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Robert Crumb

For nearly four decades, Robert Crumb has shocked, entertained, titillated, and challenged the imaginations (and the inhibitions) of comics fans the world over. In truth, alternative comics as we know them today might never have come about without R. Crumb's influence — the acknowleged "Father" of the underground comics could also be considered the "Grandfather" of alternative comics. Mr. Natural, Angelfood McSpade, Flakey Foont, and most especially, the hedonistic anthropomorphic version of Crumb's childhood pet, Fritz (a cat), have become cult icons. His voluptuous, acid-inspired romps of the 1960s gave way to comparatively sober, introspective dialogues and biting indictments of American culture.

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Robert Crumb & David Zane Mairowitz This brief but inclusive biography of Franz Kafka and summary of many of his works, all illustrated by Crumb, helps us understand the essence of Kafka and provide insight beyond the cliche "Kafkaesque."  Product Details...

Peter Bagge's Other Stuff

Peter Bagge Back-up features from Hate and other odds-and-ends from one of America's funniest cartoonists. Includes legendary collaborations with Daniel Clowes, R. Crumb, the Hernandez bros., Alan Moore, Johnny Ryan, Adrian Tomine and more!  Product Details...

R. Crumb Sketchbook Vol. 10 [Hardcover Ed.]

Robert Crumb These sketchbooks stand as a monumental existential document. Volume 10 covers mid-1975 through early 1977.  Product Details...

R. Crumb Sketchbook Vol. 5 [Softcover Ed.]

Robert Crumb Personally selected by the artist, these drawings include much material never seen before. Volume 5 covers 1967 and 1968, when Crumb was crowned King of the Undergrounds. See a world-famous artist at work, developing ideas.  Product Details...

R. Crumb Sketchbook Vol. 9 [Softcover Ed. - with Signed Bookplate Option]

Robert Crumb Direct from Crumb's tortured id comes this ninth volume of reproductions from his voluminous sketchbooks. This book covers the 1972 and 1973 years — some of his most inquisitive and soul-searching years!  Product Details...

Self-Loathing Comics #1

Robert Crumb & Aline Kominsky-Crumb The first issue of this amazing "couples" comic finds Bob and Aline kvetching for 16-pages apiece, venting spleens, lamenting, coping with their daughter and French neighbors, and carrying on with life.  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #158 [SOLD OUT]

In a very rare appearance on a convention panel, R. Crumb regales an enraptured audience on a diverse range of subjects. Also, an interview with editorial cartoonist Ed Sorel, a sketchbook section with "Nard 'n' Pat" creator Jay Lynch, and more.  Product Details...

The Comics Journal Library Interview CD

Culled from the audiotape library of The Comics Journal, this CD contains 15-20 minute excerpts with Charles Schulz, Jack Kirby, Walt Kelly (interviewed by Gil Kane in 1969), and a revealing panel discussion between Gil Kane and R. Crumb.  Product Details...

The Comics Journal Library Vol. 3: R. Crumb

Collecting four long out-of-print interviews in an oversized artbook format. An absorbing oral history of comics in the latter half of the 20th century, from an artist who single-handedly shaped it to a great extent. Heavily illustrated.  Product Details...

The Comics Journal Library Vol. 9: Zap The Interviews

Michael Dean & Gary Groth, eds. Here in one place are the definitive Comics Journal interviews with the cartoonists behind Zap Comix. Crumb, Spain, Moscoso, Griffin, Wilson, Williams, Shelton, and Mavrides tell all!  Product Details...

The Comics Journal Special Edition, Summer 2002

Big coffee-table edition! Groth interviews Jim Woodring; Bill Griffith on W.E. Hill; Bill Blackbeard on Little Orphan Annie; plus music-themed comic strips by Arnold Roth, R. Crumb, Phoebe Gloeckner, Chris Ware, Tony Millionaire and many more!  Product Details...

The Complete Crumb Comics Vol. 10 [Softcover Ed. - New Printing Pre-Order]

Robert Crumb "Crumb Advocates Violent Overthrow," from the Arcade era, includes "Let's Talk Sense About This Here Modern America," "Frosty the Snowman," flyers and record covers, and contributions from wife Aline and son Jesse.  Product Details...

The Complete Crumb Comics Vol. 13: The Season of the Snoid [Softcover Ed.]

Robert Crumb Crumb's classic "social and environmental" rants: the now-famous "A Short History of America"; gritty "American Splendor" with Harvey Pekar; the quintissential "My Troubles with Women"; and the very first "Snoid" comics!  Product Details...

The Complete Crumb Comics Vol. 15: Featuring Mode O'Day and Her Pals [Softcover Ed.]

Robert Crumb "Mode O'Day and Her Pals" includes all of Crumb's contributions to Weirdo #9-15, his first experiments with brush, the first Mode O'Day stories, the first collaboration with Bukowski, "Psychopathia Sexualis" and more!  Product Details...

The Complete Crumb Comics Vol. 16: The Mid-1980s - More Years of Valiant Struggle [Softcover Ed. - New Printing Pre-Order]

Robert Crumb Featuring "Jelly Roll Morton's Voodoo Curse," plus the "Pioneers of Country Music" portrait series, Weirdo classics like "The Religious Experience of Philip K. Dick," Hup #1 and more!  Product Details...

The Complete Crumb Comics Vol. 17: Cave Wimp [Softcover Ed.]

Robert Crumb Featured are '80s-'90s classics from ZAP, Weirdo and more, including "Cave Wimp" and "A Short History of America," amongst other Crumb classics. With a new introduction and cover by the man himself.  Product Details...

The Complete Crumb Comics Vol. 1: The Early Years of Bitter Struggle [Expanded Softcover Ed.]

Robert Crumb The genesis of one of the most fascinating careers in America's popular arts. The collaborations of Robert and Charles Crumb, the first appearance of Fritz the Cat, and much more. Now expanded with 60 never-before-published pages!  Product Details...

The Complete Crumb Comics Vol. 2: Some More Early Years of Bitter Struggle [Softcover Ed.]

Robert Crumb Featuring several key stories from Crumb’s pre-underground, homemade comics of the early 1960s (such as Farb and Arcade), with stories featuring early characters Fritz the Cat, Jim, Mabel, and Little Billy Bean.  Product Details...

The Complete Crumb Comics Vol. 3: Starring Fritz the Cat [Softcover Ed.]

Robert Crumb "Starring Fritz the Cat" includes Crumb's classic original Fritz stories from 1965, plus much rare art, some of Crumb's long-lost American Greeting cards from the '60s, and more. Plus the story of Crumb's first acid trip!  Product Details...

The Complete Crumb Comics Vol. 5: Happy Hippy Comix [Softcover Ed.]

Robert Crumb Another year's worth of prize Crumb, including the second issue of Zap!, the introduction of Angelfood McSpade, Mr. Natural, a long Fritz story, an alternate version of the Cheap Thrills album cover, and more!  Product Details...

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