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Graphic Novels

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Wandering Son Vol. 3 [with Special Offer]

Shimura Takako Shuichi and Yoshino's shared secret is abruptly exposed and they begin to learn the harder reality of being transgendered. More tears and laughs in this volume of the acclaimed manga series.  Product Details...

Wandering Son Vol. 4

Shimura Takako Love is in the air. In junior high, the simple friendships of childhood develop into the complex, tense relationships of adolescence — and it's even more complicated when coping with the knotty issue of gender identification.  Product Details...

Wandering Son Vol. 5

Shimura Takako The junior high school entrance ceremony, with its traditionally-gendered uniforms, vexes Nitori-kun and Takatsuki-san — especially when it's another classmate who bucks tradition. And more jealousies flare up with our tween cast.  Product Details...

Wandering Son Vol. 6

Shimura Takako The middle-schoolers put on another gender-swapped play, this time a riff on Romeo and Juliet, written by Chiba-san and Nitori-kun. Will they also play the leads? And what of Nitori-kun's feelings for Takatsuki-san?  Product Details...

Wandering Son Vol. 7

Shimura Takako Nitori-kun gets his first signs of acne. This may well be the end of the world — unless Anna-chan can help. Meanwhile, Nitori-kun and Chiba-san are scouted by the theater club, leading to friction with Takatsuki-san.  Product Details...

Weasel #7: Underbelly

Dave Cooper A collection of luscious oil paintings in tribute to pillowy female forms, featuring over 50 of Cooper's luminescent oil paintings and lush drawings. This follow-up to Overbite has a decidedly darker, more urban flavor.  Product Details...
You Save: 33.33%


Jim Woodring A graphic novel event. The brutish Manhog is sent on a transformative journey of suffering to achieve enlightenment and faces Whim, the embodiment of evil, in a final battle, with Frank, Pupshaw and Pushpaw along for the ride.  Product Details...

Werewolves of Montpellier [SOLD OUT]

Jason A faux werewolf-cum-burglar runs afoul of a real society of werewolves who don't take kindly to the pretender. Lycanthropic thrills, romantic dilemmas, situation comedy, existential drama — in other words, pure Jason.  Product Details...

West Coast Blues

Jacques Tardi & Jean-Patrick Manchette A master crime novelist and a superlative French cartoonist unite for a savage noir thriller. An aimless family man is sucked into a spiral of violence involving an exiled war criminal and two hired assassins.  Product Details...

What I Did

Jason Compiling 3 classics — Hey, Wait..., Sshhhh!, and The Iron Wagon — into one lovely clothbound hardcover volume. Tragedy, comedy, tragicomedy, and a thrilling murder mystery, told with deft economy and surreal flourishes.  Product Details...

White Flower Day

Steven Weissman The theme is revenge. Who is Pullapart Boy's cousin, and what is his secret science project? What is "White Flower Day," and how does Kid Medusa fit into it? Who's trying to sabotage "Mean" Chubby Cheeks' nature hike?  Product Details...
You Save: 33.33%

Why Are You Doing This?

Jason In this deadpan, Hitchcock-meets-Jarmusch thriller, a moody twenty-something wallowing in post-breakup depression finds himself drawn into a paranoid's worst nightmare after his best friend is murdered and the blame is pinned on him.  Product Details...

Wuvable Oaf [Pre-Order]

Ed Luce Oaf is a large, scary-looking ex-wrestler living in San Francisco with a posse of adorable kitties. He is on a quest to find love in the big city and has set his sights on Eiffel, the lead singer of the grindcore band Ejaculoid.  Product Details...


Peter Bagge & Gilbert Hernandez Pete writes and Beto draws this all-ages rock 'n' roll extravaganza! Follow the intergalactic adventures of Yeah!, the rockin' all-girl band who are superstars on every planet but their own (Earth)!  Product Details...

You Are There [Softcover Ed. - Release TBD]

Jacques Tardi & Jean-Claude Forest The satirical masterpiece that ushered in the graphic novel era to European comics, finally available in English. An unexpected combination of dark cynicism and playful fantasy; a feast for eyes and brain alike.  Product Details...

You Can't Get There From Here [with FREE Signed Bookplate]

Jason A very funny, very deadpan, and very poignant comedy of romance, featuring the classic romantic trio of mad scientist, monster, and bride of monster. Also includes a running commentary by the loyal hunchbacked assistant.  Product Details...

Young GODS and Friends

Barry Windsor-Smith Superficially resembling the 1960s The Mighty Thor, Young Gods is sexy, ribald, politically incorrect and funny, as three errant gods with mismatched goals and personalities seek fun across the universe.  Product Details...

You'll Never Know Book 1: A Good and Decent Man [SOLD OUT]

C. Tyler A graphic memoir of the author’s relationship with her World War II veteran father, and how his war experience shaped her childhood and affected her relationships in adulthood, stunningly rendered in detailed inks and subtle watercolors.  Product Details...

You'll Never Know Book 2: Collateral Damage

C. Tyler An intimate, engrossing story of war, love, loss, family, and memory. The second part of Tyler's graphic memoir delves deeper into her father's horrific wartime experiences in Italy and her current cycle of family dysfunction.  Product Details...

You'll Never Know Book 3: Soldier's Heart

C. Tyler The third and final volume of Tyler's acclaimed autobiographical masterpiece concludes her story of delving into her father’s war experiences in a way that is both surprising and devastating.  Product Details...

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