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For our full line of erotic comics under our Eros Comix imprint, as well as a wide selection of other erotic comics, art and video, visit

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Wallace Wood Undercover and under the covers, John Cannon experiences action like no other agent! A thrilling and salacious Cold War spy serial run amok with brutal violence and titillating sex, created by a 20th century master, newly remastered!  Product Details...


Dave McKean The artist's first solo graphic novel since Cages is as unabashedly erotic and explicit as it is beautiful and mysterious. A reel of film pulls a beautiful woman into a reality-blurring sexual fantasy.  Product Details...

Darling Cheri

Walter Minus The celebrated European illustrator's U.S. debut is the sensually illustrated story of a young career woman who awakens one morning to the light of an early dawn and the realization that love has left her current relationship.  Product Details...

Dirty Stories Vol. 3

Various Artists An all-star cavalcade of top cartoonists try their hands at sex comics! With Dan Clowes, Ellen Forney, Bob Fingerman, Renee French, Tim Hensley, Megan Kelso, and many others, plus an icky cover by Al Columbia.  Product Details...

Drawing Sexy Women [SOLD OUT]

Frank Thorne Less a "how-to" book than an examination of the thinking behind erotic illustration. Thorne also recalls his long career, including working with Stan Lee and his encounter with Bettie Page. Illustrated with art and photos.  Product Details...

I Want to Be Your Dog

Ho Che Anderson Interlocking stories of submissive relationships in Toronto's African-American community. This visually stunning five-part thriller mixes in a healthy dose of sex and violence as it explores social and sexual politics!  Product Details...


Frank Thorne Lann makes Barbarella look like CINDERella! The classic from the pages of Heavy Metal is collected with enhanced graytone art and other extras! A satirical, smutty sci-fi extravaganza of humor, adventure and orgies.  Product Details...

Massive: Gay Erotic Manga and the Men Who Make It [New Printing Pre-Order]

Big, burly, lascivious, and soft around the edges: welcome to the hyper-masculine world of Japanese gay comics. The first English-language anthology of its kind: a collection of manga from the most talented and influential artists in the gei komi genre.  Product Details...


Wilfred Santiago Three erotic stories starring teens on a sex-fuelled journey of nihilistic hedonism, depraved twin supermodels who moonlight as private detectives, and a desperate woman carving out a living in a kinky third-world society.  Product Details...

Sexytime: The Post-Porn Rise of the Pornoisseur

Jacques Boyreau An oversized coffee table book celebrating the art of the 1970s porn movie poster, collecting over 100 of the most outrageously over-the-top examples of the era, pristinely remastered and accompanied by a brain-ripping narration.  Product Details...

Small Favors Vol. 1

Colleen Coover Featuring comicdom's most treasured girl-lovin' girls, this 128-page softcover collects the first four issues of the surprise hit erotic comic of 2001, plus a bunch of bonus art and previously-unseen strips!  Product Details...

The Artist Himself: A Rand Holmes Retrospective

Patrick Rosenkranz The whole truth about the life and work of Canada's most revolutionary Underground Comix artist. This unique collection of art documents a lifetime of work by one of the most talented artists of his generation.  Product Details...

The Complete Iron Devil

Frank Thorne The legendary Thorne's most ambitious and most extreme erotic masterpiece. This deluxe hardcover collects not just the original Iron Devil but its never before collected sequel The Devil's Angel. Rated XXX.  Product Details...

The Tijuana Bibles: America's Forgotten Comic Strips Vol. 2

Collecting the dirty little secret of American comics history. This volume also includes two epic-length stories, "School Days" and "Travelin’ Preacher" (he lays down the law and a whole lot more!) — rarely seen, extreme examples of the genre.  Product Details...

The Tijuana Bibles: America's Forgotten Comic Strips Vol. 7

More taboo-smashing sexually-explicit comics from an era gone by. A farm girl consorts with barnyard animals and circus elephants, plus stories starring your favorite old cartoon characters like Harold Teen, Toots & Casper, Wimpy, Tillie & Mac and more.  Product Details...

The Tijuana Bibles: America's Forgotten Comic Strips Vol. 8

Reprinting more of the classic 1930s comic booklets in which the most celebrated comic book characters and movie actors of the day could be found doing the "great nasty" with no shame whatsoever. Nostalgia hounds and fans of classic erotica take note.  Product Details...

The Tijuana Bibles: America's Forgotten Comic Strips Vol. 9

This volume in our long-running series of vintage dirty comix focuses on sassy cartoon women straight off the funny pages from those dear departed days (Dixie Dugan, Fritzi Ritz, Black Cat, Astra, Winnie Winkle, Dumb Dora) and a few who are still around.  Product Details...

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