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Buddy Buys a Dump: The Complete Buddy Bradley Stories from "Hate" Comics Vol. 3 (2000-2013)
Buddy Buys a Dump: The Complete Buddy Bradley Stories from
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Buz Sawyer Vol. 3: Typhoons and Honeymoons
Buz Sawyer Vol. 3: Typhoons and Honeymoons
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The Love Bunglers
The Love Bunglers
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Unlovable Vol. 3
Unlovable Vol. 3
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The Armed Garden and Other Stories

David B. The creator of the acclaimed Epileptic gives full rein to his fascination with history, magic and gods, not to mention grand battles, in this literate, witty, and absorbing collection of stories.  Product Details...

The Astonishing Exploits of Lucien Brindavoine [Release TBD]

Jacques Tardi The first solo graphic album from the greatest living European cartoonist is also one of the most visually distinctive. Our reluctant protagonist finds himself on a wild adventure with eccentric characters in pre-WWI Istanbul.  Product Details...

The Big Town

Monte Schulz A novel of the Jazz Age: a failed businessman's dreams hinge on the secret proposition of a millionaire industrialist and a dangerous relationship he finds with a poor orphan girl chasing love in the great American Metropolis.  Product Details...

The Blighted Eye: Original Comic Art from the Glenn Bray Collection

The most copious, diverse, and lavish compilation of original comic art ever published, featuring work by a pantheon of cartooning masters, offering beauty, unique insight into the art form and a different way of perceiving the artists' work.  Product Details...

The Book of Mr. Natural [Hardcover Ed.]

Robert Crumb Over 120 pages of vintage Crumb comics starring the white-bearded, diminutive sage-cum-charlatan, from the charming, free-wheeling '70s stories to the disturbing, controversial '90s stories (as seen in the Crumb movie).  Product Details...

The Bradleys Collection [Sold Out]

Peter Bagge With sharp characterization and dead-on satire, this book collects some of the sharpest, funniest stories about American life ever set to paper. Butch, Buddy, Babs, Mom and Dad redefine "nuclear" family: as in fissionable!  Product Details...

The Bush Junta: A Field Guide to Corruption in Government

Various Artists A trenchant, funny, fact-based expose of the sleaziest U.S. administration since Harding (and the dumbest since Reagan) by world-class cartoonists: Steve Brodner, Seth Tobocman, Ted Rall, Carol Swain and many more.  Product Details...

The Cabbie: Vol. 1

Martí Take the stark visuals and grotesqueries of Dick Tracy, add the savage brutality of Taxi Driver, mash them up and teleport it to Spain and you have this eye-popping European masterpiece. Introduction by Art Spiegelman.  Product Details...

The Cabbie: Vol. 2 [Release TBD]

Martí Our hero, still traumatized by the violent events of Vol. 1, seeks out psychological help, but paranoia, madness, corruption, sexual degradation, and death soon rear their heads again.  Product Details...

The Cartoon Utopia

Ron Regé Jr. A unique work of comic art focused on magical, alchemical, ancient ideas & mystery schools. Part sci-fi, part philosophy, part visual poetry, and part social manifesto, exuding psychedelia, outsider rawness, and pure cartoonish joy.  Product Details...

The Cavalier Mr. Thompson: A Sam Hill Novel

Rich Tommaso Welcome To Big Spring, Texas and The Cavalier Hotel. The new hotel dick thought he had an easy patrol until a slick operator from Chicago named Ross Thompson came to town and turned everything upside down...  Product Details...

The Children of Palomar

Gilbert Hernandez Return to Palomar, in new stories set in the early days and starring beloved classic characters. Supernatural mysteries and more surprises abound. Collecting the New Tales of Old Palomar miniseries in one handsome book.  Product Details...

The Children of Palomar + Julio's Day Gift Set

Gilbert Hernandez Celebrate 2013, the Year of Beto, with these two stunning graphic novels. Return to Palomar, where supernatural mysteries and more surprises abound, and follow Julio's century-spanning life from cradle to grave.  Product Details...
You Save: 20.00%

The Chuckling Whatsit

Richard Sala Part noir, part horror and part comedy, this labyrinthian tale of intrigue and murder follows a writer ensnared in a complex plot involving a mysterious outsider artist. A roller-coaster ride of darkly pure comic suspense.  Product Details...

The Clouds Above [Softcover Ed.]

Jordan Crane On the way to school, Simon and his cat Jack take shortcuts that lead them through the kind of fantastic world that lurks just around the corner from reality and that only children believe exists. An instant all-ages classic.  Product Details...

The Complete Crumb Comics Vol. 13: The Season of the Snoid [Softcover Ed.]

Robert Crumb Crumb's classic "social and environmental" rants: the now-famous "A Short History of America"; gritty "American Splendor" with Harvey Pekar; the quintissential "My Troubles with Women"; and the very first "Snoid" comics!  Product Details...

The Complete Crumb Comics Vol. 15: Featuring Mode O'Day and Her Pals [Softcover Ed.]

Robert Crumb "Mode O'Day and Her Pals" includes all of Crumb's contributions to Weirdo #9-15, his first experiments with brush, the first Mode O'Day stories, the first collaboration with Bukowski, "Psychopathia Sexualis" and more!  Product Details...

The Complete Crumb Comics Vol. 17: Cave Wimp [Softcover Ed.]

Robert Crumb Featured are '80s-'90s classics from ZAP, Weirdo and more, including "Cave Wimp" and "A Short History of America," amongst other Crumb classics. With a new introduction and cover by the man himself.  Product Details...

The Complete Crumb Comics Vol. 2: Some More Early Years of Bitter Struggle [Softcover Ed.]

Robert Crumb Featuring several key stories from Crumb’s pre-underground, homemade comics of the early 1960s (such as Farb and Arcade), with stories featuring early characters Fritz the Cat, Jim, Mabel, and Little Billy Bean.  Product Details...

The Complete Crumb Comics Vol. 3: Starring Fritz the Cat [Softcover Ed.]

Robert Crumb "Starring Fritz the Cat" includes Crumb's classic original Fritz stories from 1965, plus much rare art, some of Crumb's long-lost American Greeting cards from the '60s, and more. Plus the story of Crumb's first acid trip!  Product Details...

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