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The Furry Trap

Details for this: Book
Author: Josh Simmons
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 140
Dimensions: 8.25" x 10.25"
Colors: full color
Year: 2012
Publisher: Fantagraphics
ISBN-10: n/a
ISBN-13: 978-1-60699-536-5
Additional Details: n/a

Price: $24.99


Ranked #1 on The Weekly Crisis's "Top Ten Comics of the Year"

Listed by Jeffrey Brown in Boing Boing's "Best Damn Comics of the Year" survey

Named "Best Comic Book Featuring a Bootleg Batman" of 2012 in ComicsAlliance's "Stephanie Brown Memorial Awards"

Named one of the best reprint/reissue comics of 2012 by Robot 6's Chris Mautner

Ranked a top ten comic of 2012 by Brandon Soderberg & Sean McTiernan of No

Graphic novelist Josh Simmons (House) returns with a harrowing and genre-bending collection of modern horror short stories that could curl the toes of a corpse in a state of rigor mortis. Simmons’ disturbing, uncomfortable and even confrontational stories often work on multiple levels: straight, uncompromising horror; blackly humorous, satirical riffs on the genre; or as vicious assaults against the political correctness that rules so much of our popular culture. His artwork excels in conveying a feeling of dread and claustrophobia, and the stories herein all share an unmistakably and uncompromising commitment to exploring the crossroads of abomination and hilarity.

The Furry Trap contains 11 short stories, varying in length from one to 30 pages, as well as a number of “extras” that will flesh out the reader’s experience. From the title creatures in “Night of the Jibblers,” to the witches and ogres of “Cockbone,” to the Godzilla-sized, centaur-bodied depiction of the title character in “Jesus Christ,” to the disarmingly cute yet terrifying demons of “Demonwood,” to the depraved, caped crusading antihero in “Mark of the Bat,” Simmons is a master of creating terrifying beasties that inspire and inflict nightmarish horrors, usually taken to unforgettable extremes.

The individual stories in The Furry Trap stand on their own as mini-masterpieces of skin-crawling terror, but collectively complement each other in a way that only heightens the anxiety and dread pouring from page to page. Just remember: You’ve been warned.

14-page excerpt (download 6.2 MB PDF):

Video & Photo Slideshow Preview (view in new window):

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Praise for House:

"A super-creepy and elegant first graphic novel. Comics doesn't tend to offer up the kind of super-bleak horror that Josh Simmons puts together here, and after seeing how effective this book is, you'll join me in asking why... one of the year's most impressive debuts." – The Comics Reporter

"House is a horror comic in the tradition of The Blair Witch Project, and it's scary stuff." – Toronto Globe and Mail

"I'm a huge horror movie fan, but I've always been a bit disappointed by horror comics. Though I love the old EC stuff, Swamp Thing, and other horror comics, I've never felt like I was pulled into a creepy believable world that actually scared me. House takes me there. It is a scary and horrible story with the kind of bleak ending I've always wanted to see. And Josh's artwork is gorgeous. I love how the artwork gradually gets darker throughout the book, like the reader is being sucked into the blackness, along with the characters." – Tom Neely

"A brilliant little piece of horror: wordless, evocative, and one of the strongest professional debuts I saw this year." – Kevin Church

Praise for Josh Simmons:

2009 Ignatz Award Nominee: Outstanding Artist

"If there’s a cartoonist working today who more reliably, ruthlessly, and relentlessly exploits his own strengths with each new release than Josh Simmons, I’ve yet to encounter him." – Sean T. Collins

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