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Periodical Pandemonium Sale

It's time for another one of our periodic warehouse-buster sales, with a great big selection of good old fashioned floppy-style comics, our Ignatz Series comics, a bunch of our great anthologies, some magazines and other stuff, all marked down at least 30% through Thursday, June 30, 2011!

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Hate Annual #1

Peter Bagge All of the best of Peter Bagge from the year 2000 all in one place! With a Buddy and Lisa yarn (yay!) picking right up from Hate #30, an eight-page story introducing "Lovey," and "comics journalism" Bagge style!  Product Details...

Hate Annual #7

Peter Bagge Buddy and Jay get into a war over scrap metal, of all things. Plus the conclusion of Bagge's "Bat Boy" run, Pete does some bi-coastal comparin' and contrastin', and other odds and ends.  Product Details...

Hate Annual #9

Peter Bagge Back to Seattle! It's the first full-length Buddy story in ten years, and it's a doozy! A family crisis forces Lisa to re-unite with her parents for the first time in 20-odd years, with Buddy and their young son Harold in tow! Ulp!  Product Details...

Hate Jamboree

Peter Bagge This recap/history/celebration includes a slew of exclusive material, including a detailed history of Buddy Bradley and the rest of the Hate cast and a big batch of rare comics, photos and illustrations.  Product Details...

Holy Moly

Leah Hayes A baffling example of how profoundly interesting drawing in class, instead of paying attention, can be. This behavior might lead one to be called "flaky," "jerknut," or "a youth." Luckily, one is not really listening anyway.  Product Details...

Hotwire Comics Vol. 1 (Hotwire Comix and Capers)

Various Artists A big, bold, beautiful poke to the eyeballs featuring short, punchy, hilarious, all-around comics 'n stories. With Tony Millionaire, Johnny Ryan, Mack White, Craig Yoe, Carol Swain, Ivan Brunetti, R. Sikoryak and many more.  Product Details...

Hotwire Comics Vol. 3

Various Artists The Harvey and Eisner nominated anthology of action, thrills, chills and trangression is back with a third volume! Two dozen creators deliver the gut-wrenching, laff-inducing, psyche-jolting, anything-goes goods!  Product Details...

Insomnia #1

Matt Broersma A fugitive from the law walks a fine line between necessity and the Texas Highway Patrol. Fleeing to Mexico, he may avoid the cops, but will he fall into the clutches of a drug-runner with a taste for floral-print shirts?  Product Details...

Insomnia #2

Matt Broersma An elderly lady-killer, living out his last years in shabby gentility. A mysterious young man wandering aimlessly through an urban wilderness. A chance encounter between two petty lives, each with its own secrets.  Product Details...

Insomnia #3

Matt Broersma The conclusion to a noir triptych. Miles Anderson lives in a safe, predictable world. Then, one evening, his wife disappears. His search for answers leads him deeper and deeper into an abyss of mystery and mounting suspense.  Product Details...

Interiorae #2

Gabriella Giandelli As Christmas approaches, the ghostly rabbit observes the apartment complex tenants, reporting to his shadowy master in the basement. Meanwhile, an older woman has a plan that may intersect the rabbit's world with ours.  Product Details...

Interiorae #3

Gabriella Giandelli Things are getting weirder in the apartment house. Amid the domestic scenes (two teens recording a rock song, a couple breaking up, an old lady seeking inner peace), the supernatural beings who haunt the building grow uneasy.  Product Details...

Interiorae #4

Gabriella Giandelli In the climactic final issue, a tormented Angela finally finds her way into “The Forest” and final peace. We could tell you what happens to the other denizens of the building, but wouldn’t you rather find out for yourself?  Product Details...

Love and Rockets Vol. II #1

Los Bros. Hernandez The legendary series returns! In Jaime's "Maggie" she returns to the old neighborhood to try to reconnect with her past; Gilbert's "Julio's Day" follows the life of a new character from birth to death; and Mario's back!  Product Details...

Love and Rockets Vol. II #10

Los Bros. Hernandez Special double-size issue! Jaime's "Maggie" comes to a chilling, demonic conclusion. From Beto, "Julio's Day" returns; the ultimate "Roy" epic; and a "Whatever Happened to." Plus the conclusion of "Me for the Unknown  Product Details...

Love and Rockets Vol. II #11

Los Bros. Hernandez Jaime starts a cycle of self-contained yarns starring various members of his cast. On Gilbert's side, Julio's brother enlists to fight in WWII, their sister Sofia remains bedridden, and Julio's boyfriend says goodbye.  Product Details...

Love and Rockets Vol. II #12

Los Bros. Hernandez Jaime's new serial stars Hopey, plus another stand-alone Ray story. Gilbert's latest "Julio's Day" features Julio's brother returning from the Pacific front... with a Japanese wife! Plus Mark Herrera and the Sea Hog!  Product Details...

Love and Rockets Vol. II #14

Los Bros. Hernandez In chapters Thursday and Friday of "Day by Day with Hopey," the clock ticks away toward her new life and career. On Beto's side: Mark Herrera returns to his abusive family for a visit; "Julio's Day"; and Kid Stuff Kids!  Product Details...

Love and Rockets Vol. II #15

Los Bros. Hernandez Hopey goes on a picnic, to a rock 'n' roll show and the bathroom in the latest "Day by Day with Hopey." And on the Beto side, Pipo is trapped in a mysterious castle with Fritz, her ex Mark Hererra, and his wife Mila.  Product Details...

Love and Rockets Vol. II #16

Los Bros. Hernandez Ray is limp and sore and goes to a party with 40 guys and 3 girls. In "Day by Day with Hopey," Sunday is "Put Down That Gun Day." Beto brings us Mark Herrera, Julio, and "The Kid Stuff Kids": find out who Mom is!  Product Details...

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