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Mark Twain's Autobiography 1910-2010

Details for this: Book
Author: Michael Kupperman
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 160
Dimensions: 6" x 8.25"
Colors: two-color
Year: 2011
Publisher: Fantagraphics
ISBN-10: n/a
ISBN-13: 978-1-60699-491-7
Additional Details: n/a

Price: $19.99


Named one of The Best Comics of 2011 by NPR - Monkey See

Named "The Best Book I Read This Year" by Chris Heller of The Atlantic

"Here Mister Kupperman," he said, thrusting a manuscript into my hands. "Publish this, and let the world read of my adventures."

My name is Mark Twain, and I write these words to you in the good old days of August 2010. "What's that," you say? "Didn't you die a hundred years ago, you old coot?"... The truth is I never died, but the same old rumors got exaggerated and then a bunch of other stuff happened, so people forgot I was still alive.

And with that preface, the celebrated man of letters — thought to be dead for a hundred years but actually surviving due to a wizard's spell — returns with a sequel to his best-selling autobiography, aided and abetted by humorist and cartoonist Michael Kupperman. From WWI to the Great Depression, WWII to Woodstock, and through the present, Twain details his careers as an ad man, astronaut, hypnotist, Yeti hunter, porn star, drifter, grifter and more, rubbing shoulders and having never-before-told adventures with many major figures of the 20th Century.

Michael Kupperman describes the book further:

"A mix of illustrated writing and comics, this volume follows Twain as he navigates the Twentieth Century and makes his way into the Twenty-First. His adventures are tense, scary, sexy, mischievous, and sometimes embarrassing. Twain spills the dirt on his secret love affairs with Marilyn Monroe and Mame Eisenhower, tells about his spying and private detective work, and dishes about his involvement in film, TV and advertising. The time he took LSD, the day he tried to hypnotize a donut clerk. Where he first met Einstein and how they travelled through time together. How to build your own raft and the life of a hobo. And who really killed JFK…? All this and much, much more."

Download and read a 21-page PDF excerpt (3.2 MB) with the Table of Contents, Foreword, Preface and 5 whole chapters, and read our exclusive interview with Michael Kupperman about the book.

Video & Photo Slideshow Preview (view in new window):

Michael Kupperman reads Chapter 16, "Ant I Am Telling You," on the War Rocket Ajax Podcast:

Links to Reviews and Features

"Absurdist cartoonist extraordinaire Kupperman channels Samuel L. Clemens in this sequel of sorts to the first volume of Twain’s autobiography. Adventurer, mentor, inventor, lothario and more, this alternate-universe construct cavorts through history, fights in various wars, conquers the moon, seduces Mamie Eisenhower, inspires Charles M. Schulz, dances in discos and performs other acts of heroism and hilarity. Kupperman’s text and graphics are suitably straight-faced and deadpan throughout this brilliant conceit." – The Miami Herald

Praise for Michael Kupperman:

“It’s no secret why Michael Kupperman is a favorite of Robert Smigel and Conan O’Brien — he’s one of the most weirdly funny writers around.” — New York Magazine

“Kupperman is hysterical. And a real original.” — Robert Smigel

“It has become cliché to say I laughed until I cried, but when I’m done reading one of [Kupperman’s] underground comics my shirt is literally soaking wet. This guy may have one of the best comedy brains on the planet right now.” — Conan O’Brien

“Kupperman’s droll absurdism is matched by a stiff, woodcut-like art style that underplays the sometimes outré concepts. A comedy diamond.” — Heidi MacDonald, Publishers Weekly

“Michael Kupperman is the funniest cartoonist alive.” — The Stranger

“Kupperman’s humor — a mix of genre, nonsequitur and nonsense — is a kind of laughter in the void, wonderfully lucid and slightly sickening... That Kupperman so masterfully plays to and upsets expectation makes [his work] that much funnier and finer.” — Art in America

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