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Locas II: Maggie, Hopey & Ray

Details for this: Book
Author: Jaime Hernandez
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 424
Dimensions: 8" x 11.25"
Colors: black & white
Year: 2009
Publisher: Fantagraphics
ISBN-10: n/a
ISBN-13: 978-1-60699-156-5
Additional Details: n/a

Price: $39.99


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In this second big omnibus collection of his ongoing tales of the “Locas,” Jaime Hernandez continues telling stories featuring his main characters Maggie, Hopey and Ray. This volume picks up shortly after Maggie and Hopey’s long-awaited reunion at the end of the first Locas.

Even though her love life remains as chaotic as ever, Hopey takes her first few steps toward responsible adulthood with a real job (as a teacher), while a demoralized, divorced Maggie ends up as the manager of a fleabag apartment building where she continues to wrestle with the demons of her past — most prominently in the stunning centerpiece of the volume, the graphic-novel-length “Maggie” serial, with its stunning, hallucinatory dream finale.

Meanwhile, Ray still carries a major torch for Maggie, but falls in with the “Frogmouth,” the volatile bombshell whose ties to local thugs cause him no small amount of grief.

Of course, Maggie, Hopey, and Ray’s paths continue to intersect in Hernandez’s increasingly complex, intricate, and always vitally realized world.

This omnibus volume compiles stories originally printed in the pages of the comics Penny Century, the one-shot special Maggie & Hopey Color Fun (presented here in black and white), and Love and Rockets Vol. II, and was formerly collected in the volumes Dicks and Deedees, Locas in Love, Ghost of Hoppers and The Education of Hopey Glass.

"This is a landmark in comics literature." – Publishers Weekly Best Books of 2009: Comics & Graphic Novels Top 10 (#6)

#4, Best Archival/Reprints of 2009, The Comics Reporter

Named one of "The Best Damn Comics of 2010 Chosen by the Artists" by Tom Hart at The Daily Cross Hatch

Download an EXCLUSIVE 20-page PDF excerpt (2.5 MB) containing the Table of Contents and the entire first chapter, "Maggie & Hopey Summer Fun."

Slideshow Preview (view in new window):

Unsure how to build your Love and Rockets collection? See our handy guide on How to Read Love and Rockets.

"Jaime's comics are all about subtleties of emotional states and and how characters understand each other and themselves over time; you'll get your bearings pretty quickly, and he'll make sure you're being entertained while you're figuring it out." – Douglas Wolk, TIME/Techland

"Locas II is perhaps more somber and reflective than the first, but it never loses the wry, subtly humor of everyday life that is at its heart. Hernandez’s ability to write complicated, deeply human characters is without rival." – Athena Currier, The Daily Cross Hatch, "The Best Damned Comics of 2009 Chosen by the Artists"

"The second massive gathering of Locas stories from the long-running Love and Rockets represents a decade’s worth of stories from one of comics’ foremost talents. Hernandez’s heroines, now approaching middle age, are a far cry from the punk rockers who debuted way back in 1981... The underlying theme of aging and acceptance is somehow ironic, considering that Hernandez’s artwork is even more stylishly elegant, his storytelling more powerfully confident, than when he was a young turk, and Love and Rockets was the coolest comic around. His cast of complex, appealing characters continues to delight and surprise after nearly three decades." – Gordon Flagg, Booklist (Starred Review)

Praise for Locas and Jaime Hernandez:

"Simply essential... I've read Jaime Hernandez's work almost as long as its been published, but only when you feel the weight of this thing in your hand do you appreciate its accomplishment. When you make a list of all the things Hernandez writes and draws better than pretty much anyone — Chicano culture across all the classes, the '80s punk scene, the inner lives of women, the inner lives of men, women's wrestling, love and, er, rockets — it's hard not to suspect him of secretly being 10 brilliant artists and writers, or just one of the most talented artists our polyglot culture has produced." – John Hodgman, The New York Times Book Review

"The world that Jaime Hernandez created is so believable, so fluent, so filled with minor trivialities, arguments, passion and stories it sometimes feels more real that the world outside. To call it a classic comic is to underestimate its impact and importance — this is classic art." – Everett True, Plan B

"At once intimate and epic... one of the great milestones in comics history." – Bookslut

"The release of the year... one that stretches across decades, like the great domestic mysteries that have sustained literary culture for millennia." –

"A fluid, multifaceted portrait that at times feels more like a film than a graphic novel." – Whitney Matheson, USA Today

"Evoking Bridget Jones by way of Dickens and García Márquez, Locas is magic, real, and literate — and fun to look at, too. Grade: 'A'." – Jeff Jensen, Entertainment Weekly

"Jaime's black-and-white panels are so stunning that it's easy to overlook their humanity and grand scope. Locas is the perfect way to enjoy two decades' worth of some of the best fiction created in any genre." – Robert Ito, Los Angeles Magazine

"Finally collected into one volume, these stories are among the greatest comics ever put to paper, and an essential piece of the literature of the punk movement." – Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

"In the turbulent slipstream between high 'n' low, Maggie and Hopey are the state of the art." – R.C. Baker, The Village Voice

"Jaime's characters are so convincing and his stories so compelling that it is easy to overlook his greatest strength: the most economically handsome drawing style in comics." – Booklist

"American fiction's best kept secret." – Rolling Stone

"Hernandez's 'Locas' plunged me into a comics ecstasy I hadn't known since I was 10." – The Nation

"A high point in the comics form, conventional in idiom, but not comparable to any strips before it." – The Washington Post

"No other man in or out of the field understands women the way [Hernandez] does. Love & Rockets is the one book I always recommend to my female friends who've never read a comic before." – Trina Robbins, author of A Century of Women Cartoonists

"Jaime's Maggie is one of the great characters in contemporary American fiction." – L.A. Weekly

"Jaime's art balances big white and black spaces to create a world of nuance in between, just as his writing balances our big human feelings and our small human trivias to generate its incredible emotional power. Quite simply, this is one of the twentieth century's most significant comics creators at the peak of his form, with every line a wedding of classicism and cool." – Alan Moore

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