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Graphic Novels

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Fuzz & Pluck: Splitsville

Ted Stearn The hilariously bizarre further adventures of an irritable plucked rooster and an awkward but lovable bear take them on separate paths to the gladiatorial ring and a Quixotic task, with an unlikely climactic convergence.  Product Details...


Carol Swain In rural Wales, Helen, an amateur bird watcher, investigates the apparent suicide of a "rare bird" named Emrys. Helen's inner life is slowly revealed through a mixture of naturalistic detail and phantasmagoric occurrences.  Product Details...

Ghost World [Softcover Edition - New Printing Pre-Order]

Daniel Clowes Inspiration for the feature film and one of the most acclaimed graphic novels ever, following the adventures of two teenage girls, Enid and Becky, best friends facing the prospect of growing up, and more importantly, apart.  Product Details...

Gil Jordan, Private Detective: Murder by High Tide

M. Tillieux The beloved classic Franco-Belgian series in English for the first time! Wise-cracking, fast-paced detective stories full of spectacular action and mayhem, suitable for young and old readers alike.  Product Details...

Gil Jordan, Private Detective: Ten Thousand Years in Hell

M. Tillieux Two more rollicking adventures from the Franco-Belgian master: Gil and Crackerjack find themselves in dire straits in South America and stumble into mystery on a countryside jaunt, trading wisecracks all the while.  Product Details...

Giraffes in My Hair: A Rock 'n' Roll Life

Bruce Paley & Carol Swain A comics memoir of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll, a life lived in the countercultural margins, from the optimism of the Summer of Love to the nihilism of the punk years, vividly brought to life with compelling visuals.  Product Details...

God and Science: Return of the Ti-Girls

Jaime Hernandez The rollicking superhero romp (which doubles as a genuinely dramatic fable about madness, grief, and motherhood) from Love and Rockets: New Stories is collected in a "director's cut" hardcover with 30 new pages of story.  Product Details...

Goddamn This War!

Jacques Tardi & Jean-Pierre Verney Tardi's second WWI masterwork is told with a sustained sense of outrage, pitch-black gallows humor, and impeccably scrupulous historical exactitude, in masterful full color.  Product Details...

Good Dog

Graham Chaffee Ivan, who is plagued by terrible nightmares about chickens and rabbits, is a good dog — if only someone would notice. Chaffee combines illustrative gravitas with cartooning verve for a richly textured, dog’s-eye view of the world.  Product Details...

Greetings from Hellville [Sold Out]

Thomas Ott Ott's dark "horror noir" work first came to America with this beautiful collection: four chilling stories of murder, bigotry and death which paint a bleak picture of human venality, all in his impeccable scratchboard style.  Product Details...

Hall of Best Knowledge

Ray Fenwick "Typographical comics": part graphic novel, part art object, part satire, part puzzle. A peculiar and humorous examination of the idea of genius and the problems that arise in the search and transmission of knowledge.  Product Details...

Hall of Best Knowledge + Mascots

Ray Fenwick Two books driven by lettering and language — "typographical comics" form a satirical narrative, while paintings on found book covers create an absurd yet familiar parallel world — offered together for a discounted price.  Product Details...
You Save: 33.33%

Hate Collection Vol. 3: Fun With Buddy and Lisa [Sold Out]

Peter Bagge Collecting Hate #11-15, this volume chronicles the increasingly dysfunctional and hilarious relationship between Buddy and Lisa — watch their disintegration into drunken misery before your very eyes!  Product Details...

Hate Collection Vol. 4: Buddy Go Home!

Peter Bagge Reprinting Hate! #16-20. Buddy Bradley retreats to the suburbs of New Jersey, with his crazy girlfriend Lisa in tow, where he moves back in with his parents. Enjoy the chaos that ensues with the reunited Bradleys!  Product Details...

Hate Collection Vol. 5: Buddy's Got Three Moms!

Peter Bagge Collecting Hate issues #21-25. The quintessentially dysfunctional family risks disintegration with the death of Pops Bradley, while Lisa, Ma Bradley and sister Babs increasingly push Buddy towards a complete meltdown.  Product Details...

Hate Collection Vol. 6: Buddy Bites the Bullet

Peter Bagge Reprinting Hate issues #26-30, this softcover volume completes the regular Hate series, as Buddy and Stinky begin "settling down" in dramatically different fashions!  Product Details...

Hate Collection Vols. 4-6: Buddy Color Pack

Peter Bagge Reprinting Hate! #16-30 in 3 full-color volumes, together for a great low price! Buddy Bradley retreats to the suburbs of New Jersey, with his crazy girlfriend Lisa in tow, where he moves back in with his parents.  Product Details...
You Save: 41.02%

Hey, Wait...

Jason This superbly evocative story by the award-winning Norwegian cartoonist is a tale of childhood friendship and tragedy, and the terrible lingering aftereffects thereof. Gilbert Hernandez calls this one of the best graphic novels ever.  Product Details...

Hip Hop Family Tree Vol. 1-2: 1975-1983 Gift Box Set

Ed Piskor The first two volumes of the unprecedented comics history of Hip Hop, with exclusive new cover art, in a mind-blowingly colorful slipcase, with an exclusive bonus 24-page comic book starring Eazy E, Spike Lee, and… Rob Liefeld???  Product Details...

Hip Hop Family Tree Vol. 1: 1970s-1981 [New Printing Pre-Order]

Ed Piskor Yes yes y'all! This explosively entertaining, encyclopedic history will school you on the old school, taking you back to the early days of the music genre that changed global culture.  Product Details...

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