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We've put together a generous selection of our most spine-tingling horror and monster comics and, for the month of October, we're brutally slashing the prices by up to 25% off! From mildly macabre all-ages adventures to classic creepfests to down-the-rabbit-hole Lynchian nightmares, we've got your Halloween heebie-jeebies right here. (Sale ends 11:59 PM Pacific time, Oct. 31, 2008.)

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Big Baby

Charles Burns An impressionable boy named Tony Delmonte lives in a seemingly typical American suburb until he sneaks out of his room one night and becomes entangled in a horrific plot involving summer camp murders and backyard burials.  Product Details...

Biologic Show #0 [SOLD OUT]

Al Columbia Twisted, surreal, depraved, horrific... and utterly beautiful. Al Columbia's legendary showcase of flesh and loathing may be the creepiest thing we've ever published. "Extinction," "Grinding Larry," Pim and Francie, and more.  Product Details...

Black Hole #10 [Sold Out]

Charles Burns The home that Keith's been sitting is now a safehouse for infected kids. His courtship of Chris gone black, Keith's futility is palpable until he bumps into a seemingly well Eliza. And the tadpoles growing out of his ribs...?  Product Details...
You Save: 78.00%

Black Hole #8 [Sold Out]

Charles Burns Keith and Eliza get high at the dump she lives in with two drug dealers, and make the beast-with-two-backs (and one tail). Chris and Rob "visit" at her campsite; Rob has a deadly encounter with the mysterious monster boy.  Product Details...
You Save: 78.00%

Black Hole #9 [Sold Out]

Charles Burns Left alone in the woods, Chris finds hunger overwhelming and the wait for Rob doubly trying. Newly deflowered Keith takes her away from the cold tent and into his house. Everyone wonders why he's being so nice...  Product Details...
You Save: 78.00%


Steven Weissman The Big-Wheel Race comes to Milltown, and with it the sport's greatest champion: Johnny Takagi! He'll meet and compete with Li'l Bloody, the Pullapart Boy, X-Ray Spence, "Sweet" Chubby Cheeks and the Li'l Tin Stars.  Product Details...

Chewing Gum in Church

Steven Weissman In a series of one page strips, the "Yikes" cast "settles" into a daily routine of cruelty, failure, jealousy, bitterness, gluttony, sloth, violence, arrogance, and stupidity. Especially stupidity. And all in full color!  Product Details...

Chocolate Cheeks

Steven Weissman Bitter enemies "Sweet" Chubby Cheeks and Pullapart Boy are stuck with each other, despite trying to make some icky new friends. Hilariously horrible strips give way to suspense and terror in the longest "Yikes" story yet.  Product Details...

Delphine #1 [Sold Out]

Richard Sala In this re-imagining of Snow White, a mysterious traveler arrives in a small village surrounded by a sinister forest. He is searching for Delphine, who vanished with only a scrawled out address on a scrap of paper as a trace...  Product Details...

Delphine #2

Richard Sala In the second installment of Sala's dark and suspenseful mini-series, the mysterious traveler, at the mercy of the strange and sinister locals, soon finds himself stranded and alone in the ancient forest, and night is falling...  Product Details...

Delphine #3

Richard Sala Where is Delphine?!? In this penultimate issue of the four-part series, our nameless traveler makes a startling discovery and faces a new horror that drives him to the brink of absolute madness.  Product Details...

Delphine #4 [Sold Out]

Richard Sala The horrifying final chapter of the critically acclaimed macabre mini-series finds our "prince" staggering onward towards a hair-raising climax and an inevitable confrontation with unspeakable evil!  Product Details...

Devilish Greetings: Vintage Devil Postcards

A fascinating, full-color compendium of extremely rare devil postcards spanning approximately 1898 through the 1950s, with over 150 full-color examples of these exquisite cards, culled from the finest postcard collections throughout the world.  Product Details...

Don't Call Me Stupid!

Steven Weissman Each of the "Yikes" gang gets a turn in the spotlight: Li'l Bloody, Pull-Apart Boy, X-Ray Spence, Dead Boy and the rest of the mischievous young monsters cavort and explore one of the oddest neighborhoods in funnybookland.  Product Details...

Evil Eye #12

Richard Sala In the highest room of the campus clock tower, Kasper finds himself face to face with two-hundred-year-old murdering freak Massimo Ibex. Will Judy Drood arrive in time? Also in this issue, Peculia meets the brides of Dracula!  Product Details...

Evil Eye #6

Richard Sala Secrets are revealed, questions are answered and a certain villain realizes it's not a good idea to kidnap Judy Drood, Girl Detective! Plus, find out more about the enigma known as Obscurus in the latest Peculia adventure!  Product Details...

Evil Eye #8

Richard Sala Judy Drood, the two-fisted girl sleuth, finds herself facing the murderous owner of the scorpion pin: the grotesque enigma known as Ms. Moss! Plus, Peculia becomes the object of desire for a monstrous menagerie of mole people!  Product Details...

Four Color Fear: Forgotten Horror Comics of the 1950s

The finest non-EC horror covers and stories of the pre-code era by Cole, Crandall, Evans, Frazetta, Katz, Williamson, Wolverton, Wood, etc. Sold out, but available digitally from comiXologyProduct Details...

Gahan Wilson: Fifty Years of Playboy Cartoons

Gahan Wilson Over 1000 cartoons drawn by the master of the macabre, plus illustrated prose and articles, from 5 decades of Playboy magazine, in one incredible, beautifully designed 3-volume slipcased hardcover set.  Product Details...

Gahan Wilson: Fifty Years of Playboy Cartoons - Collectors Edition [SOLD OUT]

Gahan Wilson Over 1000 cartoons drawn by the master of the macabre in one incredible, beautifully designed 3-volume slipcased hardcover set, with an exclusive letterpress print and facsimiles of Gahan's holiday cards to Hugh Hefner.  Product Details...
You Save: 42.86%

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