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Jim Woodring

Jim Woodring was born in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains in Southern California and enjoyed an exciting childhood full of poetry and paroniria among the snakes, rats and tarantulas of that enchanted realm. He eventually grew into an inquisitive bearlike man who has had three exciting careers; garbage collector, merry-go-round-operator and cartoonist. His work has been collected in several books from Fantagraphics and in various toys, fabrics, prints and urban legends.

"Woodring is a cartoonist of frightening power... His work is of a caliber where it's hard to know what to say about it, so struck dumb are you by the immensity of the rendering and storytelling skill on the page." – Jason Michelitch, Comics Alliance

"Jim Woodring is one of the great cartoonists of his generation, and probably one or two generations on each side of his own. He's one of those cartoonists that raises one's estimation of the entire art form for him being [in] it." – Tom Spurgeon, The Comics Reporter

"Mr. Woodring's imagery mimics the look of antique wood engravings and animated cartoons of the 1930s while tapping deeply into reservoirs of mythic imagination." – The New York Times

"Cartoonist and artist Jim Woodring is one of the most important cartoonists of his generation." – NPR

Recent Awards:
• 2003: Artist Trust Gap Award
• 2006: United States Artist Fellow (with Bill Frisell)
• 2008: Artist Trust Fellowship
• 2008: Inkpot Award at Comic-Con International
• 2010 & 2012: Rasmuson Foundation and Artist Trust one month residency in Homer, Alaska
• 2010: Stranger Genius Award in Literature: "There are only a small number of medium-changing geniuses in the history of cartooning who have managed to develop a singular visual language, and Jim Woodring is one of them." – Paul Constant

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FBI•MINI #12: From the Unifactor

Jim Woodring Eight pages of preparatory sketches for Congress of the Animals, and four sumptuous finished drawings suitable for framing.  Product Details...

FBI•MINI #30: Even More Problematic

Jim Woodring As if the 360+ pages of Jim Woodring's Problematic: Sketchbook Drawings 2004-2012 weren't enough, here's Even More (16 to be exact)! These are drawings that were too new to include in the book.  Product Details...


Jim Woodring What is to become of the beloved trilobular chuckbuster Frank now that he has journeyed outside the Unifactor and met his soulmate, Fran? The answer is delivered here in devastatingly unpredictable fashion.  Product Details...


Jim Woodring Abounding in metaphors if you choose to see them and naked self-disclosure if you don't, this volume of comics, prose, and images is a bounty of Woodring's inspired artistry.  Product Details...

Mome Vol. 6-10 Five-Pack

Various Artists Five volumes of our acclaimed contemporary comics anthology series packaged together at an incredible low price! Featuring work from two dozen artists, plus bonus interviews... about 600 pages of comics bliss, cheap cheap cheap.  Product Details...

Mome Vol. 6-15 Mega-Bundle (With BONUS Vol. 1)

Various Artists A "baker's ten" of our acclaimed contemporary comics anthology series packaged together at an incredible low price! Featuring work from nearly fifty artists from around the world - over 1300 pages of comics, one bargain price.  Product Details...

Mome Vol. 9 - Fall 2007

Various Artists Hornschemeier, Crumb, Bell, Arp, and Wolfgang return, along with Davis, Kaczynski, Kimball and Fenwick. Plus Al Columbia, Zak Sally, Built to Spill artist Mike Scheer, and the first part of a Jim Woodring "Frank" story.  Product Details...

Newave! + Treasury of Mini Comics Vol. 1 Gift Set

Various Artists Four decades of deliberate DIY cartoon rebellion! Collecting some of the best mini comics ever produced by some of the most creative artists in the world. Edited by Michael Dowers.  Product Details...
You Save: 20.00%

Problematic: Sketchbook Drawings 2004-2012

Jim Woodring If you are one of the fortunate thousands who enjoy untangling the enigmatic images that fill Jim Woodring's comics and drawings, this is just the book for you to put under your pillow and dream on.  Product Details...

Seeing Things

Jim Woodring Woodring's drawings take his comics' otherworldly qualities to new levels of clarity and nuance, exploring hidden worlds, alternate realities and the inexplicable resonance of the unprecedented and irrational in lucid art.  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #133 [SOLD OUT]

Special "Violence in Comics" issue featuring interviews with Dr. Thomas Radecki and Dr. Fredric Wertham; "Siren Song of Blood": the rise of remorselessly violent vigilantes; Comics on Trial 1954: a look back at the infamous Senate hearings; more!  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #139 [SOLD OUT]

Peter Bagge interviews Aline Kominsky-Crumb! Part 2 of the Alan Moore interview! Jim Woodring's post-mortem on Weirdo! The Florida retailer obscenity bust! A Lloyd Dangle sketchbook! And much more in this jam-packed issue!  Product Details...

The Comics Journal Special Edition, Summer 2002

Big coffee-table edition! Groth interviews Jim Woodring; Bill Griffith on W.E. Hill; Bill Blackbeard on Little Orphan Annie; plus music-themed comic strips by Arnold Roth, R. Crumb, Phoebe Gloeckner, Chris Ware, Tony Millionaire and many more!  Product Details...

The Frank Book [Softcover Ed.]

Jim Woodring A unique, visionary comic, exquisitely drawn and so fully realized that readers are drawn deeply into Woodring's hallucinatory mindscape. The definitive collection of one of the great cartoon achievements of the 20th century.  Product Details...

The Portable Frank

Jim Woodring A visionary work of comic art for all-ages! Readers who haven’t discovered Jim Woodring’s Frank stories have a colossal treat waiting for them in this all-ages gem collecting the character’s greatest adventures.  Product Details...

Treasury of Mini Comics Vol. 1

Various Artists Four decades of deliberate DIY cartoon rebellion! Collecting some of the best mini comics ever produced by some of the most creative artists in the world. Edited by Michael Dowers.  Product Details...


Jim Woodring A graphic novel event. The brutish Manhog is sent on a transformative journey of suffering to achieve enlightenment and faces Whim, the embodiment of evil, in a final battle, with Frank, Pupshaw and Pushpaw along for the ride.  Product Details...

Weathercraft and Other Unusual Tales (Free Comic Book Day 2010)

Jim Woodring This comic for Free Comic Book Day 2010 includes an excerpt of the graphic novel Weathercraft along with out-of-print and previously-unpublished material. A must-have for Jim Woodring collectors!  Product Details...

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