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Kim Deitch

Kim Deitch lives in New York, NY, with his wife, the artist Pamela Butler.

“Kim Deitch has created a private world as fully realized in its own way as Faulkner’s. He’s an American original, a spinner of yarns whose beautifully structured pages and intricate plots conjure up a haunting and haunted American past.” – Art Spiegelman

"Kim Deitch is easily one of the greatest cartoonists in the world, and in the history of the medium." – Chris Ware

"Few underground cartoonists deserve that subterranean title so fully as Kim Deitch. He was there at the beginning of the movement, drawing for The East Village Other in 1967, and his work retains much of that psychedelic, R. Crumb-like earthiness. But also: He's constantly digging, churning the inky soil of American pop culture and marveling over the fossils he turns up... It's crazy, invigorating stuff, but it's also a mystery: how can an artist so clearly in control of his work go so fully off the rails?" – John Hodgman, The New York Times

"Deitch's complex personal success-and-failure-cycle fables are somewhat similar to the gritty city stories of comics pioneer Will Eisner, but his illustration style and his wild, crowded imagery, are straight out of the Fleischer brothers' bizarre, psychedelic Betty Boop cartoons." – The Onion

"One of the godfathers of American underground comics." – Publishers Weekly

"Deitch is one of underground comics' great originals." – Byron Coley

"When the searing insight of Deitch's writing is added to the delightful two-dimensional quality of the art, amazingly successful in depicting the relationship between artistic enterprise and madness, what one experiences is a rare combination of great truth and great beauty." – The Comics Journal

"...Like Crumb, [Deitch] is one of the few underground cartoonists who has managed to keep his edge, and is currently producing work at least as good as, if not better than, that from his salad days." – Comics Comics

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Beasts! Book 2

Various Artists Like the first book, this deluxe collection includes a Who’s Who of the contemporary art world, collectively crafting a menagerie of mythological creatures, monsters, beasts and things that go bump in the night.  Product Details...

Deitch's Pictorama [with FREE Signed Bookplate]

Kim, Simon, & Seth Deitch A unique, all-new "picto-fiction" pocket book that alternates between heavily illustrated near-comics stories and outright prose pieces; a testament to the Deitch family's amazing yarn-spinning abilities!  Product Details...

Fatty Arbuckle and His Funny Friends [SOLD OUT]

This book compiles a jolly good number of the "Kinema Comics" from the 1920s featuring a legendary and controversial giant of the silver screen — Fatty Arbuckle. Also included are shorts featuring Mabel Normand, Snub Pollard and more!  Product Details...

FBI•MINI #19: Sketch the Beaver

Kim Deitch Six of the sumptuous pencilled layout drawings Deitch creates before embarking on his stories, five from the "Consider the Beaver" story in The Search for Smilin' Ed and one for his upcoming book, in an 11" x 17" format!  Product Details...

Jason Conquers America

Jason, et al. Celebrating 10 years of Jason being published in the US, this comic book one-shot is a Jason fan’s dream, with previously unpublished strips & artwork, a checklist, a Q&A, tributes by Mike Allred, Kim Deitch & Rich Tommaso, and more!  Product Details...

The Amazing, Enlightening and Absolutely True Adventures of Katherine Whaley

Kim Deitch At the turn of the 20th century, a young woman meets a mysterious eccentric who wants her to star in a film about some remarkable religious artefacts he claims to possess. He is accompanied by a strangely intelligent dog...  Product Details...

The Best American Comics Criticism

Ben Schwartz, ed. This essential compilation separates the signal from the noise by assembling the greatest lineup of comics critics the world has yet seen to testify on behalf of this increasingly vital medium.  Product Details...

The Bush Junta: A Field Guide to Corruption in Government

Various Artists A trenchant, funny, fact-based expose of the sleaziest U.S. administration since Harding (and the dumbest since Reagan) by world-class cartoonists: Steve Brodner, Seth Tobocman, Ted Rall, Carol Swain and many more.  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #292

Deitch-a-rama! Gary Groth interviews patriarch Gene and brothers Kim, Simon and Seth in this massive, far-ranging feature on the cartooning family. Plus a gallery of and turn-of-the-19th-century cartoons by F. M. Howarth.  Product Details...

The Search for Smilin' Ed!

Kim Deitch An "investigation" into the wacky world of children’s TV shows. Ranging across the entire 20th century, replete with flashbacks, stories within stories, and other surprises — a wild & woolly Deitch narrative whirligig!  Product Details...

The Search for Smilin' Ed! + Deitch's Pictorama [with FREE Signed Bookplate]

Kim, Simon, & Seth Deitch The new collection of Kim's Zero Zero serial and a unique "picto-fiction" pocket book that alternates between illustrated near-comics stories and outright prose pieces. Two books at a great discounted price!  Product Details...

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