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Barracuda in the Attic

Kipp Friedman The youngest son of celebrated writer and satirist Bruce Jay Friedman looks back fondly on the amusing and sometimes confusing events of his early life. A moving tribute to growing up among a family of creative artists.  Product Details...

Collected Poems [Pre-Order]

Alexander Theroux captures in his work rare, frail, but precious truths. Sardonic, astute, impertinent, tender, clever, warm-hearted, delphic, truculent, comic, aggressive, and often achingly personal, with intensity of observation and invention.  Product Details...

Estonia: A Ramble Through the Periphery

Alexander Theroux This travelogue of Theroux's nine months abroad in the Baltic state is a penetrating and revelatory examination of a country that, for many, seems alien and distanced from the modern world.  Product Details...

Fire & Water: Bill Everett, the Sub-Mariner and the Birth of Marvel Comics

Blake Bell From the superhero and horror genre, to romance, crime, and suspense, Bill Everett was a master of the medium — all on display in this biography and art book that ensures Everett’s place at the table of premier comic book virtuosos.  Product Details...

Fire & Water: Bill Everett, the Sub-Mariner and the Birth of Marvel Comics + From Shadow to Light: The Life & Art of Mort Meskin

Blake Bell/Steven Brower Two 2010 monograph/art books focusing on two of the greatest comics artists of the Golden and Silver ages: Bill Everett, creator of the Sub-Mariner for Marvel Comics, and the influential and unjustly neglected Mort Meskin.  Product Details...
You Save: 20.00%

From Shadow to Light: The Life & Art of Mort Meskin

Steven Brower A coffee table art book, biography, and critique of one of the 20th century’s most influential and unjustly neglected Golden Age comic book artists.  Product Details...

His Wife Leaves Him

Stephen Dixon One of America’s great literary treasures has completed his first novel in five years — a long, intimate exploration of the interior life of a husband who has lost his wife.  Product Details...

In Case We Die

Danny Bland This debut novel by a veteran Seattle musician follows a pair of outsiders who find themselves locked in the palpable, dizzy grunge-rock scene of early-'90s Seattle. A tale of love, heroin and redemption.  Product Details...

Laura Warholic or, The Sexual Intellectual

Alexander Theroux Theroux's return is a compendious satire, a bold and inquisitorial circuit-breaking examination of love and hate, of rejection and forgiveness, of trust and romantic disappointment, of the terrors of contemporary life.  Product Details...

Love and Rockets 30th Anniversary Set: Companion, Covers & Reader [Pre-Order]

The ultimate gift set for Love and Rockets fans includes The Love and Rockets Companion, Love and Rockets: The Covers, and The Love and Rockets Reader all together for a great discounted price!  Product Details...
You Save: 20.00%


Monte Schulz Fact is more hardboiled than fiction in this darkly comic true fiction novel. A drifter meets a sexy grifter in 1950s California; lust, treachery, swindles and murder ensues. A sordid, pulpy narrative in exquisitely wrought language.  Product Details...

Pretty in Ink: North American Women Cartoonists 1896-2013

Trina Robbins The ultimate, revised, updated and rewritten history of women cartoonists by the preeminent historian of the subject, from the first pioneers to the current generation, full of startling new discoveries and colorful illustrations.  Product Details...

Significant Objects

Joshua Glenn & Rob Walker, eds. 100 of the best stories by a dazzling array of writers about actual ordinary objects which were auctioned to measure the stories' effect on the objects' value. A bold literary and economic experiment; now a book.  Product Details...

Sketching Guantanamo: Court Sketches of the Military Tribunals, 2006-2013

Janet Hamlin The only public visual record of the notorious, historic, carefully censored military trials at Guantanamo is Hamlin's courtroom sketches. This book collects her most potent and revealing sketches and chronicles her experience.  Product Details...

The Best American Comics Criticism

Ben Schwartz, ed. This essential compilation separates the signal from the noise by assembling the greatest lineup of comics critics the world has yet seen to testify on behalf of this increasingly vital medium.  Product Details...

The Big Town

Monte Schulz A novel of the Jazz Age: a failed businessman's dreams hinge on the secret proposition of a millionaire industrialist and a dangerous relationship he finds with a poor orphan girl chasing love in the great American Metropolis.  Product Details...

The Crumb Compendium [Release TBD]

Carl Richter A comprehensive, impeccably researched and heavily illustrated guide to everything Crumb has published during his 45-year career in cartooning. An essential text for all Crumb collectors and scholars.  Product Details...

The Daniel Clowes Reader: A Critical Edition of Ghost World and Other Stories, with Essays, Interviews, and Annotations

Ken Parille, ed. This landmark collection features ten of Clowes's most influential graphic narratives, along with interviews about his career and creative process, and twelve thought-provoking essays by contemporary scholars and critics.  Product Details...

The Grammar of Rock: Art and Artlessness in 20th Century Pop Lyrics

Alexander Theroux One of America’s least compromising satirists takes a comprehensive look at the colorful language of pop lyrics and the realm of rock music in general, from the best to the worst, with encyclopedic insight and probing wit.  Product Details...

The Last Rose of Summer

Monte Schulz With the Great Depression looming, three strong-minded women related by marriage form an uneasy household in a Southern town. An elegiac, thoughtful prose novel; an instant American classic.  Product Details...

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