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The Comics Journal is a magazine that covers the comics medium from an arts-first perspective, and one of the nation's most respected single-arts magazines, providing its readers with an eclectic mix of industry news, commentary, professional interviews, classic comics sections and reviews of current work on a regular basis. Due to its reputation as the American magazine with an interest in comics as an art form, the Journal has subscribers worldwide, and in this country serves as an important window into the world of comics for several general arts and news magazines.

Despite a contentious relationship with the rest of the North American comics industry, due in no small part to its investigative news stories and uncompromising review section, the Journal has won several industry awards, most notably the Utne Reader, Eisner and Harvey trophies.

In October 2009, we announced the next phase of the evolution of The Comics Journal, beginning in 2010 as a uniquely sized and formatted, evocatively visual and tactile semi-annual event, with expanded content at The Comics Journal website

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The Comics Journal #169

The longest and most in-depth interview to date with fan-favorite writer Neil Gaiman; a back-up interview with Sol Harrison, former president of DC Comics; an intricate cover portrait by Gaiman collaborator Michael Zulli (Sweeney Todd).  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #171

The Clive Barker interview (with ghastly cover art by Barker). Also interviewed: Dame Darcy. Plus: Gary Groth compares Jim Shooter to Nixon; comics' first move online; Marvel vs. Comics Unlimited; Terry Gilliam sketchbook; more!  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #173

Two of the industry's most successful self-publishers, Jeff Smith (Bone) and Martin Wagner (Hepcats), tell all in their definitive Journal interviews. Also included: a sketchbook from Ho Che Anderson, and all the usual stuff.  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #175 [Sold Out]

Rick Veitch sits down for a career-spanning interview, including a detailed discussion of his latest work. S. Clay Wilson is featured in a "you have to see it to believe it" article with a grotesque flip cover. Plus the usual news and features!  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #181

Is Stan Lee "Stan the Man" or just "The Man"? Essays about Lee's media savvy and his relation with Jack Kirby, a classic interview from 1968 and testimonials galore. Cool Drew Friedman cover. Excelsior! Plus: more Art Spiegelman, Joost Swarte.  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #201

An exclusive interview with the dean of American caricaturists, the "Line King" Al Hirschfeld. Plus a no-holds-barred interview with Tales of the Beanworld cartoonist and Image Executive Director Larry Marder, features, news and reviews.  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #202

The legendary, revealing mega-interview: Kevin Eastman, from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, to stardom, to Tundra and beyond, with an amazing front cover by Simon Bisley! And you must never forget the usual battery of reviews and news.!  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #203

The Journal interviews three of the greatest craftsmen in comics history: Russ Manning, Noel Sickles, and a lost interview with Roy Crane. Also, Roy Tompkins and Mack White talk about conspiracies and art in a roundtable setting.  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #206

Peter Bagge talks about life after Hate; a razor-sharp exchange with Ted Rall; we corner Vertigo mainstay Peter Milligan in the midst of his 1998 re-emergence. Plus all the jokes, hard-nosed news, and reviews you've come to expect.  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #209 [SOLD OUT]

Frank Miller talks about Sin City, 300, Dark Knight, Ronin, Daredevil, the First Amendment, work-for-hire, and many other of his favorite subjects. Plus a back-up interview with Sam Henderson.  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #214

Evan Dorkin bitches about comics readers, geriatrics, comics shops, elementary school, comics publishers... Then legend of the Golden and Silver Ages Sheldon Moldoff takes us on a trip through over 60 years of the comics industry. Plus much more!  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #215

A very special interview with John Severin, covering his career from Harvey Kurtzman's studio to Mad to Cracked. Backing up Severin is (then-) newcomer Tony Millionaire on why liquor goes hand in hand with cartooning, and more.  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #216

With an Alex Ross original cover, we descend upon influential world of intelligent superhero comics! Kurt Busiek talks with the Journal in the definitive and longest interview of his career. Also, Gary Groth interviews Megan Kelso.  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #217

On the 20th anniversary of For Better or For Worse, we uncover some things you didn't know about Lynn Johnston in an expansive interview! Plus, an Alex Ross sketchbook, and Maxon Crumb reveals dirt you didn't see in the Crumb movie.  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #218

Charles Vess discusses his career and self-publishing; Castle Waiting writer/artist Linda Medley on her new Vertigo book; and Bone impresario Jeff Smith on the animating of those "stupid, stupid rat creatures."  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #219

Hilarious Kyle Baker interview, plus remembering the Golden Age with Pierce Rice; Charles Schulz retires Peanuts; David Boswell talks shop; Ted White on his reign at Heavy MetalProduct Details...

The Comics Journal #220

Decade in review. Eddie Campbell interviewed.  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #222

Erik Larsen ("What's Wrong with the Mainstream") and James Kochalka ("What's Wrong with Craft") — now there's a duo. Plus Busiek on Gorilla, a history of Image Comics, industry news.  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #223

Interview with Alex Ross, part 1; Bob Levin chats with "underground grrrl" Trina Robbins; Lloyd Dangle (Troubletown) interviewed.  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #224

Larry Gonick interviewed, part two of the Alex Ross interview, Dan DeCarlo vs. Archie.  Product Details...

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