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As Naughty as She Wants to Be

Roberta Gregory The second Naughty Bits collection contains spicy stories like "Bitchy Gets Laid," "Bitchy Goes to Hell," "Toadman Returns," and "Crappy Birthday." Plus 10 previously unpublished pages and Bitchy's first appearance!  Product Details...

Dirty Stories Vol. 2 [Sold Out]

Various Artists We called some of the hottest alternative cartoonists in the biz and asked them to create a sex comic. The results are in, and they're funny, vicious, tender, horrifying, bizarre, cute... and hotter than a minx in heat!  Product Details...

Dirty Stories Vol. 3

Various Artists An all-star cavalcade of top cartoonists try their hands at sex comics! With Dan Clowes, Ellen Forney, Bob Fingerman, Renee French, Tim Hensley, Megan Kelso, and many others, plus an icky cover by Al Columbia.  Product Details...

Hank Ketcham's Complete Dennis the Menace 1951-1952 (Vol. 1)

Hank Ketcham Dennis the Menace perfectly captured the mischievousness, rambunctiousness, and anarchy of a kid's world. This first volume publishes every single panel strip from 1951-1952 in one handsome and thick hardcover volume.  Product Details...
You Save: 33.33%

Hank Ketcham's Complete Dennis the Menace 1951-1952 (Vol. 1) [Softcover Ed.]

Hank Ketcham The first volume of Hank Ketcham's Complete Dennis the Menace, collecting every single panel strip from 1951 and 1952, is now available in this handsome and affordable softcover edition.  Product Details...

Hank Ketcham's Complete Dennis the Menace 1953-1954 (Vol. 2)

Hank Ketcham The second volume of this beloved and long-lived strip. An elderly neighboring couple (him cranky, her sweet) joins the cast of characters... poor George and Martha Wilson, little do they realize what's in store for them!  Product Details...

Hank Ketcham's Complete Dennis the Menace 1957-1958 (Vol. 4) - [SOLD OUT]

Hank Ketcham In addition to Dennis's regular supporting players — his long suffering parents, their dog Ruff, his pal Joey, the Wilsons — this volume adds a new permanent cast member: the flirtatious Italian tomboy Gina.  Product Details...

Hank Ketcham's Complete Dennis the Menace 1961-1962 (Vol. 6)

Hank Ketcham Dennis vaults into the 1960s with his anarchic spirit still intact. Ketcham's exquisitely funny drawing illuminates gag after hilarious gag, including a week-long visit from Grandpa, each and every panel a small masterpiece.  Product Details...

Hate Collection Vol. 3: Fun With Buddy and Lisa [Sold Out]

Peter Bagge Collecting Hate #11-15, this volume chronicles the increasingly dysfunctional and hilarious relationship between Buddy and Lisa — watch their disintegration into drunken misery before your very eyes!  Product Details...

Love and Rockets Book 17: Fear of Comics

Gilbert Hernandez An ambitious, fascinating collection of Beto's comics at their most experimental, plus archival strips never before collected. Surreal fantasy, blackout shorts, a return to the wild sci-fi of earlier years and more.  Product Details...

Love and Rockets Book 22: Ghost of Hoppers

Jaime Hernandez Maggie hosts an unstable houseguest, Izzy Ortiz; meets Vivian the "Frogmouth" and gets swept up in her dangerous life; and returns to Hoppers to retrieve a stolen art object from Izzy, finding more than she bargained for!  Product Details...

Love and Rockets Book 24: The Education of Hopey Glass

Jaime Hernandez In these "Locas" stories, Ray pursues the train-wreck bombshell "Frogmouth"; an eventful week in the life of Hopey; and Maggie, off stage but visible as Ray's resentful ex and (forever and still) Hopey's best friend.  Product Details...

Self-Loathing Comics #1

Robert Crumb & Aline Kominsky-Crumb The first issue of this amazing "couples" comic finds Bob and Aline kvetching for 16-pages apiece, venting spleens, lamenting, coping with their daughter and French neighbors, and carrying on with life.  Product Details...

Shouldn't You Be Working? #1 [Sold Out]

Johnny Ryan Ever wonder what Ryan does at his day job? Neither did we, but he locked himself in Kim Thompson's Mercedes and refused to come out unless we published this collection of drawings he did on the job at a Seattle urology clinic.  Product Details...

The Bradleys Collection [Sold Out]

Peter Bagge With sharp characterization and dead-on satire, this book collects some of the sharpest, funniest stories about American life ever set to paper. Butch, Buddy, Babs, Mom and Dad redefine "nuclear" family: as in fissionable!  Product Details...

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