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Tim Kreider

Tim Kreider’s cartoons have attracted a following among both the cognoscenti and the fringe for their stiletto-sharp intelligence and unprecedented viciousness. His humor is both existential and crude, erudite and puerile, personally revealing as a drunken blackout and politically trenchant as a troubled loner. His vision of the human condition is of a man distracted from the titantic starship hovering over his city by a glimpse of a girl’s ass; he is tortured by secret, perverse sympathy and love for George W. Bush; and the only joy or solace he finds in this life is in setting a monkey’s ass on fire. You will be ashamed to laugh, but laugh you will.

"Kreider rules." – David Foster Wallace

"Kreider ’s stuff is not all political, but most of what he does packs outrage: at oppressors, bigots, overlords, fools. Not for the squeamish, unless they’re too passive and need a wake-up call." – The New Haven Advocate

"When some smart guy says that artists dissect the human condition, he might call Tim Kreider a fine artist and his cartoons art, because Kreider’s pen wit, and gall really cut open the human condition." – The Comic Book Bin

"Not only is [The Pain — When Will It End?] the funniest comic strip ever, but, well, that’s it: it’s the funniest comic strip ever." – Walrus Comix

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The Comics Journal #301

The Journal is reborn. In these 600+ pages: R. Crumb interview & critical roundtable on Genesis; Joe Sacco interview; Jim Woodring, Tim Hensley & Stephen Dixon sketchbooks; Jaffee & Kupperman in conversation; Gerald McBoing Boing; much more.  Product Details...

The Comics Journal #302

The intimate and controversial career-spanning interview with Maurice Sendak. Kim Thompson talks to Jacques Tardi. Classic kids' comics roundtable led by Art Spiegelman. "How to Draw Buz Sawyer" by Roy Crane. Joe Sacco & Lewis Trondheim comics. More!  Product Details...

The Comics Journal Special Edition, Summer 2002

Big coffee-table edition! Groth interviews Jim Woodring; Bill Griffith on W.E. Hill; Bill Blackbeard on Little Orphan Annie; plus music-themed comic strips by Arnold Roth, R. Crumb, Phoebe Gloeckner, Chris Ware, Tony Millionaire and many more!  Product Details...

Twilight of the Assholes: Cartoons & Essays 2005-2009

Tim Kreider As reality gets ever bleaker, Kreider's humor becomes more apocalyptic, deranged, and hilarious. An hysterical chronicle of the end of the Era of Darkness (i.e. the Bush era), and one man's tentative restoration of faith in democracy.  Product Details...

Why Do They Kill Me?

Tim Kreider Cynical, astute, blackly hilarious, and deeply biased, this collection is the artistic equivalent of hollow-point bullets fired from a high-powered rifle with a laser sight directly into the brain of the Bush administration.  Product Details...

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