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Underground Comix

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Are We Having Fun Yet?

Bill Griffith An all-original trip on the Freeway of Fun with Zippy, Griffy, Half-Life, Ernie Bushmiller, Jean-Paul Sartre, et al. This explosion of madness, satire and adventure takes Griffith's pop culture themes to their outer limits.  Product Details...

Beyond the Pale [with FREE Signed Bookplate] - SOLD OUT

Kim Deitch An oversized retrospective of Deitch's 1970s and '80s work, this book includes classic stories from Arcade, Snarf, the East Village Other and much more, none of which appears in any other book we offer.  Product Details...

Bill Griffith: Lost and Found - Comics 1969-2003

Bill Griffith A decades-spanning collection of the underground comix work of the creator of Zippy. Hundreds of seldom-seen strips and stories, with running recollections and commentary by the artist. Plus... the Zippy movie?!  Product Details...

Conceptual Realism: In the Service of the Hypothetical [Signed Hardcover Edition]

Robert Williams A catalog of the Fall 2009 solo exhibition of paintings and sculptures by the groundbreaking master of "lowbrow" art, with essays on each piece by the artist, sketches and other supplemental material. Limited signed edition.  Product Details...

Conceptual Realism: In the Service of the Hypothetical [Softcover Edition]

Robert Williams A catalog of the Fall 2009 solo exhibition of paintings and sculptures by the groundbreaking master of "lowbrow" art, with essays on each piece by the artist, sketches and other supplemental material.  Product Details...

Cruisin' with the Hound: The Life and Times of Fred Toote

Spain Rodriguez Memoirs of the artist's misspent youth. Raunchy, hilarious, and often violent as hell, an unsentimentally nostalgic trip to half a century ago — the anti- Happy Days, set to a true rock ’n’ roll beat.  Product Details...

Deitch's Pictorama [with FREE Signed Bookplate]

Kim, Simon, & Seth Deitch A unique, all-new "picto-fiction" pocket book that alternates between heavily illustrated near-comics stories and outright prose pieces; a testament to the Deitch family's amazing yarn-spinning abilities!  Product Details...

FBI•MINI #03: Re-Lost, Re-Found

Bill Griffith Sixteen great pages of additional Zippy, political, and autobiographical Bill Griffith strips that didn't quite make it into the already-bulging omnibus Lost and Found: Comics 1969-2003Product Details...

FBI•MINI #19: Sketch the Beaver

Kim Deitch Six of the sumptuous pencilled layout drawings Deitch creates before embarking on his stories, five from the "Consider the Beaver" story in The Search for Smilin' Ed and one for his upcoming book, in an 11" x 17" format!  Product Details...

Foolbert Funnies: Histories and Other Fictions

Frank Stack A "best of the rest" tribute collecting Stack's work under his pseudonym, "Foolbert Sturgeon". Includes appearances by Dirty Diana, time traveler Frank Crankcase, Dr. Feelgood, and others.  Product Details...


Diane Noomin The original Twisted Sister finally gets her due in this collection of nearly 40 years of stories starring DiDi Glitz, the frustrated middle-aged glamour-puss and anxiety-ridden suburban Sisyphus.  Product Details...

Hysteria in Remission [Signed Hardcover Edition]

Robert Williams This gorgeous volume collects the comics and illustrations of the seminal underground artist, much of it out of print for 25 years! Includes work done for Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, student cartoons and more rarities!  Product Details...

Inner City Romance

Guy Colwell A retrospective of underground comix creator Guy Colwell, who tread new territory with his stories of prison, black culture, ghetto life, and radical activism.  Product Details...

Jack Jackson's American History: Los Tejanos & Lost Cause

Jack Jackson A new edition bringing two landmark works of graphic nonfiction under one cover, tracing Texas's fight for independence and the unrest in Texas caused by Reconstruction with a chiseled, raw-boned approach and uncanny versimilitude.  Product Details...


Robert Crumb & David Zane Mairowitz This brief but inclusive biography of Franz Kafka and summary of many of his works, all illustrated by Crumb, helps us understand the essence of Kafka and provide insight beyond the cliche "Kafkaesque."  Product Details...

Newave! The Underground Mini Comix of the 1980s

Various Artists A compact yet gigantic collection of the best small press cartoonists to emerge in the 1970s, documenting the explosive, unrestrained output of underground comix' DIY second generation. Edited by Michael Dowers.  Product Details...

Observed While Falling: Bill Burroughs, Ah Pook, and Me

Malcolm McNeill The artist's memoir on the making of Ah Pook Is Here in collaboration with William S. Burroughs. A unique view of the creative process and the personal and creative interaction behind an enduring literary experiment.  Product Details...

Pirates in the Heartland: The Mythology of S. Clay Wilson Vol. 1

S. Clay Wilson; ed. by Patrick Rosenkranz The first part of the definitive biography and retrospective of the most audacious, taboo busting, and eyeball blistering of the legendary underground cartoonists, who lived his dreams and his nightmares.  Product Details...

R. Crumb Sketchbook Vol. 10 [Hardcover Ed.]

Robert Crumb These sketchbooks stand as a monumental existential document. Volume 10 covers mid-1975 through early 1977.  Product Details...

R. Crumb Sketchbook Vol. 5 [Softcover Ed.]

Robert Crumb Personally selected by the artist, these drawings include much material never seen before. Volume 5 covers 1967 and 1968, when Crumb was crowned King of the Undergrounds. See a world-famous artist at work, developing ideas.  Product Details...

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