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The Comics Journal is a magazine that covers the comics medium from an arts-first perspective, and one of the nation's most respected single-arts magazines, providing its readers with an eclectic mix of industry news, commentary, professional interviews, classic comics sections and reviews of current work on a regular basis. Due to its reputation as the American magazine with an interest in comics as an art form, the Journal has subscribers worldwide, and in this country serves as an important window into the world of comics for several general arts and news magazines.

Despite a contentious relationship with the rest of the North American comics industry, due in no small part to its investigative news stories and uncompromising review section, the Journal has won several industry awards, most notably the Utne Reader, Eisner and Harvey trophies.

In October 2009, we announced the next phase of the evolution of The Comics Journal, beginning in 2010 as a uniquely sized and formatted, evocatively visual and tactile semi-annual event, with expanded content at The Comics Journal website

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The Comics Journal #238

Tom Devlin interviews three international cartoonists and dercies EC Comics' influence. Also: Tove Jansson; Seth on John Stanley; Brian Ralph visits Gary Panter; articles from Greg Cook, Ron Regé and Jef Czekaj. Cover by Jordan Crane.  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #239

Creator's Rights part 2: the Journal looks at present and emerging struggles between creators and corporations, including the recent legal setbacks of Dan DeCarlo and Marv Wolfman, the ongoing wave of copyright wars and more.  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #242

A long-lost interview of the legendary cartoonist and illustrator Noel Sickles, conducted by another legendary cartoonist, the late Gil Kane, and comics historian Ron Goulart. Plus an expanded reviews section, essays on foreign comics, and more.  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #247

A no-punches-pulled assessment of comics' reaction to 9/11. Interviews with the strongest voice of dissent in post-9/11 comics, Aaron McGruder, and political cartoonist Ruben Bolling; plus an essay on the flood of 9/11 comics by R. Fiore.  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #248

The staggeringly talented Steve Rude talks about his life, his art, his experiences working for Marvel and DC and his life's work, Nexus. We also interview the delightful Andi Watson of Skeleton Key and Slow News Day fame.  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #251

Tom Spurgeon gets uncomfortably close to cartoonist, freelancer and teacher James Sturm. Also, esteemed Hal Foster biographer Brian Kane has a brief but fascinating chat with veteran comics and illustration legend John Cullen Murphy!  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #252

An exhaustive conversation with the staggeringly talented John Romita Sr. about his fascinating life, his beautiful art and his long career! Plus Ron Regé Jr. interviewed by The Ganzfeld's Dan Nadel and our usual news and criticism.  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #256

Sporting a spiffy cover by the brilliant R. Sikoryak and boasting of interviews with Sikoryak and comic-strip provocateur Aaron McGruder (The Boondocks) and the inimitable Bob Levin's essay-length answer to "Whatever Happened to Arn Saba?"  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #259

Our indispensable Year in Review issue also boasts the Young Cartoonists section, with scads of interviews and profiles of the next generation of emerging talents! Don't you want to know what the books of the year were? Think of the children!  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #260

Leading off with a cover chat with Dupuy & Berberian of Mr. Jean fame, we're also proud to present an unpublished conversation between the late, great Gil Kane and Jean-Claude Mézièries! Zut Alors! Les Français!  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #261

The exhaustive, engrossing cover interview with Phoebe Gloeckner, author of the tear-down-the-sky brilliant books A Child's Life and Diary of a Teenage Girl, is not one to miss. With a fascinating Gloeckner essay by Donald Phelps.  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #264

A cover interview with Ivan Brunetti, known for his caustic, scabrous, and self-lacerating comic Schizo. Patrick Rosenkranz's Rebel Visions comes under the knife by the underground cartoonists covered in the book itself!  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #265

Our tribute to Shrek creator William Steig includes essays, short tributes from his peers, and a gallery. Plus an interview with Eric Shanower, a color reprint of Garret Price's White Boy, and a profile of Chris Reynolds by Seth!  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #268

A conversation with indy-comics superstar Craig Thompson: from his early days to Blankets and beyond! Also, a freewheeling talk with Bob Burden, an examination of Hergé, a reprint of rare, archival comic strips, and more.  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #270

Our interview with Jessica Abel traces her career from minicomics to major book deal. Also: talks with Mark Bodé and Lalo Alcaraz; an examination of classic Chinese tales translated into comics; vintage Nell Brinkley cartoons; and modern copyright law.  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #271

This issue, Gary Groth interviews Batman co-creator Jerry Robinson, Tom Spurgeon talks to Renee French, Rich Kreiner examines the work of Brian Michael Bendis, and rare, pre-Popeye Thimble Theater dailies by E.C. Segar!  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #274

Mike Ploog discusses Ghost Rider, Man-Thing, and "Weirdworld," CrossGen, and much more. Also: Sophie Crumb discusses everything from homelessness to escaping the shadow of her famous father; and a rare sequence of Barney Google strips.  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #275

We engage Epileptic author David B. in a wide-ranging discussion on life, art and cartooning. Plus: The Journal's roster of critics analyze the best comics and graphic novels of 2005, from Winsor McCay to Hank Ketcham to Chris Ware.  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #276

A long-overdue interview with Terry Moore, the cartoonist behind Strangers in Paradise! Also: a career-spanning talk with Silver Age writer Bob Haney; the 25th anniversary of World War 3 Illustrated; rare works from B. Krigstein.  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #277

TCJ celebrates its 30th year with a concise history of the comic-book marketplace and a host of pros (Menu, Onstad, Staros, Schutz etc.) discussing the future of the medium. Plus an interview with R. Kikuo Johnson, It Rhymes with Lust, more!  Product Details...

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