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International Comics

Discover a world of comics! Fantagraphics has published artists from every permanently-inhabited continent (if you count New Zealand as part of Australia). From manga to bandes desinées, classic to cutting-edge, if it's "furrin" you'll find it here.

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Wandering Son Vol. 2

Shimura Takako In the second volume of this superb and wildly acclaimed coming-of-age story, our transgendered protagonists, now in the sixth grade, face new challenges and find new strength, and gain an unexpected new ally and mentor.  Product Details...

Wandering Son Vol. 3 [with Special Offer]

Shimura Takako Shuichi and Yoshino's shared secret is abruptly exposed and they begin to learn the harder reality of being transgendered. More tears and laughs in this volume of the acclaimed manga series.  Product Details...

Wandering Son Vol. 4

Shimura Takako Love is in the air. In junior high, the simple friendships of childhood develop into the complex, tense relationships of adolescence — and it's even more complicated when coping with the knotty issue of gender identification.  Product Details...

Wandering Son Vol. 5

Shimura Takako The junior high school entrance ceremony, with its traditionally-gendered uniforms, vexes Nitori-kun and Takatsuki-san — especially when it's another classmate who bucks tradition. And more jealousies flare up with our tween cast.  Product Details...

Wandering Son Vol. 6

Shimura Takako The middle-schoolers put on another gender-swapped play, this time a riff on Romeo and Juliet, written by Chiba-san and Nitori-kun. Will they also play the leads? And what of Nitori-kun's feelings for Takatsuki-san?  Product Details...

Wandering Son Vol. 7

Shimura Takako Nitori-kun gets his first signs of acne. This may well be the end of the world — unless Anna-chan can help. Meanwhile, Nitori-kun and Chiba-san are scouted by the theater club, leading to friction with Takatsuki-san.  Product Details...

Werewolves of Montpellier [SOLD OUT]

Jason A faux werewolf-cum-burglar runs afoul of a real society of werewolves who don't take kindly to the pretender. Lycanthropic thrills, romantic dilemmas, situation comedy, existential drama — in other words, pure Jason.  Product Details...

West Coast Blues

Jacques Tardi & Jean-Patrick Manchette A master crime novelist and a superlative French cartoonist unite for a savage noir thriller. An aimless family man is sucked into a spiral of violence involving an exiled war criminal and two hired assassins.  Product Details...

What I Did

Jason Compiling 3 classics — Hey, Wait..., Sshhhh!, and The Iron Wagon — into one lovely clothbound hardcover volume. Tragedy, comedy, tragicomedy, and a thrilling murder mystery, told with deft economy and surreal flourishes.  Product Details...

Why Are You Doing This?

Jason In this deadpan, Hitchcock-meets-Jarmusch thriller, a moody twenty-something wallowing in post-breakup depression finds himself drawn into a paranoid's worst nightmare after his best friend is murdered and the blame is pinned on him.  Product Details...

You Are There [Softcover Ed. - Release TBD]

Jacques Tardi & Jean-Claude Forest The satirical masterpiece that ushered in the graphic novel era to European comics, finally available in English. An unexpected combination of dark cynicism and playful fantasy; a feast for eyes and brain alike.  Product Details...

You Can't Get There From Here [with FREE Signed Bookplate]

Jason A very funny, very deadpan, and very poignant comedy of romance, featuring the classic romantic trio of mad scientist, monster, and bride of monster. Also includes a running commentary by the loyal hunchbacked assistant.  Product Details...

Zoot Suite [Sold Out]

Roger & Andrew Langridge A brilliant illustration of the famous mathematical principle known as Zeno's Paradox, plus a perpetually postponed performance of Waiting for Godot and more intellectually stimulating hi-jinks and hi-brow guffaws.  Product Details...

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