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International Comics

Discover a world of comics! Fantagraphics has published artists from every permanently-inhabited continent (if you count New Zealand as part of Australia). From manga to bandes desinées, classic to cutting-edge, if it's "furrin" you'll find it here.

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Dungeon Quest, Book 2 [SOLD OUT]

Joe Daly Millennium Boy, Steve, Lash Penis, and Nerdgirl continue on their hilarious, violent, and rip-roaringly entertaining mystical quests. Sold out, but serialized digitally at comiXologyProduct Details...

Dungeon Quest, Book 3

Joe Daly Our roaming heroes return for the most rousing and epic installment of their adventures yet with a whole new level of bizarre comedy and ass-kicking action, featuring new abilities, new equipment, new perils, and new fantastic backdrops!  Product Details...

FBI•MINI #01: The Trip to the Moon

David B. An eight-page fable written and drawn around the same time as some of the Armed Garden stories, originally published in the French anthology Lapin, English version available exclusively in this "FBI•MINI."  Product Details...

FBI•MINI #05: The Jordan Facsimile

M. Tillieux An FBI•MAXI Production! A near-perfect replica of a beautiful original Tillieux art page (in two halves) from one of the stories in Murder by High Tide, including Tilllieux's watercolored coloring guide on the verso!  Product Details...

FBI•MINI #06: Sibyl-Anne's Christmas

Raymond Macherot A charming full-color eight-page story directly following the events in Sibyl-Anne vs. Ratticus, newly translated and available nowhere else.  Product Details...

FBI•MINI #10: Actually, That Wasn't All There Was

Joost Swarte The career-summarizing Is That All There Is? wasn't quite all there was, in fact. This 12-page mini focuses on Swarte's earliest work, when the influence of Robert Crumb was more visible than that of Hergé.  Product Details...

FBI•MINI #11: Unfinished Fatale

Jacques Tardi & Jean-Patrick Manchette A legendary lost comic! Tardi's unfinished adaptation of Manchette's beautiful-hired-assassin novel Fatale, in English for the first time!  Product Details...


Joe Daly Page after page of Dungeon Quest character sketches, rough pencils, and other goodies, plus a hilarious, fully-finished, never-before-seen two-page story in the Dungeon Quest vein, all in full color.  Product Details...

FBI•MINI #25: Crackle of the Frost: Sketches

Lorenzo Mattotti "Crackle of the Frost: Sketches" is a selection of preliminary roughs and sketches by Lorenzo Mattotti for his and Jorge Zentner's book The Crackle of the FrostProduct Details...

Fog Over Tolbiac Bridge: A Nestor Burma Mystery

Jacques Tardi & Léo Malet Private eye Nestor Burma investigates the death of an old buddy from his anarchist days. A literary thriller full of authentic 1950s Paris period detail — a cracking good detective yarn and a milestone in comics history.  Product Details...


Carol Swain In this story of loss and hope, friendship, and faith, when Ross ends up alienated from society and living in a near-feral state after an encounter with a troupe of Evangelists, it falls to his friend Gareth to try to help him.  Product Details...

Franquin's Last Laugh [Release TBD]

André Franquin The complete collection of "Idées Noires" strips, most never before in English. Joyfully morbid, misanthropic, blacker-than-black humor executed in a black-and-blacker symphony of pen lines by the Franco-Belgian virtuoso.  Product Details...

From Wonderland with Love: Danish Comics in the Third Millennium

Various Artists A compilation of some of the best comics stories and cartoons by Danish artists from the first decade of the 21st century. Exuberantly creative graphic narratives by Denmark's premier comics artists.  Product Details...


Carol Swain In rural Wales, Helen, an amateur bird watcher, investigates the apparent suicide of a "rare bird" named Emrys. Helen's inner life is slowly revealed through a mixture of naturalistic detail and phantasmagoric occurrences.  Product Details...

Gil Jordan, Private Detective: Murder by High Tide

M. Tillieux The beloved classic Franco-Belgian series in English for the first time! Wise-cracking, fast-paced detective stories full of spectacular action and mayhem, suitable for young and old readers alike.  Product Details...

Gil Jordan, Private Detective: Ten Thousand Years in Hell

M. Tillieux Two more rollicking adventures from the Franco-Belgian master: Gil and Crackerjack find themselves in dire straits in South America and stumble into mystery on a countryside jaunt, trading wisecracks all the while.  Product Details...

Goddamn This War!

Jacques Tardi & Jean-Pierre Verney Tardi's second WWI masterwork is told with a sustained sense of outrage, pitch-black gallows humor, and impeccably scrupulous historical exactitude, in masterful full color.  Product Details...

Greetings from Hellville [Sold Out]

Thomas Ott Ott's dark "horror noir" work first came to America with this beautiful collection: four chilling stories of murder, bigotry and death which paint a bleak picture of human venality, all in his impeccable scratchboard style.  Product Details...

Grotesque #4

Sergio Ponchione In the concluding chapter of this dreamworld masterpiece, all the loose ends are wrapped up. Oh, and we also learn the meaning of life — all in Ponchione’s wildly inventive, super-detailed graphics.  Product Details...

Hey, Wait...

Jason This superbly evocative story by the award-winning Norwegian cartoonist is a tale of childhood friendship and tragedy, and the terrible lingering aftereffects thereof. Gilbert Hernandez calls this one of the best graphic novels ever.  Product Details...

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