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Shimura Takako

Shimura Takako lives in Tokyo, Japan.

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Wandering Son Vol. 1 [New Printing Pre-Order]

Shimura Takako A sensitive masterpiece from Japan's most prominent creator of LGBT manga. Shuichi is a boy who wants to be a girl, and Yoshino is a girl who wants to be a boy. Shimura portrays their journey with affection, sensitivity and humor.  Product Details...

Wandering Son Vol. 2

Shimura Takako In the second volume of this superb and wildly acclaimed coming-of-age story, our transgendered protagonists, now in the sixth grade, face new challenges and find new strength, and gain an unexpected new ally and mentor.  Product Details...

Wandering Son Vol. 3 [with Special Offer]

Shimura Takako Shuichi and Yoshino's shared secret is abruptly exposed and they begin to learn the harder reality of being transgendered. More tears and laughs in this volume of the acclaimed manga series.  Product Details...

Wandering Son Vol. 4

Shimura Takako Love is in the air. In junior high, the simple friendships of childhood develop into the complex, tense relationships of adolescence — and it's even more complicated when coping with the knotty issue of gender identification.  Product Details...

Wandering Son Vol. 5

Shimura Takako The junior high school entrance ceremony, with its traditionally-gendered uniforms, vexes Nitori-kun and Takatsuki-san — especially when it's another classmate who bucks tradition. And more jealousies flare up with our tween cast.  Product Details...

Wandering Son Vol. 6

Shimura Takako The middle-schoolers put on another gender-swapped play, this time a riff on Romeo and Juliet, written by Chiba-san and Nitori-kun. Will they also play the leads? And what of Nitori-kun's feelings for Takatsuki-san?  Product Details...

Wandering Son Vol. 7

Shimura Takako Nitori-kun gets his first signs of acne. This may well be the end of the world — unless Anna-chan can help. Meanwhile, Nitori-kun and Chiba-san are scouted by the theater club, leading to friction with Takatsuki-san.  Product Details...

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