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King of the Flies Vol. 3: Happy Daze [Release TBD]

Details for this: Book
Author: Mezzo & Pirus
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 64
Dimensions: 9" x 12.5"
Colors: full color
Year: 2013
Publisher: Fantagraphics
ISBN-10: n/a
ISBN-13: 978-1-60699-688-1
Additional Details: translated by Helge Dascher

Ships in: TBD
Price: $24.99

This title has been postponed indefinitely. Stay tuned to Flog! The Fantagraphics Blog for updates.

Official Selection, 2014 Festival International de la Bande Desinée de Angoulême (French edition)

Roadrunner, roadrunner, going faster miles an hour...

Eric the fly-head-wearing teenager is barreling down the road at 100 mph in his convertible, high as a kite... But even the insistent beat of the Modern Lovers classic and a double dose of high-quality amphetamines aren't sufficient for him to escape the increasingly violent and depraved goings-on back in town, where he is unwed father-to-be, kept man, drug dealer, and small-town boy on the run from everything and everyone.

Once again the disturbing story is told through a series of individual chapters narrated by different characters (including his fellow drug dealer Denis, the sisters Marie and Lisa, the bowling-obsessed retro thug Ringo, and of course the nihilistic, increasingly desperate Eric himself), often with cleverly overlapping timeframes and switches in perspective — with dead characters from earlier chapters showing up periodically to offer their sardonic commentary on the goings-on — delineated in Mezzo's clinically detailed, hallucinatory style.

As event piles upon event and things brutally spin further out of control, the reader will begin to realize that this cannot all possibly end well... or can it? Three years after the release of King of the Flies' critically acclaimed, eye-opening first episode, 1. Hallorave, the concluding 3. Happy Daze answers that question — good and hard.

Praise for the series:

Eisner Award Nominee SealAmazon Best of 2010 sealAmazon Best Books of 2011

2011 Eisner Award Nominee: Best U.S. Edition of International Material

#5, Amazon Best Books of 2010: Comics & Graphic Novels Top 10

Named one of 2010's Best Comics and Graphic Novels by the Village Voice

#8, Amazon Best Books of 2011: Comics & Graphic Novels Top 10

Named one of the Most Rocking Comix 2010 by KEXP

"Although King of the Flies... is anchored in a sharply delineated but deliberately generic suburbia, the book plunges us into an often violent, always profane environment that recalls David Lynch's Blue Velvet. Using multiple narrators, the book is an intricately constructed series of interlocking short stories that acidly etch a disquieting portrait of modern alienation and unease.” – Cliff Froehlich, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

"King of the Flies: Vol. 1. Hallorave manages to combine dystopia and partying in one particularly morose suburban nabe. Artist Pascal 'Mezzo' Mesenburg's crisp scenes of druggy costume soirées and bowling-alley liaisons deftly complement writer Michel Pirus's slyly interlocking tales of depraved jollies in suburbia." – Village Voice "2010’s Best Comics and Graphic Novels"

"King Of The Flies Vol. 1: Hallorave is an extremely promising title from French crime comics artists Pascal 'Mezzo' Mesenburg and Michel Pirus. ... Its approach to violence and turmoil is surprisingly fresh, although the story bears obvious debts to David Lynch, and the art just as obvious ones to Charles Burns; it all combines in surprising, powerful ways. ...King of the Flies is a fascinating new take on the nearly exhausted subject of youthful alienation... B+" – The A.V. Club

"...[T]his dark, disjointed story about an assortment of misfit suburban characters plagued by bad luck and their own poor choices is a compelling, bitterly funny read... Despite its obvious influences King never feels like a pale imitation, especially in the second volume, where the ante is upped considerably, both on an aesthetic and narrative level." – Chris Mautner, Robot 6

"[King of the Flies Vol. 2:] The Origin of the World, as its title... signals, is a little more mature in its provocateur stance, but there’s still plenty of envelope pushing. The characters have grown richer and more varied... and the narrative more focused, with fewer bodies to keep track of. The art, certainly a highlight of the last book, features some clever use of color to indicate fantasy and the supernatural, both of which appear more extensively this go-round. Consider it, on the whole, analogous to Friday the 13th Part II: a step in the right direction and an improvement on the original rather than a boring retread." – Hillary Brown, Paste

"The first volume of European comics creators Mezzo and Pirus' King of the Flies, subtitled Hallorave, was one of the creepiest graphic novels of 2010... The follow-up, The Origin of the World, ...makes the story's vortex of terror spin even faster — the vibe is somewhere between Charles Burns' Black Hole and Blue Velvet, with a soundtrack of Misfits singles, Stones bootlegs and too-intense techno." – Douglas Wolk, Techland – TIME.com

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