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We are always grateful to readers who buy books directly from us, so we are pleased to offer a new series of mini-comics featuring fascinating, previously-unpublished (or at least way out of print) sketches, drawings and even full stories, which are available for FREE with the purchase of their matching tie-in books, or with any purchase of $50 or more.

Note: No more than one copy of each FBI•MINI per customer, but you can request as many different FBI•MINIs as you want so long as you buy the matching book (or $50 worth of any other Fantagraphics publications). If ordering by phone or mail, order the FBI•MINIs as you would any other item; if ordering online, list them in the "comments" section.

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FBI•MINI #01: The Trip to the Moon

David B. An eight-page fable written and drawn around the same time as some of the Armed Garden stories, originally published in the French anthology Lapin, English version available exclusively in this "FBI•MINI."  Product Details...

FBI•MINI #02: Prehistoric Bradleys

Peter Bagge The very first two four-page "Bradleys" story written and drawn by Peter Bagge 30 years ago, with an ultra-crude, bursting energy... but hilarious! (Previously available in the out-of-print Bradleys comic.)  Product Details...

FBI•MINI #03: Re-Lost, Re-Found

Bill Griffith Sixteen great pages of additional Zippy, political, and autobiographical Bill Griffith strips that didn't quite make it into the already-bulging omnibus Lost and Found: Comics 1969-2003Product Details...

FBI•MINI #04: Before Love and Rockets

Gilbert & Jaime Hernandez Eight pages of Jaime's pre-L&R punk-rock posters, and an eight-page Gilbert Hernandez story starring "Inez" that will singe your eyeballs! (First seen in the Love and Rockets Sketchbook Vol. 1.)  Product Details...

FBI•MINI #05: The Jordan Facsimile

M. Tillieux An FBI•MAXI Production! A near-perfect replica of a beautiful original Tillieux art page (in two halves) from one of the stories in Murder by High Tide, including Tilllieux's watercolored coloring guide on the verso!  Product Details...

FBI•MINI #06: Sibyl-Anne's Christmas

Raymond Macherot A charming full-color eight-page story directly following the events in Sibyl-Anne vs. Ratticus, newly translated and available nowhere else.  Product Details...

FBI•MINI #07: Boob Tube Billy

Tony Millionaire A wry full-color 10-page summary of Tony Millionaire's doomed attempt to get Billy Hazelnuts onto television, followed by a six-page preview of the third and final Billy Hazelnuts book scheduled for late 2012!  Product Details...

FBI•MINI #08: Cool Shit from the Pit

Johnny Ryan Eight hilarious pages of previously unseen character sketches from the descent into Hell that is Prison PitProduct Details...

FBI•MINI #09: Unmasked: 44 Portraits

Richard Sala Forty-four ghoulish and creepy full-color portraits from the new master of the macabre in a tidy little 16-page package.  Product Details...

FBI•MINI #10: Actually, That Wasn't All There Was

Joost Swarte The career-summarizing Is That All There Is? wasn't quite all there was, in fact. This 12-page mini focuses on Swarte's earliest work, when the influence of Robert Crumb was more visible than that of Hergé.  Product Details...

FBI•MINI #11: Unfinished Fatale

Jacques Tardi & Jean-Patrick Manchette A legendary lost comic! Tardi's unfinished adaptation of Manchette's beautiful-hired-assassin novel Fatale, in English for the first time!  Product Details...

FBI•MINI #12: From the Unifactor

Jim Woodring Eight pages of preparatory sketches for Congress of the Animals, and four sumptuous finished drawings suitable for framing.  Product Details...

FBI•MINI #13: Humorama Bonus Book

Edited by Jacob Covey Twelve more full-color titillating "tease" classics from the 1950s and 1960s, including panels by Dan DeCarlo, Bill Wenzel. Bill Ward, and... Dave Berg?  Product Details...

FBI•MINI #14: The Nancy Auditions Vol. 1

Ivan Brunetti The very best dailies (and Sundays) from the legendary "audition" by Brunetti to take over the Nancy strip in a perfect Bushmiller style.  Product Details...

FBI•MINI #15: Toth in Black and White

Alex Toth Two Standard-era Toth stories shot from the original photostats. We think the color comics in Setting the Standard look about as great as they can, but how can you go wrong with an alternate 16 pages of crisp black & white Toth?  Product Details...

FBI•MINI #16: Coming Attractions

Edited by Greg Sadowski This full-color companion to Action! Mystery! Thrills! Comic Book Covers of the Golden Age 1933-45 reprints 16 terrific "coming attractions" ads for other comic books, including even more of those great covers.  Product Details...

FBI•MINI #17: Hamburger Sharks and Sea Spinach

Doc Winner A complete sequence of Popeye strips written and drawn by E.C. Segar's assistant during Segar's illness (not in any book collection).  Product Details...

FBI•MINI #18: Getting "Lucky"

Stephen DeStefano & George Chieffet A 16-page sketchbook including a full-color alternate version of the wraparound cover, a bookplate for the French edition, pencils for a deleted four-page scene, and the very first drawing of Lucky.  Product Details...

FBI•MINI #19: Sketch the Beaver

Kim Deitch Six of the sumptuous pencilled layout drawings Deitch creates before embarking on his stories, five from the "Consider the Beaver" story in The Search for Smilin' Ed and one for his upcoming book, in an 11" x 17" format!  Product Details...

FBI•MINI #20: The Road to Wigan Pier

Joe Sacco A never-before-published 6-page visual essay on George Orwell's 1937 chronicle of a journey into the squalor of England's industrial North.  Product Details...

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