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21: The Story of Roberto Clemente [Softcover Ed.]

Wilfred Santiago This biographical graphic novel is a human drama of courage, faith and dignity, chronicling the life of baseball star Roberto Clemente from his childhood in Puerto Rico to his career highlights, private life and public mission.  Product Details...

500 Portraits

Tony Millionaire Over 20 years of pen-and-ink portraiture of the famous, infamous, real and fictional for The Believer, The New York Times and elsewhere, mingling naturalistic detail with strong doses of the fanciful and grotesque.  Product Details...

7 Miles a Second

David Wojnarowicz, James Romberger & Marguerite Van Cook The definitive edition of the acclaimed cult-classic memoir by the legendary artist and AIDS activist. A primal scream of a graphic novel blending stark reality with psychedelic delirium.  Product Details...

A Drunken Dream and Other Stories

Moto Hagio A collection of 10 short stories spanning four decades by one of Japan’s most influential and critically lauded comics innovators, including "Autumn Journey," "Marié, Ten Years Later," "A Drunken Dream" and "Iguana Girl."  Product Details...

A Mess of Everything

Miss Lasko-Gross The second volume in this semi-autobiographical trilogy finds self-effacing non-conformist Melissa now in high school facing a drug habit, alienation, accidental heartbreak and other issues in an intense, honest, and funny memoir.  Product Details...

Abandoned Cars [Softcover Ed.]

Tim Lane America depicted as a subdued and haunted Coney Island, made up of lost characters—boozing, brawling, haplessly shooting themselves in the face, and hopping freight trains in search of Elvis. An impressive debut of a major new talent.  Product Details...

All and Sundry: Uncollected Work 2004-2009 [with FREE Signed Bookplate]

Paul Hornschemeier A collection of short strips, illustrations, album covers, short prose stories, sketchbook work, and other miscellanea from one of comics' most acclaimed young creators, all previously uncollected.  Product Details...

Almost Silent

Jason Compiling Meow, Baby!, Tell Me Something, You Can't Get There from Here and The Living and the Dead into one lovely clothbound hardcover volume. Monsters, romance, comedy & intrigue from the Norwegian master.  Product Details...

An Age of License

Lucy Knisley A travel memoir recounting the artist's charming (and romantic!) adventures on a book tour in Europe. But it's not all whimsy and kittens and crêpes: there are also anxieties, introspective self-inquiries, and quotidian revelations.  Product Details...


Nicolas Mahler The funniest super-hero parody since Kurtzman & Wood’s “Superduperman!” Angelman’s powers (including empathy and being a good listener) prove less than adequate to deal with villains — not to mention the comics industry and its fans.  Product Details...

Angry Youth Comix

Johnny Ryan For the first time, all fourteen issues of Angry Youth Comix are collected in one volume, including all the covers and the contentious letters pages.  Product Details...

Angry Youth Comix Vol. 2 #12

Johnny Ryan "Boobs Pooter's Jokepocalypse" delivers all the dirty gag jokes you'd expect from something with that title. Like a coprophiliac (look it up) Godzilla, Boobs destroys the world with hilarious jokes and crazy pranks.  Product Details...

Angry Youth Comix Vol. 2 #13 [SOLD OUT]

Johnny Ryan All of Loady's worst (and most amusing) traits are brought to the fore as his obsessive quest reaches a fever pitch. Sinus finds himself at an unexpected crossroads. Whatever happened to Loady's girlfriend, Blubbina LaQuiche?  Product Details...

Angry Youth Comix Vol. 2 #14

Johnny Ryan In this issue Boobs Pooter reveals THE WORLDS FUNNIEST JOKE!  Product Details...

Angry Youth Comix Vol. 2 #4

Johnny Ryan Loady and Sinus tear the sci-fi genre into pieces as only Johnny Ryan can do it! Hot-Headed Cyborg Ass-Kicker is the last hope for rescuing the Omnicontroller and saving the entire interstellar healthcare system.  Product Details...

Angry Youth Comix Vol. 2 #7 [SOLD OUT]

Johnny Ryan Those mavens of fashion, Loady and Sinus, get swept up in a new craze and find themselves behind the curtain at the mysterious Comics Code Authority. Plus Boobs Pooter, "My Stupid Wife," Baby Johnson and "The European A$$*@%E."  Product Details...

Angry Youth Comix Vol. 2 #8 [SOLD OUT]

Johnny Ryan This all-Loady & Sinus issue features a lucky 13 stories chock full of fantastic voyages, battling butlers, brainwashing, shrink rays, crazy rabies, smelly herpes, creative profanity & disobedient babies in delicious gravies.  Product Details...

Angry Youth Comix Vol. 2 #9 [SOLD OUT]

Johnny Ryan Loady McGee? Check. Synus O'Gynus? Check. Gags about bodily functions? Check and check! An epic tale of the stupidest, crappiest, dumbest, lamest, smelliest, sickest, pukiest, suckiest pile of steaming ass-genius you ever saw.  Product Details...

Any Similarity to Persons Living or Dead Is Purely Coincidental [New Edition]

Drew & Josh Alan Friedman This is the Friedman brothers' first collection of pointillistic, celebrity-skewering strips and cartoons from the pages of RAW and elsewhere. A classic, finally back in print with a brand new cover.  Product Details...

Approximate Continuum Comics [SOLD OUT]

Lewis Trondheim One of the very first autobiographical graphic novels to come from France, from one of Europe’s most beloved cartoonists, sets the standard for the honest, often hilarious chronicling of a cartoonist’s life.  Product Details...

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