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The Comics Journal is a magazine that covers the comics medium from an arts-first perspective, and one of the nation's most respected single-arts magazines, providing its readers with an eclectic mix of industry news, commentary, professional interviews, classic comics sections and reviews of current work on a regular basis. Due to its reputation as the American magazine with an interest in comics as an art form, the Journal has subscribers worldwide, and in this country serves as an important window into the world of comics for several general arts and news magazines.

Despite a contentious relationship with the rest of the North American comics industry, due in no small part to its investigative news stories and uncompromising review section, the Journal has won several industry awards, most notably the Utne Reader, Eisner and Harvey trophies.

In October 2009, we announced the next phase of the evolution of The Comics Journal, beginning in 2010 as a uniquely sized and formatted, evocatively visual and tactile semi-annual event, with expanded content at The Comics Journal website

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The Comics Journal #290

Monte Schulz and a roundtable of experts weigh in on the controversial bio Schulz and Peanuts, plus Matt Madden, a preview of the Joe Kubert bio Man of Rock, '50s horror comics by Bob Powell, and much more!  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #291

Tim Sale talks Heroes and his stylized takes on mainstream superheroes; Josh Simmons talks about his work and life in a sex circus; Groth on Steadman & Hunter S. Thompson; vintage comics from Flintstones co-creator Dan Gordon; more!  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #292

Deitch-a-rama! Gary Groth interviews patriarch Gene and brothers Kim, Simon and Seth in this massive, far-ranging feature on the cartooning family. Plus a gallery of and turn-of-the-19th-century cartoons by F. M. Howarth.  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #293

Bob Levin gets drunk with Zap cartoonist S. Clay Wilson; Alex Robinson: from Journal hatchet job to critical acclaim; reviews of Ware, Hergé, Huizenga, Spiegelman, Hernandez and more; plus Joe Matt and the CCS Class of 2008.  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #294

Norwegian comics superstar Jason on surrealism and death; Mark Tartulli on the tough world of the funny papers and the Lio movie; Christmas cards from a lineup of comics superstars; and the early years of Billy DeBeck's Barney GoogleProduct Details...

The Comics Journal #295

Brian K. Vaughan on Y: The Last Man, Lost, Ex Machina and more; Paul Karasik interviews Gipi; John Kerschbaum talks brutality. Should superheroes come out of the closet? Reviews of Zot!, Kirby: King of Comics & more!  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #296

Our annual Best of the Year issue includes interviews with critics' faves Lynda Barry, Frank Quitely, Dash Shaw, David Hajdu and Mike Luckovich, pros' picks for Best of 2008, a first look at C. Tyler's new book, a gallery of Finnish comics and more.  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #297

Beetle Bailey and Hi and Lois creator Mort Walker; French artist Emmanuel Guibert on Alan's War; a gallery of art by pioneering caricaturist Thomas Rowlandson; a biographical essay by Masses cartoonist Art Young; and more!  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #298

Gabriel Bá & Fábio Moon on The Umbrella Academy and breaking into U.S. comics; Perry Bible Fellowship's Nicholas Gurewitch talks about love; brutally honest Thriller artist Trevor Von Eeden; Percy Crosby's Skippy; much more!  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #299

The previously untold story of Someday Funnies, a lost collection of unpublished strips by 190 of the world’s most important cartoonists! Plus Josh Cotter, Myron Waldman's Eve, Kramers Ergot 7, and more reviews and columns.  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #300

A spectacular anniversary issue featuring intergenerational dialogues between the cream of the cartooning biz: Huizenga/Spiegelman, Sally/Hernandez, Shaw/Mazzucchelli, Rall/Bors, Borgman/Knight, Menu/Harkham, Chaykin/Anderson, Quitely/Gibbons & many more.  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #301

The Journal is reborn. In these 600+ pages: R. Crumb interview & critical roundtable on Genesis; Joe Sacco interview; Jim Woodring, Tim Hensley & Stephen Dixon sketchbooks; Jaffee & Kupperman in conversation; Gerald McBoing Boing; much more.  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #302

The intimate and controversial career-spanning interview with Maurice Sendak. Kim Thompson talks to Jacques Tardi. Classic kids' comics roundtable led by Art Spiegelman. "How to Draw Buz Sawyer" by Roy Crane. Joe Sacco & Lewis Trondheim comics. More!  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #38 [Sold Out]

Coverage of DC Comics' cover-price increase; Gary Groth's first interview with Gil Kane; reviews of Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Allegro Non Troppo; the first ever "Blood and Thunder" letters column; and much more!  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #59 [Sold Out]

Former Heavy Metal editor Ted White talks about drugs, fans, and comics art in yet another elitist interview; Kirby's New Gods; plus animation, Detectives Inc., undergrounds, The Shining, homosexuality and much more!  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #71 [Sold Out]

Peter Poplaski contributed a terrific cover rendition of Popeye decking the Hulk. Also, Roy Thomas at Creation, Mike Friedrich explains what will save comic books, Jim Korkis gives us the history of Popeye, the year-end reviews section and more.  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #75 [SOLD OUT]

"My Brilliant Career at Marvel" is Jan Strnad's acid distillation of his working experience. Plus interviews with Jack Jackson, John Byrne, and Gil Kane, and a review of a then-unknown little fantasy novel called Who Killed Roger Rabbit?  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #80

Marv Wolfman and George Perez interviews, part II; Carter Scholz on EC, 1994, and life and art as commodities; an exposé of TV Guide; R.C. Harvey discusses Little Orphan Annie; and "Quotes That Will Live in Obscurity."  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #84

An interview with Elric artist and creator of The Wraith, Michael T. Gilbert, who also provided a full-color cover painting; "Funnybook Roulette"; animation; Rick Marschall on comic strips; more!  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #87

Heidi MacDonald tackles the bane of comics: endless fight scenes, with a Don Rosa cover; "Funnybook Roulette" on strips; interviews with Phil Yeh and George Metzger; news and reviews!  Product Details...

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