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Comics As Art: We Told You So [Release Date TBA]

Details for this: Book
Author: Tom Spurgeon
Format: Softcover
Pages: 192
Dimensions: 8" x 9"
Colors: full-color
Year: 0
Publisher: Fantagraphics
ISBN-10: 1-56097-738-8
ISBN-13: n/a
Additional Details: illustrated

Ships in: delayed indefinitely
Price: $19.95

Note: The release of this book, originally scheduled for 2006, has been delayed indefinitely. When it is rescheduled, we will make an announcement on Flog! The Fantagraphics Blog.

Comics As Art: We Told You So tells of Fantagraphics Books' key role in helping build and shape an art movement around a discredited, ignored and fading expression of Americana the way insiders share the saga with one another other: in anecdotal form, in the words of the people who lived it and saw it happen. Comics historian and critic Tom Spurgeon (Stan Lee and the Rise and Fall of the American Comic Book) and designer Jacob Covey (The Complete Dennis the Menace) assemble an all-star cast of industry figures, critics, cartoonists, art objects, curios and groundbreaking publications to bring you a detailed account of Fantagraphics' first thirty years. It's the story of fans who looked at the objects of their affection and demanded something more. It's a saga of scratched-together office spaces, mounting debts, public feuds, lawsuits, acrimony, office pranks and last-minute fundraisers. It's a description of how a fanzine becomes a magazine becomes a movement becomes a touchstone. It's a detailed catalog of the look of a cultural awakening. It's a story that includes appearances by Chris Ware, Art Spiegelman, Harlan Ellison, Jim Shooter, Stan Lee, Dan Clowes, Frank Miller, Peter Bagge, Jaime Hernandez, Gilbert Hernandez, Dave Sim, Steve Geppi, Todd McFarlane and every other major figure in the arts or business end of modern comics. More than a corporate history or a fond look back, Comics As Art: We Told You So makes the warts and all case for Fantagraphics Books' position near the heart of the modern reclamation of the comics art form.

Exclusive! Download preliminary versions of the first three chapters in their entirety (PDF format)!

Chapter 1 (3.1 MB) | Chapter 2 (1.7 MB) | Chapter 3 (6.5 MB)

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