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Walt Kelly

Of the handful of comics' bona fide geniuses, few could match the versatility of Walt Kelly (1913-1973). Trained as an animator at Walt Disney Studios (he worked on cartoon shorts and Pinocchio, Fantasia, and Dumbo), Kelly left during a labor dispute in 1941. He immediately began a new career in the burgeoning field of comic books, contributing heavily to various Disney titles and single-handedly producing its classic fantasy books, Fairy Tale Parade, Mother Goose, and Santa Claus Funnies. Along with fellow Disney alumnus Carl Barks, Kelly is now considered one of the two classic "funny animal" artists from the golden age of comics.

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Action! Mystery! Thrills! Comic Book Covers of the Golden Age 1933-45

A long-overdue celebration of the classic comic book covers that jostled for attention monthly on mid-20th century newsstands. Majestic, iconic, chaotic and sometimes downright weird. A must for anyone with even the passing interest in the Golden Age!  Product Details...

Our Gang Vol. 1 (1942-1943)

Walt Kelly This series reprints Walt Kelly's spirited and engaging Our Gang stories (starring the characters from the durable and popular short film series), lovingly restored and printed in their original four-color splendor.  Product Details...

Our Gang Vol. 2 (1944-1945)

Walt Kelly Of the handful of comics' bona fide geniuses, few could match the versatility of Walt Kelly. This is the second in a series of books reprinting Kelly's Our Gang stories from the 1940s. Cover by Jeff Smith (Bone).  Product Details...

Our Gang Vol. 3 (1945-1946)

Walt Kelly In our third volume of all-ages adventures, Kelly begins to hit his stride by relying more on original ideas than following the MGM scripts. The mainstay offbeat personas are joined by other whimsical characters in these witty tales.  Product Details...

Our Gang Vol. 4 (1946-1947)

Walt Kelly Froggie and the Gang ship out with Professor Gravy on his showboat for an engagement downriver, which results in a series of action-packed adventures involving fisticuffs, gunfire, fireworks, and horse thieves. Plus more great stories!  Product Details...

Our Gang Vols. 1-3 Pack [Postage-Paid]

Walt Kelly The first 3 volumes of spirited, engaging all-ages adventures starring the classic "Little Rascals" characters (and some original creations) as adapted by the beloved Pogo creator, together at one low, postage-paid price.  Product Details...

Pogo - The Complete Syndicated Comic Strips Vol. 1-2 Box Set

Walt Kelly By popular demand, we present the first two volumes of the complete Pogo, "Through the Wild Blue Wonder" and "Bona Fide Balderdash," in a deluxe slipcased set. The perfect Pogo gift item.  Product Details...

Pogo - The Complete Syndicated Comic Strips Vol. 1: "Through the Wild Blue Wonder"

Walt Kelly We are pleased to announce the first of a definitive 12 volume series reprinting the legendary Pogo comic strip by Walt Kelly from 1949 to 1973. Featuring full-color Sundays and a Foreword by Jimmy Breslin.  Product Details...
You Save: 10.00%

Pogo - The Complete Syndicated Comic Strips Vol. 2: "Bona Fide Balderdash"

Walt Kelly Daily and Sunday strips (in full color) from 1951-1952. Kelly's political satire turns increasingly sharp-tongued, and the recurring cast of swamp denizens grows prolifically. With historical annotations. Foreword by Stan Freberg.  Product Details...

Pogo - The Complete Syndicated Comic Strips Vol. 3: "Evidence to the Contrary"

Walt Kelly Daily and Sunday strips (in full color) from 1953-1954. Kelly introduces one of his boldest political caricatures, the insidious Simple J. Malarkey. Seminole Sam scams, Churchy La Femme cross-dresses, P.T. Bridgeport returns and more.  Product Details...
You Save: 30.00%

The Comics Journal Library Interview CD

Culled from the audiotape library of The Comics Journal, this CD contains 15-20 minute excerpts with Charles Schulz, Jack Kirby, Walt Kelly (interviewed by Gil Kane in 1969), and a revealing panel discussion between Gil Kane and R. Crumb.  Product Details...
You Save: 50.00%

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