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Graphic Novels

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Dash Shaw Dr. Cho's device, the Charon, allows entry to the afterlife to bring the dead back to life. But the dying unconsciously create the afterlife they want in their minds — what if they don't want to come back?  Product Details...

Doofus Omnibus

Rick Altergott A slap-happy goon with a predilection for women's "stinkies" snatched from the laundry basket, Doofus is the most dismaying comic-book hero you'll find. This volume reprints nearly every Doofus story ever created!  Product Details...

Dream Big Dreams

Andrew Zaben A complex narrative about a bar owner grappling with whether to sell out to a big chain. His idealistic neighbors resist the move and decide to take measures into their own hands. A compelling work from an exciting new artist.  Product Details...
You Save: 50.00%

Dungeon Quest, Book 1 [SOLD OUT]

Joe Daly Unique stoner/philosopher dialogue, distinctive character designs, and hilarious RPG-style action. Sold out, but available digitally from comiXology.   Product Details...

Dungeon Quest, Book 2 [SOLD OUT]

Joe Daly Millennium Boy, Steve, Lash Penis, and Nerdgirl continue on their hilarious, violent, and rip-roaringly entertaining mystical quests. Sold out, but serialized digitally at comiXologyProduct Details...

Dungeon Quest, Book 3

Joe Daly Our roaming heroes return for the most rousing and epic installment of their adventures yet with a whole new level of bizarre comedy and ass-kicking action, featuring new abilities, new equipment, new perils, and new fantastic backdrops!  Product Details...

El Borbah [Sold Out]

Charles Burns El Borbah is a 400-pound private eye who wears a Mexican wrestler's tights and eerie mask. He smashes through doors and skulls as he stalks a film-noir city filled with punks, geeks, business-suited creeps and mad scientists.  Product Details...

Escape from "Special" [Sold Out] - Available Digitally

Miss Lasko-Gross A semi-autobiographical coming-of-age story blending humor (sometimes of the gross-out variety) and keenly observed insights, with the sensibility of a love child of Linda Barry and David B. midwifed by Judy Blume.  Product Details...

Eye of the Majestic Creature

Leslie Stein Dry humor and psychedelia are grounded in realistic emotion in this quirky and surprising graphic novel debut following the adventures of a young woman named Larrybear and her best friend, a talking acoustic guitar named Marshmallow.  Product Details...

Eye of the Majestic Creature Vol. 1 + 2 Gift Set

Leslie Stein Semi-autobiographical comics starring a young woman named Larrybear and her best friend, a talking acoustic guitar named Marshmallow. Two books together for a great discounted price.  Product Details...
You Save: 20.00%

Eye of the Majestic Creature Vol. 2

Leslie Stein Follow our hero Larrybear relocating to the big city, back in time to the odd experiences of her '80s childhood, and on a strange trip with her new friend Poppin the Flower. Plus adventures with her anthropomorphic instruments.  Product Details...


Ted Jouflas From the slime of urban decay to the deforestation of a once pristine Eden; from the bowl of dirty underwear that is the corporate world to the royal media drunk on themselves; this hilarious book goes there and wallows in it.  Product Details...

Fog Over Tolbiac Bridge: A Nestor Burma Mystery

Jacques Tardi & Léo Malet Private eye Nestor Burma investigates the death of an old buddy from his anarchist days. A literary thriller full of authentic 1950s Paris period detail — a cracking good detective yarn and a milestone in comics history.  Product Details...

Folly: The Consequences of Indiscretion

Hans Rickheit The author instructs you not misuse this tome. Keep it as your own cherished object; a shameful, guarded secret. The filter for reality’s blinding glare. Detritus of the Under-Brain. The Unspeakable Thing You Always Knew.  Product Details...


Carol Swain In this story of loss and hope, friendship, and faith, when Ross ends up alienated from society and living in a near-feral state after an encounter with a troupe of Evangelists, it falls to his friend Gareth to try to help him.  Product Details...

Forlorn Funnies Vol. 1

Paul Hornschemeier Science fiction to surrealism, psychedelic parables to the modern quotidian. These stories, in concert with shorter experiments and gags, all squeeze themselves between the covers of this first volume of Forlorn FunniesProduct Details...


Jim Woodring What is to become of the beloved trilobular chuckbuster Frank now that he has journeyed outside the Unifactor and met his soulmate, Fran? The answer is delivered here in devastatingly unpredictable fashion.  Product Details...


Mark Kalesniko An entire life is compressed into a single day as a professionally and romantically frustrated animator, stewing on a pitiless California freeway, alternately rages, reminisces, fantasizes, and hallucinates an imagined past life.  Product Details...

Funeral of the Heart

Leah Hayes This debut graphic novel is a stylistic tour-de-force featuring a series of short stories illustrated entirely using the otherworldly medium of scratchboard. Hayes creates a world of unease, ambiguity, and beauty.  Product Details...

Fuzz & Pluck [Sold Out]

Ted Stearn Follow the hilarious adventures of an irritable plucked chicken and a dull but lovable bear in this picaresque romp through a harsh and surreal world.  Product Details...

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