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The Pain: When Will It End? [Sold Out]

Details for this: Book
Author: Tim Kreider
Format: Softcover
Pages: 144
Dimensions: 9" x 7"
Colors: black & white
Year: 0
Publisher: Fantagraphics
ISBN-10: 1-56097-568-7
ISBN-13: n/a
Additional Details: introduction by David Foster Wallace

Price: $14.95

Tim Kreider's cartoons, previously seen only in the Baltimore City Paper, have attracted a cult following for their razor-sharp intelligence and unprecedented viciousness. Kreider's work has been likened to the foul result of inbreeding between Ralph Steadman and B. Kliban. Kreider's vision of the human condition is of a man distracted from the vast starship hovering over his city by a glimpse of a pretty girl's ass; his version of the existential abyss is a cruddy Laundromat with old magazines spilled on the plastic chairs and the word "FAGOT" scratched on a dryer; and the only hope or joy he finds in this life is in jigglin' dem monster juggs or setting a monkey's ass on fire. You may be ashamed to laugh, but laugh you will. This is his first collection.

"These comix are extremely, extremely fucking good... Why would [Kreider] want to write prose when [he] can do one-panel cartoons like these?" – David Foster Wallace

"Like a pictographic Chuck Palahniuk at the peak of his powers, the excavation of his murky psyche makes for a compulsive spectacle." – The List

"The Pain: When Will It End? presents insightfully bleak outlooks, but the pictures and words are so hysterical as to nearly give one hope." – DC City Paper

"Not only is [The Pain — When Will It End?] the funniest comic strip ever, but, well, that’s it: it’s the funniest comic strip ever." – Walrus Comix

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