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Palomar: The Heartbreak Soup Stories [Sold Out]

Details for this: Book
Author: Gilbert Hernandez
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 512
Dimensions: 8" x 11"
Colors: black & white
Year: 0
Publisher: Fantagraphics
ISBN-10: 1-56097-539-3
ISBN-13: 978-1-56097-539-7
Additional Details: n/a

Price: $39.95

This impressive, 500-page clothbound hardcover collects the complete Palomar stories into a single edition (minus Love and Rockets X and Poison River, which are only tangentially related), allowing the complete saga to be read as the single novel Gilbert always intended for it to be. Follow the lives of a small, vibrant Central American town from the arrival of its eventual matriarch, Luba, to her departure some twenty years later, and watch its inhabitants grow and change throughout the years. Gilbert's storytelling and illustrative skills are first-rate, and this series, one of the richest accomplishments in the history of the artform, has influenced entire generations of young cartoonists in ways that are still being seen today. This body of work has been hailed by Time magazine and The Nation as a landmark not only for comics, but for 20th Century literature as well.

Unsure how to build your Love and Rockets collection? See our handy guide on How to Read Love and Rockets.

Best Graphic Novel 2003. – Entertainment Weekly

"Beyond impressive. The cumulative power of the Palomar saga is arguably that of the most substantive single work that the comics medium has yet produced." – Booklist

"This is a high point in the comics form, conventional in idiom, but not comparable to any strips before it." – The Washington Post

"The rough-edged Latin American minimalist, stylized black and white comic strips of Gilbert Hernandez have been widely described as the graphic equivalent to the fabulism of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the Nobel laureate." – The Times of London

"The Palomar hardcover edition is, with maybe only one other serious contender... the most powerful and humane comic book experience of my life. ... Palomar’s success comes from Hernandez’s ability to spotlight, sometimes only briefly, sometimes for extended sequences, dozens of divergent citizens in the small village. Combining humor, drama, surrealism, family and community, all drawn with aplomb, Palomar’s denizens provide Hernandez the opportunity to explore and examine the range of humanity. The end result is a fully realized, morally complex, beautifully joyous and tragically sad portrait of human community." – Michael C. Lorah, Newsarama

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