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Periodical Pandemonium Sale

It's time for another one of our periodic warehouse-buster sales, with a great big selection of good old fashioned floppy-style comics, our Ignatz Series comics, a bunch of our great anthologies, some magazines and other stuff, all marked down at least 30% through Thursday, June 30, 2011!

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Love and Rockets Vol. II #2

Los Bros. Hernandez The celebrated relaunch of the legendary alt-comics series continues with the second issue, which contains Jaime's "Maggie" series, plus Gilbert's "Julio's Day" and (with brother Mario) "Me For the Unknown" serials.  Product Details...

Love and Rockets Vol. II #3

Los Bros. Hernandez Maggie finds herself more involved in Vivian's life than she'd really like. In Gilbert's "Julio's Day," Julio's sister gets a shocking lesson about the real world. Plus more of Mario and Gilbert's "Me for the Unknown."  Product Details...

Love and Rockets Vol. II #4

Los Bros. Hernandez In Jaime's story, Maggie has to contend with heat, flies, imaginary dogs, and Izzy. On Beto's side, Julio's little brother becomes the scourge of the neighborhood. Plus Roy in prison and more of Beto + Mario's serial!  Product Details...

Love and Rockets Vol. II #5

Los Bros. Hernandez 20th-anniversary issue! Seven-year-old Penny Century meets H.R. Costigan. Gilbert reveals some surprises about Julio's parents and flashes back to Fritz's punk days. Plus more of the thriller "Me for the Unknown"!  Product Details...

Love and Rockets Vol. II #6

Los Bros. Hernandez Julio's dad lays it down, plus stories starring Dr. Fausto, Dirk Passer and one of Gilbert's wackiest characters: Roy! More of "Me For the Unknown," and from Jaime, Maggie, Hopey, and Ray star in three new stories!  Product Details...

Love and Rockets Vol. II #7

Los Bros. Hernandez Gilbert's "Julio's Day" continues, and Fritz and Mark Herrera get married! In Jaime's story, Maggie and Viv return to Hoppers to retrieve a stolen item from Izzy...and find more than they bargained for in the process!  Product Details...

Love and Rockets Vol. II #9

Los Bros. Hernandez Meet the Chascarrillos: our beloved Maggie, her wacky siblings Esther, Manuel, Angel and Ruben, and their classy mom Quina. Gilbert continues "Julio's Day," and Fritz rebounds and marries her dream guy: Scott the Hog!  Product Details...

Maggie and Hopey Color Fun #1

Jaime Hernandez This full-color comic alternates stories featuring the aging punk twosome with such flights of fancy as "Cocktail Hour with Mini Rivero" and "I Am Cheetah Torpeda." Plus one of Jaime's deservedly popular little-kids tales.  Product Details...

Meat Cake #14 [SOLD OUT]

Dame Darcy The histories of rock star witches Clara Bow and Cleopatra, tips on how to "exercise" one's demons, a fairy tale in which accessories revolt and a magic-doll story, all rendered in Darcy's absinthe-soaked Victorian art style.  Product Details...

Mome Vol. 1 - Summer 2005

Various Artists This contemporary comics anthology debuts with John Pham, Paul Hornschemeier, Anders Nilsen, Jeffrey Brown, David Heatley, Andrice Arp, Kurt Wolfgang, Gabrielle Bell, Martin Cendreda, Jonathan Bennett and Sophie Crumb.  Product Details...

Mome Vol. 11 - Summer 2008

Various Artists Mome welcomes Killoffer, the French cartoonist of 176 Apparitions acclaim, as well as newcomers Conor O'Keefe and Nate Neal, plus our returning cast of regulars and an interview with Ray Fenwick.  Product Details...

Mome Vol. 12 - Fall 2008

Various Artists Mome debuts from Olivier Schrauwen, Jon Vermilyea, Derek Van Gieson and Sara Edward-Corbett, the return of David B. and Killoffer, plus our returning cast of regulars. Our most dense issue yet!  Product Details...

Mome Vol. 13 - Winter 2009

Various Artists Debuts from Freak Brothers creator Gilbert Shelton, Swiss horror-meister Thomas Ott, Josh Simmons (House), David Greenberger (Duplex Planet) and Laura Park; cover and story by Dash Shaw; plus more returning faves.  Product Details...

Mome Vol. 14 - Spring 2009

Various Artists Anchored with Lilli Carré's "The Carnival," this issue also includes Gilbert Shelton, Olivier Schrauwen, Laura Park, Dash Shaw and more veterans, plus first times from Ben Jones, Frank Santoro, Hernán Migoya and Juaco Vizuete.  Product Details...

Mome Vol. 16 - Fall 2009

Various Artists It brings us great joy to welcome Archer Prewitt, Ted Stearn (new Fuzz & Pluck), Renée French, and Nicholas Mahler. Plus Dash Shaw, the Cold Heat crew, Lilli Carré, Conor O'Keefe, Laura Park, Nate Neal, & Sara Edward-Corbett.  Product Details...

Mome Vol. 17 - Winter 2010

Various Artists Paul Hornschemeier's "Life with Mr. Dangerous" ends; Dash Shaw & Tom Kaczynski team up; Olivier Schrauwen, Derek Van Gieson, Renee French, Ted Stearn, Kurt Wolfgang, Laura Park, Rick Froberg, Sara Edward-Corbett & T. Edward Bak.  Product Details...

Mome Vol. 18 - Spring 2010

Various Artists Cover story by Nate Neal; the return of Dave Cooper; debuts of Ivan Brun, Tim Lane, Joe Daly & Jon Adams; plus stalwarts Carré, Jones/Santoro/Vermilyea (Cold Heat), Mahler, Stearn, French, O'Keefe, Van Gieson & Bak.  Product Details...

Mome Vol. 2 - Fall 2005

Various Artists The second volume of this anthology, with Andrice Arp, Gabrielle Bell, Martin Cendreda, Jonathan Bennett, Jeffrey Brown, Sophie Crumb, David Heatley, Paul Hornschemeier, Anders Nilsen, John Pham and Kurt Wolfgang.  Product Details...

Mome Vol. 20 - Fall 2010

Various Artists First-timers Steven Weissman, Sergio Ponchione, Jeremy Tinder & Aidan Koch, plus vets Dash Shaw, Sara Edward-Corbett, Josh Simmons, T. Edward Bak, Conor O'Keefe, Nate Neal, Derek Van Gieson, Nicolas Mahler & Ted Stearn grace #20.  Product Details...

Mome Vol. 21 - Winter 2011

Various Artists Sara Edward-Corbett cover & story, plus Steven Weissman, Sergio Ponchione, Josh Simmons, T. Edward Bak, Derek Van Gieson, Nicolas Mahler, Dash Shaw, Tom Kaczynski, Kurt Wolfgang, Jon Adams, Lilli Carré, and newcomer Nick Thorburn.  Product Details...

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