at comiXologyProduct Details...

Modern Cartoonist [Free Digital Edition]

Daniel Clowes The wickedly satirical 14-page supplement which was included in copies of Eightball #18. This incendiary essay can be read in its entirety on our website — click through for details.  Product Details...

Monster Parade #1 [Sold Out]

Ben Catmull Catmull creates a fantastical comic world where all manner of creatures great and small co-exist with humans like a force of nature. Monsters bring forth a great rain, terrorize a passenger train, and overrun a provincial town.  Product Details...

Mystic Funnies #2

Robert Crumb "The Moron" stars in "Bad Karma," an epic quest for the answer to the question "What's it all mean??" Also starring "Fairy Godmother" and "Mr. Natural," who wants to talk to you about the power of the media, man.  Product Details...

Nipplez 'n' Tum Tum #1 [Sold Out]

Mary Fleener A wry and raunchy look at two slumming goodtime girls on the make, trading blowjobs for weed and always on the lookout for a good fuckin' scene. Light me a cigarette and work that tongue, boy! Adults only!  Product Details...

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