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Fantagraphics 20/20 Club Membership

Get 20% off on ALL Fantagraphics, Eros, and Comics Journal purchases for one year, FREE standard shipping in the U.S. (50% off International), a nifty membership card with your name on it, and free renewal if you spend $100 or more per year!  Product Details...

Fantagraphics Gift Certificate

Comics are fun. Shopping is fun. Now you can give the gift of both with a Fantagraphics gift certificate in an amount of your choosing. See product details for denominations, terms and conditions, and more information.  Product Details...

Hanging Out with the Dream King [Hardcover, Signed by Neil Gaiman]

The most intimate look yet into the life and mind of the best-selling author and creator of The Sandman. Over two-dozen creators share their thoughts on working with Gaiman. Illustrated with many unpublished photos and comic pages!  Product Details...

Hysteria in Remission [Signed Hardcover Edition]

Robert Williams This gorgeous volume collects the comics and illustrations of the seminal underground artist, much of it out of print for 25 years! Includes work done for Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, student cartoons and more rarities!  Product Details...

I.G.N.A.T.Z. (Free Comic Book Day 2008) - Free Download

Various Artists Our Free Comic Book Day offering for 2008, with excerpts of 2008 titles in our Ignatz Series and exclusive artwork, is now available as a free PDF download.  Product Details...

Jimbo in Purgatory [Signed/Numbered Edition]

Gary Panter This giant hardcover re-imagines Panter's cult hero as the protagonist in Dante's most famous work, with text remixed to include Biblical quotes and pop-culture snippets. An exquisite art object, and a brilliant literary game.  Product Details...

Jimbo's Inferno [Limited Signed Edition]

Gary Panter "Don't try to pass a pop quiz on Dante's Hell based on a reading of this comic," warns Panter. His Dürer-meets-Kirby graphics are wilder and more hallucinatory than ever, and given the expansive oversize treatment they deserve.  Product Details...

Li'l Folks - Charles M. Schulz: Li'l Beginnings

Charles Schulz A complete collection of Schulz's Li'l Folks (his pre-Peanuts feature) and panel gags, many of which have not been seen for over 50 years, amply annotated and referenced. Not available for sale in bookstores.  Product Details...

Love and Rockets Library: The Complete Vol. 1

Los Bros. Hernandez Every story from Love and Rockets Vol. 1 ("Palomar," "Locas" and more), collected in a series of 7 handsome and compact softcovers, offered here at a special package price! A perfect gift item.  Product Details...

Mome Vol. 11-15 Five-Pack

Various Artists Five volumes of our acclaimed contemporary comics anthology series packaged together at an incredible low price! Featuring work from nearly three dozen artists from around the world - almost 600 pages of comics, one bargain price.  Product Details...

Mome Vol. 6-10 Five-Pack

Various Artists Five volumes of our acclaimed contemporary comics anthology series packaged together at an incredible low price! Featuring work from two dozen artists, plus bonus interviews... about 600 pages of comics bliss, cheap cheap cheap.  Product Details...

Mome Vol. 6-15 Mega-Bundle (With BONUS Vol. 1)

Various Artists A "baker's ten" of our acclaimed contemporary comics anthology series packaged together at an incredible low price! Featuring work from nearly fifty artists from around the world - over 1300 pages of comics, one bargain price.  Product Details...

Our Gang Vols. 1-3 Pack [Postage-Paid]

Walt Kelly The first 3 volumes of spirited, engaging all-ages adventures starring the classic "Little Rascals" characters (and some original creations) as adapted by the beloved Pogo creator, together at one low, postage-paid price.  Product Details...

Sammy the Mouse #3 [with Bonus Signed Print]

Zak Sally All the anger, frustration, cursing and free-floating dread you've come to love from this gorgeous, surreal, FUNNY-animal series. Where the heck is Puppy Boy? What's that shovel for? Will Sammy ever find peace for more than 3 pages?  Product Details...

The Comics Journal Archive 1-Year Subscription

A one-year all-access pass to The Comics Journal Archive at Read TCJ back issues online in their entirety to your heart's content.  Product Details...

The End of the Fucking World (TEOTFW) [with Exclusive Signed Print]

Charles Forsman TEotFW follows James and Alyssa, two runaway teenagers. James exhibits a rapidly forming, violent sociopathy that threatens both of their futures, while Alyssa remains blinded by young love.  Product Details...

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