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Details for this: Book
Author: Jim Woodring
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 224
Dimensions: 7.75" x 11"
Colors: black & white with 16 color pages
Year: 2014
Publisher: Fantagraphics
ISBN-10: n/a
ISBN-13: 978-1-60699-752-9
Additional Details: n/a

Price: $29.99


Digital editions available from comiXology and Sequential for iPad (download here)

Frank is, as everyone knows, Jim Woodring's bestselling cartoon character. Jim, on the other hand, is Woodring's cartoon alter ego, the fictional doppelganger who has for 30 years inhabited Woodring's alternate universe where shifting, phantasmagoric landscapes, abrupt, hallucinatory visual revelations, and unexpected eruptions of uninhibited verbal self-flagellation are common- place. Jim is a mind-bending collection of all of Woodring's best non-Frank creative work — comics stories, prose stories, drawings, and paintings, with a new introduction and afterword by the man himself. Abounding in metaphors if you choose to see them and naked self-disclosure if you don't, this volume of comics, prose, and images — collected here for the first time — is a bounty of Woodring's inspired artistry.

21-page excerpt (download 9 MB PDF):

Video & Photo Slideshow Preview (view in new window):

"[This] material... exploded the idea of autobiographical or journalistic comics... What Woodring did better than anyone was promote the idea that the subconscious, the imaginary, and the dreamtime state were perfectly valid terrains for autobiographical exploration... Plus, it’s great comedy." – Joe McCulloch

"I don't really have adequate language to describe it." – Alan Moore

"...Jim fills the gap left between Betty Crocker and Hieronymous Bosch." – Robert Williams

"Woodring is a cartoonist of frightening power...” – ComicsAlliance

"Jim Woodring is one of the great cartoonists of his generation, and probably one or two generations on each side of his own." – The Comics Reporter

"Jim Woodring may be the most important cartoonist of his generation." – Scott McCloud

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