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We've put together a generous selection of our most spine-tingling horror and monster comics and, for the month of October, we're brutally slashing the prices by up to 25% off! From mildly macabre all-ages adventures to classic creepfests to down-the-rabbit-hole Lynchian nightmares, we've got your Halloween heebie-jeebies right here. (Sale ends 11:59 PM Pacific time, Oct. 31, 2008.)

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The Pogostick #2 [Sold Out]

Al Columbia and Ethan Persoff The second issue of this darkly funny comic-book series about Audrey, a man stuck in a rut who decides to make things better at work by pretending to be crazy. Only Audrey is not crazy... or is he?  Product Details...

Toys in the Basement

Stéphane Blanquet A creepy-cute all-ages tale about a couple of kids at a Halloween party who stumble into a secret underground society of damaged, forgotten, and pissed-off toys. Imagine Toy Story reimagined by David Lynch & Charles Burns!  Product Details...

Waiting for the Great Pumpkin

Charles M. Schulz Linus and his annual Halloween vigil have been a pop culture touchstone for decades thanks to the TV special ("I got a rock"). It all started in the classic strips from 1959-62 collected in this affordable, fun-sized gift book.  Product Details...

Werewolves of Montpellier [SOLD OUT]

Jason A faux werewolf-cum-burglar runs afoul of a real society of werewolves who don't take kindly to the pretender. Lycanthropic thrills, romantic dilemmas, situation comedy, existential drama — in other words, pure Jason.  Product Details...

White Flower Day

Steven Weissman The theme is revenge. Who is Pullapart Boy's cousin, and what is his secret science project? What is "White Flower Day," and how does Kid Medusa fit into it? Who's trying to sabotage "Mean" Chubby Cheeks' nature hike?  Product Details...
You Save: 33.33%

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